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Halloween Town

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide

Halloween Town

Halloween Town

Theme Music: This is Halloween
Battle Music: Spooks of Halloween

Halloween Town is the 6 star (and first yellow star) world north-east of Agrabah.

Good level: 30
Recommended level: 34
Over-leveled: 42

Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney 1991

This world is different from the others in two ways: One, it's dark and creepy. Two, it is not based on any original book. Rather, it was completely thought up in the 1970's by the mind of Tim Burton, an animator at Disney. The movie follows Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, a town completely focused on Halloween and the fright it fills people with. This game only deals with Oogie Boogie, the man that takes Halloween to the extreme every day of the year, and is therefore the bane of the town.

... As a side note, this is also the only movie from this game I actually recommend everyone should watch. It's overall a good movie, and the icing is that there was no original book or story for Disney to butcher and it doesn't break into a love song every five minutes.

They did the Mash...

Enemies: Shadow, Search Ghost, Wight Knight, Gargoyle, Black Fungus,
         White Mushroom, Rare Truffle
Sub-boss: Lock, Shock, Barrel
Boss: Oogie Boogie
Items: Ether x2, Mythril Shard, Mega-Ether, Elixir, Forget-Me-Not,
       Jack-in-the-Box, Torn Page, Holy Circlet
Save points: 2 A type

Trinity Marks:
- Red #5

Dalmatians: 40-42, 67-69
Ansem's Reports: #7
Torn Page: #5

--== Halloween Town: Gates ==--

Donald again uses his magic to turn you into ghouls just like everyone else in town (though no one is as clichéd as your three outfits). There is a save point behind you. Continue through the gates.

--== Halloween Town: Guillotine Square ==--


- There are Search Ghosts everywhere in this area, but they don't appear hostile. Walk around the area following the right hand wall till you get to a door marked Lab Entryway.

Go up the stairs and into the Research Lab.

--== Halloween Town: Research Lab ==--

A cutscene ensues, with Jack trying to give the Heartless a Heart (though, the faulty logic here is a Heartless with a Heart is no longer a Heartless). Even after Sora unlocks the container, the experiment is a failure.

Torn Page #4

- Stay in the lab and examine the Doctor's bookshelf for a Torn Page. Exit back out into the square.

--== Halloween Town: Guillotine Square ==--

The Heartless have become active (of course). It's probably more so that Sora appeared then anything, as no one else in Halloween Town has a heart, and are therefore not attracted to anything.

Dalmatians 67, 68, 69

- Next to the door to the lab entryway is a gated area. This is the Mayor's house. Under his steps is a chest that contains Dalmatians 67-69. You can also climb the steps and ring the doorbell three times for an Elixir.


- Anyway, follow the wall left till you reach a break that leads to an ally back behind the wall. It should lead to the Graveyard.

--== Halloween Town: Graveyard ==--

You have to clear all the Heartless out of this area for Sally to appear. She'll give you the Forget-Me-Not. Return to the lab.

--== Halloween Town: Research Lab ==--

Talk to the Doctor again. He'll send you on another quest to get the final ingredient. Go back into the Graveyard.

--== Halloween Town: Graveyard ==--


- Again, you have to clear all the Heartless. Only this time, go to the large coffin in the back and examine it. You'll get sucked into another section of the Graveyard.

--== Halloween Town: Boneyard ==--


- Talk to the Mayor at the back of the yard. He'll tell you to examine the tombstones in the order which the ghosts appear. There are several tombstones here, and it's difficult to get them all on screen at once. Do the best you can and watch as the ghosts appear.

Once you get it right, the pumpkin behind you explodes and reveals a chest with a Jack-in-the-Box.

Take this back to the Doctor via a statue behind the Pumpkin (not beside it. You should end up back in the Graveyard).

--== Halloween Town: Research Lab ==--

After giving it to the Doctor, Lock, Shock, and Barrel will appear and steal the makeshift heart. Give chase, back into the Boneyard.

--== Halloween Town: Boneyard ==--

This time, examine the other statue wedged beside the pumpkin.

--== Halloween Town: Moonlight Hill ==--

Rapid-Transit Platform

- There is a lot of Heartless in this area. Head straight across the area and find a platform that you can lock-on to. Hit if with Fire to make it raise and lower. Hop on and let it take you back into the Graveyard. This is a kind of rapid-transit system that you just activated. Hit it again and ride it back to Moonlight Hill.


- Here again, look for a tombstone at the base of the hill that you can examine. Use it to extend the hill and get over the wall. 

--== Halloween Town: Bridge ==--

There are a LOT of Heartless here, and the geography makes it hard to fight. Wonder the area and take care of all of them, so that you can open some chests!

Dalmatians 40, 41, 42

- At the end of the bridge, line yourself up like above, and jump to the chest on the wall. You should barely be able to reach it. Open it to release Dalmatians 40-42.


- Under the bridge is a chest with a Dispel-G.

There is a Defense Up in the chest opposite the Dalmatians, but its hard to reach currently. It'll be easier to come back later with the Glide ability.

Cross the bridge into the next area.

--== Halloween Town: Oogie's Manor ==--

Pause. Four things before we continue:
1) Don't worry about any chests in this area. Later, the chests you didn't open will just appear in a hole in the ground.

2) Don't bother fighting any enemies past the elevator inside the first door. You'll just fall off the building.

3) In the event that you do fall off, there is a bathtub roaming around at ground level. Get in to be taken back up to the start.

4) There is a Red Trinity here that CANNOT be gotten after the boss battle. Thankfully, it's easy to get.

Now then, continue across the ragged bridge and up the stone ramp to the door. Beside the door is a chest with an Ether.

Red Trinity #5

- Inside the door, there is a chest on the right side (Ether), but more importantly is the Red Trinity (Mythril Shard). After getting your prize, target the platform in the center and hit it with Fire. Hop on and ride it to the top, then jump off onto the wood platform.






- You want to continue going up. Don't worry about anything else, just keep moving upward. Enter the door at the end.

--== Halloween Town: Evil Playroom ==--

--== Sub-boss: Lock, Shock, Barrel ==--

It's more like fighting a bunch of Shadows on Speed then a sub-boss, but whatever. Pick any one of the them and stay on him till he goes down, then focus on the next. Keep this up till you get all three.



- After the battle, nothing happens. Why? Cus there's nothing to happen. The reason for the fight is a non-descript lever in the back of the room. Lock on and hit it to activate the gears. Use a save point and go back outside.

--== Halloween Town: Oogie's Manor ==--


- I'm sure there is a “proper” way to do this, but this is how I do it. Jump off the side and have the bathtub take you back up to the start. Align yourself as seen above, and jump to the platform. Turn about and examine the door. You'll be taken to a new area of the manor. Look for a green door and go in.

--== Halloween Town: Torture Chamber ==--

--== Boss: Oogie Boogie ==--

Stage 1: Oogie Boogie

1) Dice Toss. Throws exploding dice onto the table. Call sign: Huu!

2) Buzz Saw. If the dice throw is right, a buzz saw will float around the area.

3) Summon Heartless. If the dice throw is right, a couple Heartless will appear.

4) Scythes. If the dice throw is right, Scythes come down from the ceiling and bob up and down while circling the platform.

5) Firing Squad. After the platform lowers from you raising it, you'll normally be taken to the Firing Squad.

6) Sixes. If the dice land on all sixes, Oogie heals himself.

How to Dodge:
1) Don't be near Oogie when he throws the dice.

2) It travels slow, so just watch out for it.

3) Nothing to dodge, you have to defeat them.

4) Time the scythes with dodge rolls and jumps.

5) Be up near the squad, but off to the side slightly.

You take turns. Oogie uses dice to determine his attack. None of the attacks are particularly hard to dodge or do much damage. When it's your turn, the tiles near the center will light up. Target Oogie and step on the one he's lined up with to cage him in and raise the platform to his level. Jump off and start beating on him. After a bit, he'll knock you off and send you back down. Repeat till he goes down.

You can also hit him with magic attacks, Thunder is particularly effective.

Stage 2: Oogie's Manor

After the first fight, Oogie takes over his manor. His only attack is some lanterns that shoot fire at you, that aren't that effective. There are also Heartless everywhere, but when aren't there? The key is to find the dark energy orbs and destroy them. They are really hard to find if you don't know how to jump good.

Circle around the building and find this brace to walk up

First orb is at the top, on a platform on the left


Jump to the platform above and try to pull yourself up. Use the hangtime to work your way left

Climb the platforms.

Onto the roof

Fall off the front for the next orb


Get back on the roof, and jump to the branch on the right, then walk up it and jump onto the wood platform.

Head left, down the ramp to the next orb

Keep going down and jump over the mouth thing to reach the next orb

Keep heading down. Watch out for the lantern and attack the next orb on the wood platform.

Go all the way back up, and look for the spire with a face. Jump on it (watch, as the platforms below may try to knock you off)

The next to last orb is on the wood platform head

Jump back down to the ground. Find this root and climb up.

Jump to the platforms on the far right

Orb should be just a few platforms up



Your prizes include: Holy Circlet, Ansem's Report 7, Gravity magic (or upgrade), and Pumpkinhead Keychain.

You can head back to Oogie's Manor and look for the items you missed, but I say save it for later as we have to come back and get the Defense Up after we get the Glide ability anyway (you're only missing some Gummies from the Manor).

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Comments for Halloween Town

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Mar 30th 2017 Guest
Not trying to be rude or anything, just wanted to let you know that the house with the spider doorbell actually belongs to Jack and not the mayor. However, I have found your tips useful in those moments I have gotten stuck. You explain it all in a way that is easy to understand Smile
ID #714988
Jul 6th 2015 Guest
I got thundra g under the stairs instead of the dalmation.
ID #580517
Jun 1st 2015 Guest
You can get the defense up without glide. Right underneath and in front I was able to land on a small ledge/landing and I kept jumping and landed on it. It took a few tries but it worked out. I don't recommend swinging your keyblade to get extra distance because if you hit the hill you'll bounce back.
ID #564422
Oct 20th 2013 jtrogler4567890
in kingdom hearts 1.5, the chest that had dalmatians under steps no longer has them. it had thundera-g . idk why or where to find these dalmatians now. i hope im not the only one
ID #315504
Sep 21st 2013 Guest
I opened all of the chests with Dalmatians in them and it still says I'm missing 67-69!?
ID #310650
Jul 13th 2013 The-rejected-logic
Once you go through the Christmas door on Moonlight Hill, WHAT DO YOU DO!?! Is there even a purpose?
ID #297204
Mar 26th 2013 Guest
to the above comment: you need to leave the world entirely and come back.
ID #267585
Feb 3rd 2013 Guest
I still can't open the door shaped as a tree and I've locked the world
ID #249892
Jan 4th 2013 Guest
Finally!! Instead of handing the frustrating parts to my brother, I can do it myself!!!
ID #237247
Dec 12th 2012 Guest
How do I get the glide ability? Like is it jut given to me or do I have to find it somewhere?
ID #220263
Oct 26th 2012 Guest
When I go back to Halloween town jack asks if I'd like to take a stroll around halloween town. What is the point of this?
ID #201242
Jun 29th 2012 Guest
Wow you are one lifesaver!! thanks so much appreciate it xx Smile
ID #158513
Jun 29th 2012 Guest
thanks so much for the help c:
ID #158387
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
[color=red][color=red][color=red]I loooooooooove using this site as help. So thank you!!
ID #138053
Apr 5th 2012 Guest
What dice roll is what?
(A more detailed description would be nice.)
ID #129910