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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide



Theme Music: Welcome to Wonderland
Battle Music: To Our Surprise

Wonderland is the Battle LV 1 planet north-east of Traverse Town.

Good level: 8
Recommended level: 10
Over-leveled: 12

Movie: Alice in Wonderland, 1951 Disney.

Based on Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)'s book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The book deals with logic and reality being in the perspective of the beholder, chronicling the Alice's trip through a strange world she found at the bottom of a rabbit's hole.

The Queen's Heartless Execution

Let me start by saying that there is a LOT of stuff you can do in Wonderland. A lot of little Easter eggs and small things that may be neat, but don't get you anything more then an Elixir. Therefore, I'll leave them for you to find. :)

Enemies: Shadow, Soldier, Red Nocturne, White Mushroom
Sub-boss: Cards and Tower
Important Items: Footprints, Antenna, Stench, Claw Marks
Save Points: 1 B-type

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #4

Dalmatians: 16-18

Wonderland: Rabbit Hole

You land in the Rabbit Hole. Chase after the rabbit through the door into the Bizarre Room.

Wonderland: Bizarre Room: Floor

- Walk up to the door to see that you are to large to fit through. DON'T immediately drink the potion! First, go to the bed and push it into the wall. NOW drink the potion and shrink down. Enter the hole in the wall.

Wonderland: Queen's Castle

You now see Alice on trial. One thing leads to another, and now you're her lawyer. There is a new save point by the entrance you just came through. There is also a new exit to the left of the stand.

Wonderland: Lotus Forest

After taking note of the Cheshire's Cat surprise, first thing you should do is find the yellow flower straight ahead.


- It wants a potion. Pull up your item quick menu and use a potion on it. He'll make you big. Now go stand on the stump to the right of the door to make some new lotus pads appear.

Look ahead for a nut on a tree branch. Target it to get the option to pick it. Once it hits the ground, target it again and eat it to shrink back down.


Blue Trinity #4

- Just to the right of that large tree is a little nook that holds your first evidence, Footprints, as well as a Blue Trinity.

In this same nook, there is a small mushroom you can jump up on and use as a step to get to the next larger mushroom. Finally, onto the lotus pad.


- Follow the lotus pads back toward the entrance of the area, across the pads that just sprang up a moment ago. They lead to a hole that leads back into the Bizarre Room.

Wonderland: Bizarre Room: Floor

Claw Marks

- Don't move! You are perfectly balanced on the facet. One wrong move and you'll fall off. You need to make it over to the right side, so you can jump onto the platform with the next piece of evidence. It might take you a couple tries.

Your prize, however, is not only some evidence (Claw Marks), but the Blizzard spell!

When you're done, head back to Lotus Forest via the Queen's Castle.

Wonderland: Lotus Forest

- This time, climb the mushrooms as before, but enter the hole in the large tree.

Wonderland: Bizarre Room: Floor


- You should fall right onto another piece of evidence (Stench). Back into Lotus Forest.

Wonderland: Lotus Forest

Dalmatians 16, 17, 18

- Finally, we need to go to the back of the forest, past the large tree. You'll come to a clearing with a mushroom in the center (this is before the large rock). Jump up on it, then turn left and jump onto the lotus pad there. The chest contains Dalmatians 16-18.


- Jump back down and get back on the small mushroom. This time face right and jump onto the pad. This pad as the final piece of evidence on it (Antenna).

If you really want to now, you can jump across the large gap over the rock below to the lotus pad with the chest in the distance. You'll have to jump right at the edge of the current pad, and HOLD down the jump button to barely make it. The chest contains a Tunder-G, a weapon gummi you can equip when we're done here.

Well that's it for the evidence.

Wonderland: Queen's Castle

Save your game. Talk to one of the Heart cards next to the queen's podium and tell him you're ready.

The Queen will introduce a fifth piece of her own evidence and tell you to pick one. (no matter how much evidence you gathered, there will always be 5 at this point. The more you gather, the better your odds of choosing correctly).

Walk over and pick one to open. If a Shadow pops out, then you'll have the help of Donald and Goofy during the next battle. But, if Donald and Goofy come out of the box, then they'll be locked up and leave you all on your own.


--== Sub-boss: Cards and Tower ==--

This battle is easy if you have Donald and Goofy to distract the Cards for you. If you don't, I hope you have some potions on hand. The Cards are irrelevant to this fight, they are just meant to distract you. You don't even get EXP from them. Focus on the tower and hammer on the three cranks. If the Cards swarm you, run away and lure them with you, then run back, they're pretty slow so it will take them some time to get back to you.


With that over, the cage lowers to reveal Alice is gone. You now have to find her.

The Many Sides of the Bizarre Room

Enemies: Shadow, Soldier, Red Nocturne, White Mushroom, Large Body
Boss: Trickmaster
Important Items: Defense Up, Ifrit's Horn
Save Points: 2 B-type

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #5

Dalmatians: 13-15, 58-60

Wonderland: Lotus Forest

Back in Lotus Forest, the flower spits out the large rock that was blocking your path earlier. Further, the Cheshire Cat reappears and gives another cryptic warning.

You'll find the enemies in this area to be much harder then before, mainly for the addition of the Large Body. At the level you're at, get his health down as much as possible by attacking from behind, then when he turns darker use Blizzard to finish him off.


- Anyway, talk to the first yellow flower again and give him another potion. Once you're big, push the rock into the pond to force up some more lotus pads. Eat the fruit on the branch to shrink back down.

Blue Trinity #5

- Jump up on the newly risen lotus pads and into the little cubby hole. Here you'll find a Blue Trinity Mark as well as a flower that will convert a Hi-Potion into a Mega-Potion. When you're done, enter the doorway opposite the flower.

Wonderland: Queen's Castle

The chest beside you contains an Aero-G piece. Go back into the forest.

Wonderland: Lotus Forest

Back to the area where you found the Footprints. Jump onto the mushrooms and into that hole in the large tree.

Wonderland: Bizarre Room: Fireplace

Hence why I've been marking what wall you're on when you enter this room. Defeat all the enemies in this area.


- Look for a squished pot near the large gray stone wall blocking your way. When you step on it, it should spring up. Use that to get to the other side.


- Look for the facet. Turn it on to start the water flowing into the jar below. Run down and jump into the jar.

Wonderland: Queen's Castle

Dalmatians 58, 59, 60

The chest here contains Dalmatians 58-60. Jump down and re-enter Lotus Forest, and head back to Bizarre Room: Fireplace.

Wonderland: Bizarre Room: Fireplace


Get onto the stone wall, only this time follow it down to the (real) floor of the room. Jump into the fireplace's mouth.

Wonderland: Bizarre Room: Left Wall


- The other wall of the Bizarre Room. After fighting off the Heartless, there are two lamps on the wall. One of them brightens up the picture, the other makes the metal carving cough up a chest with a Defense Up.


- Go over to the bear balanced on the shelf and attack it to make it fall down to the chair on the floor. Don't bother examining the painting for now, there's nothing on the other side that you can do (just a White Trinity). Rather, jump into the hole in the bookshelf.

Wonderland: Lotus Forest

Tea Party Garden

Fall down off this platform. Remember where the large rock used to be in here before the flower moved it? There is a hole in the wall there now. Go through the hole.

--== Wonderland: Tea Party Garden ==--


- There's a fair amount of stuff in this room, but you wont have access to it till you get the High-Jump ability. But, you can examine the poster near the picture twice. It'll tell you to take a seat in the chairs. Each chair will give you something different, for better or worse. You can sit in all of them. There are two chairs that make the table disappear. If this happens, simply exit the area and return.

Once you're done playing, enter the door on the house.

Wonderland: Bizarre Room: Ceiling


- Your goal here is to get up to the two lamps in the center of the room and light them. The Cheshire Cat will make a comment about the shadows again, and a plant will pop up on the floor.


- Look around on one of the walls for a switch that you can open. The hatch will open a passage to the Queen's Castle.

Wonderland: Queen's Castle

Dalmatians 13, 14, 15

- There is a chest to the left that contains Dalmatians 13-15. Jump down and save before enter the Bizarre Room Floor.

Wonderland: Bizarre Room: Floor

First thing, examine the flower pot that popped up before to get a Mythril Shard.

Now follow the cat to the table.

--== Boss: Trickmaster ==--

It's only attack really consists of swinging his maracas at you. It can shoot fire out of them IF they are lit, but he'll only light them if 1) he can get away from you long enough to reach the stove or 2) you shoot Fire magic at him. If you just stay locked on and have Goofy's Rocket ability equipped, you'll be fine. Jump up and hold the jump button, attacking at the very apex of the jump, will get you enough height to reach his body and score a hit. After a couple hits, he will bend down and be dazed for a moment, allowing you to get a couple combos in.

If you cant seem to reach him by jumping, you'll have to use the chair to reach the table and jump off of that. The only problem here is that it gives him time to move around and either light is maracas or destroy the table. The later of which will take time to fix itself leaving you out to dry.



With the battle over, there's only one thing left to do. Drink the potion and grow big again. Once normal sized, pick up the teddy bear and move it to the other chair. The clock will now come out and allow you to push it aside. The hole leads to an Aeroga-G piece. If that doesn't interest you, then at least examine the red book beside the bear for a Mythril Shard.

Go back out the Rabbits Hole and hop in your ship from the save point.

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Comments for Wonderland

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Jul 12th 2015 Guest
How do u shock the bells flowers
ID #583605
Dec 3rd 2015 Guest
with thunder
ID #630626
May 18th 2015 Guest
How do you wake up the first door? The one that TALKS.
ID #558049
Apr 11th 2015 Guest
You don't find her, if you play the game further you'll understand why.
ID #541234
Apr 1st 2015 Guest
After you kill the main boss you still have to find alice you didn't say where to find her
ID #536206
Dec 17th 2014 Guest
How do you shock the bell flowers and what do they give?
ID #486066
Nov 29th 2014 Guest
I read the book first and then the hole lead me to dark matter??
ID #478149
Nov 29th 2014 Guest
I am not entirely sure, but it seems that if you use blizzard on the vent under the stove, the stove goes out. The Trickmaster appears (if he already has his sticks lit) to immediately go over and re-light the stove so he doesn't run out of fire power.
ID #478104
Aug 3rd 2014 Guest
[color=red][/color] THERE IS NO TEDDY BEAR
ID #430386
Jun 11th 2013 Guest
Thank you SO MUCH for compiling all of this together!!
This helped me out for half of Wonderland, and would've probably been stuck for a while had it not been for this Guide.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart~
ID #289535
Mar 28th 2013 Guest
Okay. I have high jump and glide but I can't seem to land on the balcony or the anywhere else for that matter in the Tea Party Garden. I've tried just about EVERYTHING. (jump and glide, jump glide then hit X) and nothing works. Pleaseeeee help!
ID #268031
Mar 17th 2013 Guest
when i go through the tree to find stench, i fall onto a book shelf rather than the fire place. wat do
ID #264681
Feb 19th 2013 Guest
tere is no pot plant that should have fallen ?
ID #256116
Jan 14th 2013 Guest
In the Party Room if you look around you can see 2 treasure chests.
I have been trying to reach them by going around the Bizzar Room and the Loutus Forest but I have only found the way to get to the 3rd Treasure chest witch is on the little balcony.
How do I get the remaining 2?
ID #242501
Jan 12th 2013 Guest
at the tea party, the picture says just "a very merry unbirthday", and not "sit down to get your presents" ... and I defeated the last boss but I can't get out of this wonderland...what should I do?
ID #241846
Jan 1st 2013 Guest
i cant make the bear go down as much as i try. and the chairs are still stuck to the wall how to i even get the bear down ? step by step please ?
ID #233988