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Crafting Guide

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Intro to Crafting

If you are a veteran of the series you may be familiar with the Crafting System from Far Cry 3... Well, crafting in FC4 is a lot simpler than that of FC3 in that the game now uses a very basic one-click upgrade and crafting system. If you have the required resources, upgrading your kit is simply a matter of clicking the Craft Button!

Our approach here - in the Unofficial SuperCheats Guide to Far Cry 4 - is to make your life as easy as we possibly can, and the best way to do that in terms of Crafting is to help you understand the best strategic approach to both crafting and craft strategy, as well as providing you with a list of what you will need by quantity and type.

Bear in mind that there is no storage in the game - for example you cannot go out and grind out 100 Honey Badger Pelts and then go store them in a locker for later use. Unfortunately the way that this works is pretty straight forward: You can only carry as many resources as will fit in your bags, so you are going to want to use them - and use them strategically - to obtain the various upgrades you require as fast and painlessly as you can manage.

Another issue that you should be aware of is that there is one easy way to do this, and a bunch of hard ways. Since we are not into making life harder than it has to be, our focus is the easy way!

The easy way forward for crafts is to follow these simple rules:

The 10 Simple Rules for Crafting

1. Know what you want and need to craft;

2. Look up the recipe for your next set of craft items;

3. Always clear the Bell Towers in the active area so that you can see where the different Animals can be encountered - and what animals are available in the current area;

4. Limit your hunting to the resources you actually need;

5. Always kill the target animal so that it yields the highest quality hide that you can obtain. That means you don't hunt with a Grenade Launcher or a Machine Gun! When you kill an animal with a knife, bow and arrow, or bolts from a crossbow you not only obtain the best quality of hide you can get, you actually get TWO from the kill!

6. The game only counts the killing blow as the hide/pelt quality indicator - so for example you can use a vehicle-mounted weapon to damage a large or resistant and dangerous animal close to the point of death and, as long as the killing blow is delivered with knife, arrow, or bolt, you will get a pair of pristine hides or pelts. Always bear that in mind!

7. While playing the game it will ONLY show you the requirements for the next Crafting upgrade you can attain - it does not show you the requirements ahead. That is what this guide is for!

8. Bait is your friend! When you reach an area marked for a specific animal spawn, set up your sage hunt area (in the case of predator Animals) then cast bait to draw them in for the kill;

9. As odd as this may sound, there are large fish in the game whose “hides” you need to skin and obtain for some of the upgrades. That being the case, whenever you encounter a body of water you should check it out to see if there are any large fish you need resources from present in it!

10. Always make use of the tips, hints, strategy and guide information that we offer you - we did not take the time to become expert at this just for fits and shiggles - we did it to help you but we can only help you if you let us - and letting us means following and using the empowering information that we provide here!

The Strategies of Resourcing

(or How to Maximize your Resource Acquisition and Use!)

There are some basics to the strategic acquisition of Crafting resources. We invite you to make use of the following detailed strategies in the acquisition of crafting resources because we learned all of this the hard way - but you don't have to! You can benefit from our blood, sweat, and tears (lots of tears).

So here we present you with The Strategies of Resourcing:

I. Your Space and Inventory is Limited

While it would be awesome if we could carry everything we find or load up crates in the back of that truck we stole - or had a house we could store our stuff in - the sad facts are that none of that is available in the game.

As that is so, you need to acknowledge that you don’t have unlimited capacity - actually you don't have much capacity at all when you first start out - so we need to think carefully about what we take and what we carry - and we need to craft upgrades as soon as we can!

The first concern is always to improve our Loot Bag straight away - because doing so inproves the amount of resources we can obtain and carry at any given time. So our first goal is to expand our Loot Bag, right brah?

II. Make Strategic Use of the Fast Travel Game Mechanism

Know the Animals in the zone(s) you control. Early on our zone control is limited so we need to be aware of the animals available in the zones we control, and make the best use of them.

When we control two zones, and we know the Animals that spawn in them and where they spawn, we can make excellent strategic use of the Fast Travel System to force-spawn animals!

Simply Fast Travel to Zone X, bait and kill Animal 'A' and when we have gotten all of the spawn for Animal 'A' in Zone X, we then Fast Travel to Zone Y and harvest all of Animal 'B' that is available. Once we have done so, we Fast Travel BACK to Zone X and voila! Animal 'A' has spawned and we can harvest them again!

Simply rinse-and-repeat this method to obtain all of the skins/pelts we need for the next crafts.

III. Make Strategic Use of the Different Vehicles

While that bitchin Ute you stole is cool and all, it is four wheels and so is limited to where its four wheels can take you. That ultralight helicopter thingy on the other hand can go practically everywhere!

Once you get good with the weapons and aiming in the game, you can actually hunt frmo he copper with good effectiveness. When your target is a dangerous beasty like a Rhinoceros, there are worse Places you can be than forty feet in the air and thus out of range of its charge attack. We're just saying...

IV. Know the Resource Limitations

While the vast majority of the skins and pelts you will require for Crafting upgrades can be had directly from hunting, there are certain skins and pelts that are classified as rare. Those types are really only available to you via the Kyrat Fashion Show quests - something you should bear in mind...

V. The List of Skins and Pelts you NEED...

While you WILL need to consult the Recipes lists below, the following summary list represents the skins and pelts you actually need to do the upgrades Crafting:

  • x6 Asian Rhino Skins

  • x3 Assasm Macaque Skins

  • x8 Bear Skins

  • x7 Bengal Tiger Skins

  • x4 Bharal Skins

  • x4 Clouded Leopard Skins

  • x4 Demon Fish Skins

  • x5 Dhole Skins

  • x3 Honey Badger Skins

  • x7 Malayan Tapir Skins

  • x3 Pig Skins

  • x8 Sambar Skins

  • x7 Snow Leopard Skins

  • x6 Tibetan Wolf Skins

  • x4 Wild Boar Skins

  • x5 Yak Skins

VI. Kyrat Fashion Week

The top level for most of the upgrades requires special and rare skins or pelts - which are only available to you via the Fashion Week/Show Quests.

The path to unlocking the Fashion Show quests requires that you progress through the story and control the first Outpost. From there you head South to the Kyra Tea Weigh Station Outpost, where you obtain the House of Chiffon quest, after which you will have unlocked the ability to start the Kyrat Fashion Week quests and thus be well on your way to obtaining the rare resources you came for!

The Rare Pelts/Skins are:

  1. Black Water Dragon

  2. Tenzin

  3. Karkadann

  4. Gulo

  5. Sky Tiger

  6. Shadow Leopard

  7. Mad Devil

  8. Ghost Bear

  9. Thick Skin

1. Black Water Dragon - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #1

Location: X: 325.4, Y: 384.5

Quest: Kyra Tea Weigh Station Outpost

Requirements: Explosives. Use either the M-79 Grenade Launcher.

Reward: Black Water Dragon’s Skin + 350XP + $18K Rupees.

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level “Throwables” Bag.

2. Tenzin - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #2

Location: X: 430.9, Y: 342.9

Quest: Kyra Tea Terraces Outposts

Requirement: Normal Arrows or Bolts.

Reward: Tenzin’s Skin + 350XP + $18K Rupees.

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level Quiver.

3. Karkadann - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #3

Location: X: 379.7, Y: 570.9 (Requires Shanath Breeders Outpost)

Quest: Shanath Breeders Outpost

Requirement: Shotgun

Reward: Karkadann Skin + 350XP + $18K Rupees

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level Heavy Ammo Bag

4. Gulo - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #4

Location: X: 344.1, Y: 643.1

Quest: Pranjiagat School

Requirement: Light Machine Gun - LMG.

Reward: Gulo Skin + 450XP + $27K Rupees.

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level Bait Bag

5. Sky Tiger - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #5

Location: X: 424.8, Y: 702.1 (Requires Barnali’s Textiles Outpost)

Quest: Barnali’s Textiles Outpost

Requirement: Assault Rifle.

Reward: Sky Tiger Skin + 500XP $31,500 Rupees money.

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level Syringe Kit.

6. Shadow Leopard - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #6

Location: X: 418.3, Y: 745.8

Quest: Keo Logging Camp

Requirement: Assault Rifle.

Reward: Shadow Leopard Skin + 350XP - $36,550 Rupees.

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level Ammo Bag.

7. Mad Devil - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #7

Location: X: 446.8, Y: 805.8

Quest: Keo Gold Storage

Requirement: Normal Arrows or Bolts.

Reward: Mad Devil Skin + 350XP $36,550 Rupees.

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level Wallet upgrade.

8. Ghost Bear - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #8

Location: X: 698.5, Y: 662.5

Quest: Keo Pradhana Mine

Requirement: Shotgun.

Reward: Ghost Bear Skin + 350XP + $36,550 Rupees.

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level Loot Bag

9. Thick Skin - Kyrat Fashion Week Quest #9

Location: X: 799.8, Y: 727.4

Quest: Rajgad Gulag Fortress

Requirement: Flamethrower

Reward: Thick Skin + 650XP + $45K Rupees.

Purpose: Resource used for Crafting the top-level


The information presented here is of a general sort - for specific information pertaining to the different subjects that are covered here, the player is advised to consult the sections of the guide that are specific to the subject of interest.

For example the Animal and Plats Sections will provide a far more complex and deeper level of information than that which is provided here - as this is intended to be more of an Introduction to the subjects rather than a graduate-level course.

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Jan 22nd 2015 Guest
"x4 Clouded Leopard Skins"

Maybe this changed in a patch since you wrote this useful page, but you need 7 Clouded Leopard Skins:
Quiver2 - Clouded Leopard 3;
Ammo3 - Clouded Leopard 4.

Rest is correct.
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