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Follow the dark path or use the light


Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide - Sidequests



Every game has it's little diversions. Little areas and places that the developers say fit to say “Hey, lets keep score!”. KH is not devoid of these areas. It offers several mini-games, including a whole world of nothing but mini-games.

Technically, the Coliseum also counts as mostly a mini-game, but it needs it's own section.

Deep Jungle

--== Jungle Slider ==--

When: Anytime after you seal Deep Jungle
Where: Tunnel. Jump in the large stump.

Jungle Slider is actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it, and especially once you don't have to worry about the fruits anymore.

The goal is simple: Rush to the finish as fast as possible.
There is a catch, however. There are five different courses, but to unlock one you have to collect all the fruit prior to it.

The fruit are little log looking things you'll see scattered about. Collecting all the ones on a given course will get you prize, and unlock the next course the next time you play. If you miss a fruit, pause and select Restart so you don't have to trek all the way through the jungle to get back here.

To unlock the next course, you have to collect ALL the fruit prior to it, not just the fruit on the course before it. Further, you have to then finish the pervious course and land somewhere in the jungle. Once you have done that, an obstacle at the end of the pervious course will be removed and reveal a new path.

--== First Course: Green Serpent ==--

Prize: AP Up
The first course is pretty simple. There is one part with two large branches blocking the path. If you jump over the first one, then swing your keyblade, you should make it past both.

Fruit 1-3: Past the first brush in the center of the limb ->

Fruit 4-6: Past the winding part, stay to the right ->

Fruit 7-9: Right past the last fruit, in the center of the limb ->

Fruit 10: Past some brush, on the bump

Next Course: There is some brush on the left side of the course near the end. It will be cleared next time through. Stay left

--== Second Course: Splash Tunnel ==--

Prize: Orichalcum
Let me apologize for the pictures. The lack of ambient lighting makes Studio 9 freak out. The only real trick here is the last fruit, it is a pain to get. Other then that, watch for the spires coming down the river, you'll probably have to jump or attack a couple of them to get by.

Fruit 11-13: Right out of the gate, stay in the center ->

Fruit 14-16: There is a little drop, and the fruit are near the waterfall ->

Fruit 17-19: These don't come until the big open area. These three are in a bent row curving left ->

Fruit 20: This one is hard. It's behind a large rock that Tarzan always runs into. From 19, veer hard right

Next Course: There is a large rock past the open area. It will be cleared next time

--== Third Course: Jade Spiral ==--

Prize: Megalixir
The intense speed of this course makes you think it's going to be hard, but it really isn't. It's actually quite short and the fruit is very easy to get.

Fruit 21-23: Past the first brush, in the center of the limb ->

Fruit 24-26: When the course starts to curve, keep on the left side ->

Fruit 27-29: Just past 26, as the course straightens, in the center ->

Fruit 30: Past some brush in the center of the course

Next Course: There is some brush on the right side, it will be cleared out next run

--== Fourth Course: Panic Fall ==--

Prize: Defense Up
This course is mind numbingly slow, especially after just coming off of the last one. The fruit is REALLY far apart, but its not really in an area that's hard to see, so don't worry about that. All the curves make it hard to see ahead, but there isn't anything that will actually trip you up.

Fruit 31-34: In the center of the limb as it narrows. 34 is past the brush, just go through it ->

Fruit 35-40: Way at the end of the course. Stay on the righ for 35-36, and the other four are in the center

Next Course: The brush on the left side will be cleared next time

--== Fifth Course: Shadow Cavern ==--

Prize: Power Up
This is the fastest course in Jungle Slider. The fast speed and many curves make it almost impossible to get the fruit. I recommend pulling all the way back on the control stick and taking it as slow as possible; unless you're going for a speed run, in which case what out for the rock near the end.

Fruit 41-43: Center of the course, right past the first bend ->

Fruit 44-46: Literally right past the last three. You have to pull left pretty hard ->

Fruit 47-49: Again, just past the last three, over the first bump. The bump wont mess your patch up that much so don't overcompensate ->

Fruit 50: 50 is hard, as it's all alone and the game wants to force you the other way. Stay centered and slightly to the left

--== Vine Jump ==--

When: Anytime after you seal Deep Jungle
Where: Vines 1

Vine Jump does not get you any prizes. To access it, go to Vines 1 and examine the flower. It'll ask you what course you want to try.

The first course (Jump) is the only easy one. All the others will have a trick “danger” warning, as some of the vines are really snakes. If you don't jump off within about 2 seconds, you'll fall off.

The game continues all the way through Vines 2, where on the final platform the course ends.

If you have the High Jump and Glide or even Super Glide abilities, this game becomes much easier as you can glide very quickly to most ledges, bypassing the vines entirely.

100 Acre Wood

The 100 Acre Wood is located in Merlin's House, it's the book on the stand. To access most of the games, you'll need the Torn Pages. That aside, the entire world is pretty much a giant Mini-Game.

Completing all the games with the score listed will get you Sora's Cheer ability.

--== Pooh's Hunny Hunt ==--

- Score to beat: 101

- Rules:
Use the Keyblade to keep the bees away from Pooh. If you fall all the way down, you can use the Rush command to get back up, at the cost of 5 points.

- Trick:
Don't jump on your own, you'll only fall. Lock on to the bees and wait for them to be even with the next branch, then attack. You should jump up and with any luck automatically land on the next branch. On the top branch, wait for the bees to raise a bit before attacking, or else you'll miss and fall.

--== Block Tigger ==--

- Score to Beat: 150 (score = carrots saved * Tigger blocks)

- Rules:
Block Tigger from stomping on carrots. Do this by being under him when he lands. If he steps on a carrot two times, it's buried and doesn't count toward your score. If you're over a carrot and are facing a carrot that hasn't been buried yet, the Rush command may appear. It allows you to rush over to where Tigger is going to land. However, sometimes it doesn't work.

- Tricks:
The Rush command (and thereby luck) is key to getting a good score. You'll have to play this several times to get the 150 point score if you want Cheer.

--== Pooh's Swing ==--

- Score to Beat: 40

You need a distance in the 20s to complete the page, so you'll have to play the game at least twice to get both Cheer and a completed page. After you launch Pooh the first time, just go talk to him, you don't have to lure him up the hill anymore.

- Rules:
Use R1 when Owl moves his wings to push Pooh higher and higher, till he flies out.

- Tricks:
Only the last push really counts. The problem is, you don't know which one is going to be the last. To get max distance, wait for Owl to lower his wings press R1 just as Owl's wings are almost completely folded against his body.

--== Tigger's Giant Pot ==--

- Score to Beat: 30 seconds or less

- Rules:
Hit the nuts back at the pot without falling off the stump. The higher the nut is in the air when you hit it, the more points you get. Once you reach 20 points, the game ends.

- Tricks:
Equip your longest Keyblade for this. Start at the back of the stump and as soon as you hear the nut, target and jump then swing.

--== Pooh's Muddy Path ==--

- Score to Beat: 5 minutes or less

- Rules:
Find all of Pooh's friends!

- Tricks:
We already found Eeyore and Pooh.

Roo – Beside the grass hut on a large root. Jump up and attack the root to knock him down. Talk to him.

Rabbit – Straight back from the hut entrance there are three holes in the cliff side. Rabbit randomly comes in and out of all of them, you have to talk to him before he runs back in.

Tigger – The well in the center of the area creates an updraft. Jump on and ride it up to the cliff side. Tigger is on the log. Before you talk to him, target the spiderweb inside the log and cast fire to burn it. Next, target the bees nest over the log, jump and cast fire to knock it in the hole. Now jump on the log and talk to Tigger when he's near.

Owl – On one side of the log, there is another ledge you can climb up to near the blue flowers. If you get close to the hole in the tee, a cutscene where you look inside for Piglet also shows Owl landing right next to the tree. Talk to him to take him back.

Piglet – Piglet is the hardest one. Target Pooh to get him to follow you. Lead him into the blue flowers by the cliff and he'll be take up. Jump in the draft to follow him, then lead him over to the log. He should automatically get on and walk across. On the other side, target him and lead him again into the blue flowers, and finally target him into the tree hole. Piglet will come out near where Rabbit was. Jump down and talk to him.

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Comments for Mini-Games

2 comments, latest first.
Apr 19th 2012 Guest
To actually get the Cheer ability you have to go back to Poohs' House and talk the the Owl (he gives it to you) to the right of the house by the tree after beating the scores needed to unlock it.
ID #134983
Jan 1st 2012 Guest
with the winnie the pooh minigames i have gotten all the scores listed but sora still hasnt gained cheer
ID #101784