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Act II - Part III -The South Region Story Missions

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Now that you have collected all that can be collected, and liberated the Outposts and Fortresses for this region, thus revealing what there is to reveal but more important than that, equipping yourself by unlocking weapons and kit, and obtaining the resources for the non-exclusive Recipes for Crafting, it is finally time to do the Story Missions for Act III.

Bear in mind that this part of the game is largely where a lot of the outstanding questions and plot points begin to resolve - and also be aware that we will refrain from including major spoilers in the guide, but there is no way to completely write this so that it is spoiler-free, things are about to get very exciting.

Note that collectible-wise there are a few you could not collect previously as they are either only available during specific story missions, or they are in areas that you cannot reach until you progress the story beyond the current point - so that being the case, we thought it would be helpful to you to review what you should now have (as oppose to the complete list)...

You should have the following in your Collection at this point an time:

The Act II Section

This section of the guide covers the missions that take place during Act 2, which covers the entire Southern Region of the map.

At the end of Act 2 and start of Act 3 we begin the complicate process of opening up the Northern Region of the Kyrat and all that it contains.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note: The video capture file for the bottom third of this section was corrupted. Right now we do not have videos for those missions - we will be adding them after the guide is finished due to the fact that Far Cry 4 does not allow you to replay missions.

Basically we are going to have to start a new game and play through to that point in the story to re-shoot the video. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes you. Sorry mates.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sabal Mission - A Cultural Exchange

Head to the 'S' marker on the map to initiate the CS and have your conversation with Sabal. As he talks to you it becomes clear that his goals are to turn the Golden Path into a paramilitary organization that rules like a Military Junta.

He dispatches you to the Monastery - which is now open and accessible.

Inside you meet the Swami and he gives you a lesson - you then take an offering basket and light a candle, some incense, then you collect the Mani Wheel here that was not accessible before. Finally you need to throw some stuff into a fire, and you can then put the offering basket back, and you are then shown the Great Demon... Sort of.

Sacrificing a goat... Sorta strange... But who are we to judge?

Clearly your father made a big impression on these People - and if we are to go by what Sabal says, they made a big impression on your father.

As you leave the Temple an alarm begins to ring - and it comes under attack by Royal Army forces. Your job is to help defend the Temple, the Statues, and the weapons cache.

These objectives are time-limited so you do not want to get hung up fighting troops - you want to go to each of the targets and kill them first. Then you can help clear away the rest of the attackers.

Basically you will be kept busy running from objective to objective while taking out additional troops but, eventually the battle will finally end and you get another conversation. Then the mission officially ends.

With this mischief managed, head for the marker for Bhadra on the map next.

Bahdra's Mission

When you arrive it triggers a CS in which you have a conversation with the young girl Bahdra, and learn the story about your father and his murder. That is news to you - you thought he died in the fighting... That takes care of that!

So head to the marker on the map for Longins next.

Longins Mission - Sermon on the Mount

You find Longinus in a tent on the hill top and when you arrive you get a CS in which he continues to tell you all about his strange religion... And claims that God told him you would work together! And guns! Did we mention guns? He sure did!

He tells you about a weapon shipment that crashed in the mountains - and gives you an electronic tracker - you take that and head to the mountains to recover the shipment.

The Himalayas are a cold and windy place - oh and it is full of the Royal Army too! As you work your way forward you need to find an oxygen mask - the best way to do that is to kill a soldier and take theirs!

Once you have that it is time to kill all the soldiers - so hey, let's go do that now! With the ones at the camp dead, grab a snowmobile and head down the track, where you will get a tute for the Tracker.

Use the tracker to find the downed chopper, and search the body there. It turns out you need to search a number of marked locations, searching the bodies you find until you locate the first three bodies and the second camp - which you need to clear of enemies before finding the final body - which has the cargo on it.

With that done you need to battle your way up the mountain to the marker, where you meet with your Sherpa and the mission ends in success! You deliver the cargo to Longinus and he reveals to you that the shipment was actually diamonds!

He tells you to let Amita and Sabal know that they will be getting their weapons now, and then he warns you about an opium shipment that will be sent soon.

Now for a little side-trip - head south to the marker for the first Fashion Week Mission! We are now in a position where we need the special hides, pelts, and skins that these can provide for the final upgrades to our kit.

Fashion Week - Meet Chiffon

When you arrive at the icon location you meet Chiffon - the tailor of all tailors! He sort of explains to you the deal - he wants you to model for him - and he will help you to get your upgrades for your help...

As the CS plays out you learn that he will dispatch you on special missions to collect exotic materials. You then go to each and collect the target resource that is obtained there...

There are five missions to be completed for the Fashion Week series in the Southern Region. We will tackle the closest first!

Fashion Week 1: Use explosives to secure the skin of Black Water Dragon, the rare demon fish, for Mr. Chiffon's garment. $18K / 350 XP.

The Grenade Launcher will be helpful for this mission so you may want to grab that before you jump in a boat and head down river...

When you arrive at the marked location go up to the top of the bluff and you will find ammunition and a copter. Use that to track and kill the fish from above - popping one of the special Hunting Syringes first.

The easy way to do this is to keep killing the demon fish until you find the correct one, at which point you go into the water and skin it.

Once you have it, go ahead and craft the final Throwables Bag, and then head for the next icon to the south.

Fashion Week 2: Obtain the skin of the rare dhole, Tenzin, for Mr. Chiffon's garment. $18K / 350 XP.

After you activate the quest by looking at the design, head towards the marker on the map and you will find the Bow and Arrows. Use that for the hunt.

After injecting a Hunting Syringe track the dhole in the area, killing them until you find the right one, then skin that!

Craft the final Quiver and then head for the next marker on the map!

Fashion Week 3: Just get out there and kill Gulo, the rare honey badger for Mr. Chiffon. $27K / 450 XP.

You have to engage the mission multiple times to convince the game to let you do it - Honey Badger don't care! Honey Badger Take What It Want!

You need to hunt Gulo with an LMG - which you can find on bodies in the area of you don't have one on you.

Simply equip the correct weapon then use a Hunting Syringe and start killing honey badgers until you find and kill Gulo. Skin him and you unlock the Achievement The Rarest Game (20G) Complete 3 Kyrat Fashion Week quests (Campaign only).

Use that skin to craft the final Bait Bag! Now head for the next icon!

Fashion Week 4: Secure the skin of Karkadann the rare rhino for Mr. Chiffon's most expensive handbag in all history. $22,500 / 400 XP.

For this hunt you will need to use a shotgun - if you don't have one you will find some at the marker. Once you are properly armed, head to the bridge and start hunting rhino!

It takes a fair number of shots to kill him so you might want to climb on the nearby rocks so he can't, you know, kill you?

This one is for the final Heavy Weapon Bag but, as we never had a supply of Snow Leopard skins we were not able to get that to the last before final level, so Crafting that will have to wait for us to open the North!

Head to the next marker on the map now.

Fashion Week 5: Carefully poach beautiful white Bengal coat of Sky Tiger, the rare tiger, for Mr. Chiffon. $31,500 / 500 XP.

Head towards the marker on the map to obtain the weapon you need - which is the Assault Rifle. Actually the worse one in the game but still...

With the weapon armed proceed into the cut and start killing tigers, and you will eventually get attacked by the right one! She takes a LOT of killing!

Still once you have her skin you can craft the final Syringe Kit - good on you! Well done!

That nicely wraps up the kit expansion missions for the Southern Region, so now we will resume the story missions.

Yogi & Reggie Mission - The Mouth of Madness

Head to the 'Y' icon on the map and you will meet Yogi & Reggie - a rare pair indeed. These guys are, well, original. Truly original. And they want to help you expand your mind man... Actually, they are not giving you much of a choice.

Of course the fact that these guys are living in your old house, well, that is sort of disturbing... The fact that Pagan Min gave it to them? That is not as much of a surprise... They try to explain things to you but clearly they have an agenda and they are not as harmless or docile as they appear!

Once the drugs kick in you will find yourself in the Arena! Yeah, that's right, they tried to have you killed! Nice blokes! Really nice blokes...

Noore pulls you into the Arena and announces your crimes - then it is sink or swim time... Or um kill or be killed... It turns out though that Noore is not entirely against you - in fact she thinks you might be just what Kyrat needs!

You need to battle your way through the five rounds of the Arena battle - you can use the knife that Noore hid for you to get a gun, then use that to do your serious killing!

The trick to the final round is to stay behind cover and pick off all of the regular guys first, then from above target the head of the heavy armor dude...

After the battle is won Noore and you have a CS - and she lets you know that she is not what she appears to be.

That was your Introduction to The Arena - pretty cool right?

When you are ready, head for the 'L' marker for Longinus on the map!

Longinus Mission - A Short Hunt

Back at his tent and prepared with another sermon, Longinus is happy to see you again and ready to have you do the Lord's work! Yeah! Err, wait...

This mission is painted as an act of redemption - you basically need to follow a target to a vault and retrieve whatever is there to bring it back to Linginus.

Head to the icon - preferably in the gyro-copter, so you can follow him easily from the air. Once you are in position you follow the smuggler's truck to the vault, where you then kill hm and his men, and loot his body to obtain the Vault Key.

Head into the cave and open the Vault to obtain the Blood Diamond. You can loot the bodies of the smugglers you killed, and the loot that is in the cave/Vault, but then you need to head back to Longinus' drop spot and drop the Diamond into the box there - but mind the snipers on the way out right?

With that mischief managed it is time to go see Yogi & Reggie again!

Yogi & Reggie Mission - The Protector's Arrival

When you arrive at your parents homestead you find that Yogi & Reggie are more than a little surprised that you are alive and there!

Before you can shoot them they relate their story to you - it turns out that they are jammed up too. You order them out and then the conversation moves around to the picture that was on the wall - and is now gone. They relate the story to you - well, their story first yeah, but eventually the story of the picture.

The mission is to find the Thangka - and if that confuses you, well join the club!

A Thangka is a tapestry - just so you know - and that is what we are on our way to find - thanks to the marker on the map and this wonderful hang glider!

The site we are going to is also the location for the Journal we were not able to access before - so we need to be sure to grab that as we do this...

There are a few Royal Hunters to be taken out when you arrive, then head to the marker and enter the cave, taking out the bad guys as you go.

You need to drop down the hole into the water, then use the grapple to climb up inside the inner cavern, then swing across and continue climbing until you reach the shrine, where you will find the Journal!

Collect the metal tube and you trigger the CS in which the Thangka is seen - then you have a sort of out-of-body experience in Shanri-La which you experience as Kalinag!

How cool was that?

On this vision walk you will help the tiger die, then explore Shangri-La, and battle the demons - with the help of the tiger you aided...

Seekers Collection - There are three Seekers you can collect here - if you can find them.

As you work your way through the tasks keep looking and searching for the braziers and shrines and you will find the Seekers. And battle demons.

After you spin the two wheels you will need to reach the Bell of Enlightenment - the third Seeker is found near there - the Tiger will lead you to it. Once you claim that your health bar is increased.

When you return from Shangri-La to the real world, you will find Yogi & Reggie waiting for you - and you will unlock the Achievement Overdose (10G) Discover Shangri-La (Campaign only).

Upgrading the Family Homestead

Completing this mission returns the family homestead - which basically means talking to the guy outside and spending some serious coin!

The upgrade items you can buy are:

  • Water Faucet ($18,750)

  • Trading Post ($37,500)

  • Exterior Upgrade ($56,250)

  • Interior Upgrade ($75K)

  • Moonshine Kit ($93,750)

  • Interior Lighting ($112,500)

  • Tree Decorations ($131,250)

  • Pinfold ($150K)

  • Garden ($225K)

  • Buzzer ($300K)

  • Shrine ($375K)

You will unlock the Achievement Fixer-Upper (20G) Purcahse 3 items for the Ghale Homestead (Campaign only).

Now that we have completed the Introduction to Shangri-La, we may as well do the two missions for there that are located in the Southern Region now!

Shangri-La Mission 1 - The Rakshasa

Head to the marker on the map and flag this mission by finding and taking the metal tube, which will then send you on another vision-quest in Shangri-La!

Inside the shrine you will find a dead Seeker holding a magical bow - take it from him and you get a brief bow tute.

With that managed you head deeper into the temple and start killing demons. There are another three Seekers to find inside and collect to increase your health, but this is a mission you are going to want to play very stealthy since there are a LOT of demons here...

As you work your way through the gates you will need to spin another wheel, then work your way to the next area, collect the last Seeker and ring the bell!

The mission ends and you wake up on the floor in your house once again. I have had that kind of night and adventure myself... Heh.

At this point Pagan Min gives you a rant about candles - and now they are outlaeed. Yup even birthday candles.

Shangri-La Mission 2 - The Surrender to Paradise

Right, so, well done you! Now let's head for the next icon on the map for Shangri-La - neat we have nearly half the picture restored right? Yeah! So, into the temple, take a bit of a dip, then make your way up and you will find the metal tube! Good on ya!

Back in Shangri-La - and still no bud for your buds - it's demon-killing time again! Well, sort of... First we have to have the narrative for the stroy, THEN we can move forward and ride the wind to the next area.

In the next area you obtain the bow upgrade from a Seeker, and now you can fire multiple arrows! How cool is that?

So now it is time to kill demons, and make our way through portals, spin the wheels then free the bell so it can ring - pretty much the same as last time.

And once again, we wake up on the floor of our house, another piece of the picture restored, and a drug hazed rough night of sleep... heh.

That officially wraps up the Shangri-La Missions for now as the remaining two are in the North Region and we still need to work to access that.

After you re-supply and rest, head over to the 'Y' Icon for a Yogi & Reggie Mission.

Yogi & Reggie Mission - Lost & Confused

Fortunately this is right near your homestead, so it is just climb off of the floor, head out the door and voila! Mission!

Your encounter with the boys goes pretty much as usual - they offer you drugs, then stick you with a needle and bam! We've been unleashed on the world totally stoned!

Basically you need to make your way out of the cave and then find all your missing kit! After a few failed looks and a lot of combat... Eventually you find the boys in a cave - and you get your kit back!

With that done it is time to head back to Longinus so hit his Icon on the map!

Longinus Mission - Recompense

When we arrive at the camp be prepared for yet another of the Longinus encounters - the CS includes a sampling of his biblical wisdom, and then he gives you another follow the smuggler missions. This one is a little different as it is on the water, so once he takes off in his boat you can grab the jetski and follow - but you need to NOT get detected!

Once he arrives at his destination kill everyone and then search the body of the smuggler for the key and head to the Vault - taking out its defenders.

Inside you will find more Blood Diamonds. Take them to the drop-off point and deposit it in the chest there.

Golden Path Mission

With that done, head for the Golden Path Icon on the map at the Chal Jama Monastery.

Once you enter you trigger a CS in which Amita and Sabal greet you - and thank you for the guns. Amita wants to grab the Opium Shipment - Sabal wants it destroyed.

Amita's Mission is called Reclamation - Balance of Power mission: Amita wants to take over the opium crops at the Kyra Tea Factory so they can be used to fund Golden Path activities. Accepting this mission will decline Sabal's mission.

Sabal's Mission is called Burn It Down - Balance of Power MissionL Sabal wants to destroy the opium crops at the Kyra Tea Factory and remove their corruption from Kyrat. Accepting this mission will decline Amita's mission.

Since we are totally anti-drug we have to go with Sabal here but YMMV.

Sabal's Mission: Burn It Down

For this mission we need to properly equip ourselves from the weapon cache outside - so grab a Flame Thrower and ammunition then a truck and head for the Tea Fields! Optionally you can grab the nearby Gyro-Copter and use that for an attack from the air!

Either way once you get there use your sniper rifle to thin out the troops on the ground, then check in with Sabal and get his instructions. Burn the crops, the shipment, everything! That is what the man wants.

Before you do that though you need to destroy the generators to prevent the sprinkler system from putting out the fire. And of course take out any troops and guard dogs.

Once that is managed burn the fields then go into the warehouse and burn the packages. With that done, head to the 'A' Icon on the map to talk to Amita.

Amita Mission: The Sleeping Saints

As you try to head inside she comes out really angry at you! She really unloads on you - makes me feel really bad actually... She then reveals that Min is set to destroy some of the cultural relics of the nation!

Min is sending troops in to destroy the statues of The Sleeping Saints - and we have to prevent that at all costs! Whew! That makes about as much sense as the Taliban decision to blow up the statues at that sacred site in the desert!

There will be multiple waves including copters - use the grenade launcher to take those out. Also you need to mind the Snipers. Once you take them out, you need to light the braziers on the statues to end the mission.

As you complete this mission Noore radios you and asks you to meet up with her. As soon as you have dealt with any remaining troops head for her Icon on the map.

Noore's Mission: City of Pain

When you arrive and talk with Noore you get a CS in which she makes it clear that Paul De Pleur NOW. If you don't her family may die. She tells you what she can, and then you need to set off to infiltrate the warehouse.

When you arrive at the village you need to sneak into the back of the truck there, without being detected, The truck will then drive to the destination, serving to sneak you in, then you need to get out and make your way to the slaves, freeing them, then get to Paul in his office above.

The idea here is absolute stealth - do not alert the guards to your presence. Mark their locations with the camera so you are aware of them, then make your way up and around without being seen.

While you can kill if you do it without being detected, if you set of ANY alarm you fail. Fortunately there are checkpoints so even if you do fail, all is not lost.

You need to free a total of three (3) slaves - there is a counter. Just make your way up and release them, being sure to hide any bodies you create in the doing of it.

Once all three are freed, head for the marker for Paul's office - where you will find that he has a prisoner he is torturing - you release him in the CS and then take his place - and Paul comes into the room, has a phone chat then removes your hood and is stunned. Well, he is stunned when you knock him out!

Now you just need to grab him and carry him to the exit, put him in the boot of the car, and drive off without getting into a firefight.

After you start driving Paul starts yelling from the boot - and laughing when you tell him why you are doing this...

When you get Paul to the drop point, Sabal and Amita are there - and they take Paul into their custody.

That wraps up the mission - and unlocks the Achievement One Down (50G) Decide De Pleur's fate (Campaign only).

You get a call from Pagan Min at that point - and learn a little more about the past. When that is done, it is time to head to the Golden Path Mission Icon on the map!

Golden Path Mission: Advanced Chemistry

When you arrive at the mission location, you will get a CS in which Amita lays out her situation and concerns. She tells you about the drug processing plant at the old Brick Factory - she wants you to capture it. Sabal on the other hand wants that puppy destroyed!

Sabal's Mission: Basic Chemistry

Balance of Power Mission: Sabal wants you to destroy the Rochan Brick Fctory to prevent any further opium processing. Accepting this mission will decline Amita's mission.

Amita's Mission: Advanced Chemistry

Balance of Power Mission: Amita wants to capture and protect the Rochan Brick Factory to process opium and fund the rebellion, Accepting this mission will decline Sabal's mission.

We did Sabal's mission last time, so this time around we can do Amita's!

Head to the target icon on the map and stock up on kit and ammo. Head up the hill to the next icon and meet your contact to get a CS on the mission target.

Your objectives are to switch off the generators, then gain access to the lab door - and kill the chief chemist, who is former Golden Path.

The easiest way to do this is to snipe the guards from a distance, being sure to shoot the alarm you can hit, and the guard dogs, before making your approach. Circle around and shoot the second alarm, then continue to thin out the guards as you turn off the generators.

When you get inside things get a bit confusing - but hey, do the best you can! When you get out everything will be OK.

Golden Path Mission: Shoot the Messenger

So we finished a GP mission and now we head in for another! Head to the location on the map and trigger the CS.

Amita and Sabal are arguing - about the drugs. After they complete their argument the issue turns to Noore - who they want dealt with next. It really does not matter to them that Paul had leverage over her, she still exists as a problem in their world...

You need to head to the icon on the map and sneak into the Arena, then make your way to the Control Room, where you will release Animals into the Arena - they will kill the contestants, and Noore will send her guards to the Control Room to kill the idiot that released all of the animals - umm, you. But you are no longer in the control room!

Go hide in the cage down the hall, then make your way to the marker, killing as needed, until you reach Noore and then, without a word, put a bullet in her head!

That nicely ends the mission and unlocks the Achievement Two Down (50G) Decide Noore's fate (Campaign only).

Next on our agenda is to hit the Yogi & Reggie Icon for their next mission!

Yogi & Reggie Mission: The Burning Forest

When we arrive at the Icon we get a CS in which they naturally give you more drug injection... And it is pretty darn effective too! When you come to you are near a body - and there is a letter from Reggie to read. Read that - grab a weapon and ammunition - then go find the boys!

This is pretty similar to the previous mission in that you head to the marker on the screen, but things are not as they seem. Just fight your way through the real and hallucinated threats, and you will eventually make your way to the house with your gear and collect it - ending the mission!

The CIA Missions

We have now reached the point in the story where the local CIA operatives have taken notice of you and want to meet with you - and use you... Now I don't want to ruin your day, but you need to be careful when dealing with the CIA - they can be very tricky...

We actually delayed doing these earlier because they come in a string, and it makes more sense to wait and do them - so head to the 'W' Icon on the map and let's get this show on the road!

When you arrive at the marker you get a radio call from some CIA guy - he asks you to help him land his plane at the airport - so it is off to the airport we go!

CIA Mission: Free Willis

The task is to infiltrate the airport - which sounds easy enough, right?

The Agent tells you he needs you to secretly take out all of the snipers without setting off any alarms, then infiltrate to the Control Tower, at which point he will land. You are basically going to serve as his overwatch in case things go pear-shaped on the ground after he lands..

On your way in plant some C4 on the chopper that is near the Control Tower as a preventative measure - so later if it takes off and becomes a problem you can blow it up!

Once in position radio the spook, and he lands. He tells you if he says “Reaganomics” you have to kill all the bed guys. And of course you do!

The thing is that it is not just the bad guys on the field at the start, more waves come in - and the chopper does get in the act so I hope you boobytrapped it!

With the chopper down you can focus back on the footmobiles, taking the rest out, and then heading for the meeting.

Success gets you introduced to Willis the CIA Agent... He tells you that there is a file on the plane that just took off that you need to grab - So jump on the Quadbike, jump into the air, then glide to the plane using your Wingsuit, and steal that case!

Do I need to say well done? Well done! That completes the mission. The conversation you have with Willis at the end is abrupt and mostly one-sided, and the file you get? Not very useful. Still it is a start.

CIA Mission: Kill or Be Killed

This one starts at the Airport - During the run-up to the mission in the CS Willis fills you in on some of the details of your parents and the past and then drops you in the mountains at the Akkash Monestary.

Your orders? Find and Kill Yuma's Lieutenant.

Basically as you make your way through the base and kill the soldiers and officers you are instructed to take a picture of the Lieutenant you kill - but he turns out to be the wrong one. So Willis tells you to kill everybody. Everybody! Hey, we can do that - we don't even need a reason!

This is actually a pretty tough mission - one of the hardest we have done in the game so far - mostly because there is nowhere to go. And once the enemy is aware you are there - and eventually they WILL be aware - you end up in a moving battle. With nowhere to go.

Eventually you will search one of the bodies and find a key - you can use that to open the door to the next area. Whew!

Once inside the next area your goal is to find a way through the cave and reach the gate. Once you get through the mountain via the caves the original objective returns: Find and Kill Yuma's Lieutenant!

When you finally reach the marker on the other side you have to deal with the target and his guards - and one of them will be manning a mounted MG. Taking them out simply required patience. Once they are down the mission ends...

CIA Mission: Death From Above

Once again the 'W' Icon is back at the Airport... So re-supply, then head there and you will find that the Airport is now unlocked - and you can use its Fast Travel and its Safe House - so head inside and grab the Journal - the last collectible for this region.

Head to the 'W' marker to trigger the CS in which Willis tells you this is the last job he needs you for... He then tells you things you don't actually want to hear. Are they true? Consider the source! He is a CIA Agent - know how to tell when a CIA Agent is lying? Their lips are moving!

The mission takes us back to the Himalayas to the Akaash Temple - we use our Wingsuit to reach the Monastery then Willis instructs us to locate the Lieutenant and cut him open with our knife to send a message to Yuma...

As you make your way along the edge of the area use your camera to spot the enemy and mark their locations. Willis reminds you to use a knife, not a gun or explosives - because he wants the body intact.

Once you ID the target you need to sneak up on him, so take out any of the enemy near him so that they cannot cause any interference, then sneak up and put the knife in, then take a pic for evidence.

You use your Wingsuit to get to the bottom, and meet up with Willis, which kicks in a CS in which Willis reveals the truth behind the ops you have been doing for him. Then he betrays you, and you end up Yuma's prison!

Man the CIA suck!

This ends Act II - and you have a lengthy CS with Pagan Min, Yuma, and their henchmen... Sort of a here you are now story if you will. After they leave the guard drugs you and we fade to black!

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