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Coliseum Tournaments

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide - Sidequests

Coliseum Tournaments

Olympus Coliseum

Welcome to the Coliseum! Where heroes come to prove their strength. Talk to Phil to get the games started. After you choose your cup and game type, it's time to start!

The game type is simple:
Together – with Sora, Donald, and Goofy
Solo – Only Sora
Time Trial – Sora only, and with a time limit
Choose Round – Able to choose what round to play

Each one is only available after you complete the type before it.

Once the tournament starts, you are placed in the center of the coliseum, where you cannot run outside the arena. You are pitted up against wave after wave of Heartless until you complete all the rounds. You cannot save or enter the pause menu during a tournament, nor do any of the enemies drop items or balls, so come prepared!

Individual strategies for the bosses of the ring (Cloud, Leon & Yuffie, Hades, ect) are at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: the Gold and Platinum matches put you up against the Ice Titan and Sephiroth respectively. They are listed in the Optional Boss section.

- You can usually leave the healing to Donald, especially if Goofy has MP Gift equipped.

- DON'T waste your MP. Save it for Cure spells. There is no rush to complete a round, unless in Time Trial, at which time you shouldn't need to use magic to complete the round quickly.

- There is short period of time between after you defeat the last enemy and the next round starts. Use this reprieve to quickly cast Cure or use items if needed.

- Aero will not carry over to the next round.

- Prepare for the bosses. Most of the cups have relatively easy fights up until the last one, where you are pitted against a main character. These fights are much harder, and should be the focus of your pre-match prep, not the Heartless that come before.

Cup Listing

Phil Cup

Available: Seal Traverse Town

Recommended Level: 30

Time Trial Limit: 3 minutes

Team Prize: Gravity Magic Upgrade
Solo Prize: Mythril Shard
Time Trial Prize: AP Up

9th Seed:  
Jungle Vice  
4 Power Wilds, 3 Soldiers

8th Seed:  
Monkey & Magic  
1 Power Wild, 2 Green Requiems, 2 Red Nocturnes, 5 Yellow Operas

7th Seed:  
Big Feet  
4 Power Wilds, 1 Hammer Legs

6th Seed:  
Magic Alert  
5 Red Nocturnes, 5 Yellow Operas

5th Seed:  
1 Large Body, 5 Power Wilds

4th Seed:  
Hard Hitters  
4 Shadows, 3 Blue Rhapsodies, 1 Gauntlets

3rd Seed:  
2 Large Bodies, 6 Green Requiems

2nd Seed:  
Wild Corp  
1 Gauntlets, 1 Hammer Legs, 4 Power Wilds

1st Seed:  
Shadow Battalion 
1 Armored Torso, 4 Blue Rhapsodies, 4 Yellow Operas

Pegasus Cup

Available: After Monstro

Recommended Level: 40

Time Trial Limit: 3 minutes

Standard Prize: Strike Raid Ability
Solo Prize: Mythril
Time Trial Prize: Defense Up

9th Seed:  
Ghost Bandits  
2 Search Ghosts, 3 Air Soldiers, 1 Bandit

8th Seed:  
2 Bandits, 4 Shadows, 3 Barrel Spiders

7th Seed:  
1 Fat Bandit, 1 Barrel Spider, 1 Pot Spider, 2 Large Bodies

6th Seed:  
Pots & Bolts  
2 Green Requiems, 5 Pot Spiders, 3 Yellow Operas

5th Seed:  
The Big Combo  
2 Fat Bandits, 4 Search Ghosts

4th Seed:  
3 Black Fungi

3rd Seed:  
Pots & Barrels  
5 Pot Spiders, 5 Barrel Spiders

2nd Seed:  
Giant Impact  
3 Fat Bandits, 2 Large Bodies

1st Seed:  
Leon & Yuffie  
Leon, Yuffie

Hercules Cup

Available: Seal Halloween Town and Neverland

Recommended Level: 50

Time Trial Limit: 3 minutes

Standard Prize: Herc's Shield, Yellow Trinity
Solo Prize: Orichalcum
Time Trial Prize: Power Up
Special: Olympia Keychain (complete Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cups)

9th Seed:  
Dusk Vanguard  
5 Gargoyles, 3 Shadows

8th Seed:  
Minions of Horror 
4 Wight Knights, 2 Barrel Spiders, 1 Air Pirate

7th Seed:  
1 Battleship, 4 Pirates

6th Seed:  
Stray Phantom  
4 Gargoyles, 3 Wight Knights

5th Seed:  
Mad Truffle  
1 Rare Truffle

4th Seed:  
Special Prize: Metal Chocobo Keychain

3rd Seed:  
Dark Squadron  
1 Wight Knight, 2 Gargoyles, 2 Pirates, 2 Air Pirates

2nd Seed:  
Flying Pirates  
2 Battleships, 1 Air Pirate, 2 Pirates

1st Seed:  

Hades Cup

Available: Seal Hollow Bastion

Recommended Level: Level 60, Ultima Weapon

Time Trial Limit: 20 minutes

Standard Prize: Trinity Limit Ability
Solo Prize: Save the Queen Staff
Time Trial Prize: Save the King Shield


- Here's something interesting as well. Once you beat the Hades Cup, a vase will appear outside the coliseum. It contains Orichalcum.

49th Seed:  
Shadow Brothers  
3 Soldiers, 7 Shadows

48th Seed:  
Wild Dance  
3 Wight Knights, 4 Power Wilds

47th Seed:  
Terrible Feet  
1 Hammer Legs, 2 Shadows, 4 Pirates

46th Seed:  
Dirty Claws  
1 Power Wild, 8 Pot Spiders

45th Seed:  
Mad Truffle  
1 Rare Truffle

44th Seed:  
Special Prize: Genji Shield

43rd Seed:  
3 Bandits, 4 Pirates

42nd Seed:  
Dark Garrison  
1 Defender, 2 Soldiers, 3 Wight Knights

41st Seed:  
Bad Union  
1 Bandit, 2 power Widls, 1 Large Body, 1 Fat Bandits, 1 Soldier

40th Seed:  
Special Prize: Blizzard Magic Upgrade

39th Seed:  
Red Legion  
1 Search Ghost, 8 Red Ghosts

38th Seed:  
Blue Legion  
7 Blue Rhapsodies, 2 Gargoyles

37th Seed:  
Sorcerous Armor  
1 Guard Armor, 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 2 Red Nocturnes

36th Seed:  
Mad Fungus  
1 Black Fungus, 4 Green Requiems

35th Seed:  
Spiders & Magic  
3 Red Nocturnes, 2 Pot Spiders, 3 Yellow Operas

34th Seed:  
Optical Trick  
1 Stealth Sneak, 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 4 Green Requiems

33rd Seed:  
Magic Force  
1 Wizard, 4 Yellow Operas, 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 2 Red Nocturnes

32nd Seed:  
Shadow Summoners 
3 Wizards, 6 Shadows

31st Seed:  
Mystic Mages  
1 Angel Star, 4 Wizards

30th Seed:  

29th Seed:  
Sky Raiders  
4 Air Soldiers, 3 Air Pirates

28th Seed:  
6 Search Ghosts

27th Seed:  
Terrible Fists  
5 Gargoyles, 1 Gauntlets

26th Seed:  
Shadow Storm  
? Shadows (Several waves of many Shadows)

25th Seed:  
1 Bandit, 1 Wight Knight, 1 Pirate, 1 Soldier, 1 PowerWild

24th Seed:  
Dark Knights  
1 Opposite Armor, 6 Darkballs

23rd Seed:  
Black Flap  
2 Gargoyles, 3 Air Soldiers, 2 Air Pirates

22nd Seed:  
Night Soarers  
3 Wyverns, 2 Wight Knights, 2 Search Ghosts

21st Seed:  
Air Corsairs  
1 Battleship, 4 Darkballs, 2 Wyverns

20th Seed:  
Cloud & Leon  
Cloud, Leon
Special Prize: Lionheart Keychain

19th Seed:  
The Large Trio  
3 Large Bodies, 2 Wight Knights

18th Seed:  
Blaze Bandits  
3 Fat Bandits, 4 Red Nocturnes

17th Seed:  
False Angels  
2 Angel Stars, 2 Wyverns, 2 Large Bodies

16th Seed:  
Dark Storm  
? Darkballs (Several waves of many Darkballs)

15th Seed:  
Air Brigade  
1 Wyvern, 1 Air Pirate, 1 Air Soldier, 1 Gargoyle, 1 Search Ghost

14th Seed:  
Violent Bunch  
2 Fat Bandits, 1 Invisible, 2 Wizards

13th Seed:  
Heavy Warriors  
2 Fat Bandits, 1 Defender, 2 Large Bodies

12th Seed:  
3 Defenders

11th Seed:  
Elder Force  
3 Invisibles, 2 Angel Stars

10th Seed:  
Special Prize: Gravity Magic Upgrade, Ansem's Report 8

9th Seed:  
Night Rave  
5 Shadows, 3 Darkballs, 1 Invisible

8th Seed:  
The Requiem  
2 Red Nocturnes, 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 2 Yellow Operas, 2 Wizards, 1 Angel Star

7th Seed:  
Invisible Fear  
1 Stealth Sneak, 3 Invisibles

6th Seed:  
Mad Mushroom  
3 White Mushrooms

5th Seed:  
Black Storm  
? Shadows, ? Darkballs (several waves of each)

4th Seed:  
Twin Mirage  
2 Stealth Sneaks

3rd Seed:  
Shadow Troopers  
? Wyverns, ? Wizards, ? Defenders (several waves of each)

2nd Seed:  
Final Battalion  
? Darkballs, ? Angel Stars, ? Invisibles (several waves of each)

1st Seed:  
Rock Titan  
Rock Titan

Boss Fights

--== Leon ==--

Hades Cup:
HP    ATK   DEF   MPr   EXP
750   42    34    57    800

Weapon  Fire   Blizzard   Thunder   Gravity   Stop   Finish
* 1     * .5   * .5       * 1       * .04     * .3   * .5

Leon is very similar to Cloud in terms of the Coliseum. The only thing he is missing is the Sonic Blade, which actually makes him weaker. You can easily block his regular sword swings if you're close, and his Plunge attack isn't that powerful either, but it is harder to block.


- Later in the battle, he will turn hyper. You'll know this when he enlarges his sword with magic and it glows. It is now a lot more powerful and a little faster, but it's larger size makes it even easier to block!

If you're fighting him with Yuffie, focus on Yuffie first. You'll be able to hear Leon coming and should be able to get out of the way.

When with Cloud, take down Leon first. He is weaker. DO NOT take them down at the same time. You don't want them both going hyper.

--== Yuffie ==--

Hades Cup:
HP    ATK   DEF   MPr   EXP
450   40    30    53    600

Weapon  Fire   Blizzard   Thunder   Gravity   Stop   Finish
* 1     * .5   * .5       * 1       * .04     * .3   * .5

All of Yuffie's basic moves revolve around throwing shuriken. The only real way to get close to her is to deflect the shuriken back at her with a block. They'll home back in on her and she'll be dazed for a bit. Rush in and deal some damage.


- Normally, when she recovers from being knocked down, she'll get up and say “this one's gonna hurt” and will throw a really big glowing shuriken. This one can be blocked, but it wont be deflected and will continue to fly around for a while before finally disappearing.

When fighting her with Leon, focus on her first, as her shuriken will bother you, especially when Leon goes hyper.

--== Hercules ==--

Hades Cup:
HP    ATK   DEF   MPr   EXP
750   35    27    53    1000

Weapon  Fire   Blizzard   Thunder   Gravity   Stop   Finish
* 1     * .01  * .01      * .01     * .04     * .3   * .5

Hercules is invulnerable when he is glowing yellow. The only way to get a hit in is to first knock him out with a barrel. Walk over to a barrel and Lift it, then target Hercules and throw it at him. The best time to do this is when he starts taunting you with “you give up yet?” His attacks consist of a lunging punch that is easy to see coming, a giant leap followed by a shockwave upon landing, a rapid spin attack where he spin around the arena with his blade drawn (dodge roll around him) and finally his finisher move. The finisher move consists of him saying “try this on for size” and a bright circle being drawn around him. Anything within the circle takes a lot of damage. I actually managed to block this once somehow, but it was just luck. General strategy is not to be inside the circle.

--== Cerberus ==--

Hades Cup:
HP    ATK   DEF   MPr   EXP
1200  42    34    57    1000

Weapon  Fire   Blizzard   Thunder   Gravity   Stop   Finish
* 1     * .5   * .5       * 1       * .04     * .3   * .5

Note the stat increase from when you fought him earlier in the game.

1) Darkness Surge. Tilts his heads up, dark fog starts foaming from his mouth, and spits this fog into the ground. Small dark vortexes will appear on the ground near you and surge up.

2) Fireballs. Shoots fireballs from his mouth.

3) Bite. This is a two part attack. He'll lower all three heads low enough for you to reach them. He'll snap individually with each head for a second, then all three will raise and chomp at the same time.

4) Shockwave. Usually used after Bite. Raises up his front legs and stomps the ground, creating a shockwave.

How to Dodge:
1) Keep moving, particularly while dodge rolling periodically.

2) At start, these can be blocked and sent back at him. However, later he uses this in tandem with Darkness Surge, making it impossible to send back. Stay behind him to avoid the balls.

3) This is your chance to do some damage. Lock on to one of the outer heads and attack. You can usually get one aerial combo in before is does the tandem bite. Make sure you're out of the way for that one.

4) When you see him start to come down, jump into the air.

Darkness Surge -> Fireballs -> Bite -> Shockwave -> Repeat. That is the flow of this battle. Get used to this flow and the flow of the Bite attack and victory is yours. Also note that if you have the magic power, when he lowers his head to bite Blizzard will do a fair amount of damage. Thunder does more, but is actually harder to hit with.

--== Cloud ==--

HP    ATK   DEF   MPr   EXP
600   42    34    57    1000

Weapon  Fire   Blizzard   Thunder   Gravity   Stop   Finish
* 1     * .5   * .5       * 1       * .04     * .3   * .5

1) Sonic Blade. Shoots forward with is sword's tip. Very fast, very hard to dodge if you don't see it in time. Call sign: GAhh!

2) Tri-swing. Swings his sword three times.

3) Plunge. Jumps into the air and lands hard, creating a small shockwave of dark energy.

4) Faux Block. Rikku used this one. He'll block till your combo runs out, then break your attack and counter.

How to Dodge:
1) Is usually dodged by simply not standing still. However, Dodge rolling is effective. You can block it if your timing is perfect.

2) This is best avoided by just staying away from him unless he's dazed, ect.

3) Like 1), simply not standing still will dodge this most of the time. However, it cannot be blocked like Sonic Blade.

4) Whenever he blocks a swing with an obvious block, stop your combo and run. Unlike Rikku though, you can break his stance if Goofy or Donald attacks him from behind.

You'll want to keep your distance until you get his pattern of attack down. Aside from Sonic Blade, all of his attacks are fairly easy to dodge by just keeping your distance. Sonic Blade is your best chance to land a good combo, as blocking it with good timing will get you enough daze time to land a good combo or two. Other then that, wait for him to do a Plunge attack and hit him while he's recovering. If you have Counterattack equipped, you can block his Plunge with good timing, and start beating on him. He'll start to try to block, but you'll then counter his block and every other attack will make it through. After a bit, he'll get away with a Sonic Blade.

Later in the battle, he will start chaining his attacks, such as multiple Sonic Blades in a row, or a Sonic Blade followed instantly by a Plunge.


- Still later in the battle, he'll turn hyper on you and start rapidly flying around the arena swinging his blade. You have two options: dodge roll till he finishes, or try to block every attack. If you block just as you hear him grunt, you should be ok.

Fighting him with Leon, take out Leon first as he is easier. DO NOT take them down at the same time. You don't want them both going hyper at  the same time.

--== Hades ==--

Hades Cup:
HP    ATK   DEF   MPr   EXP
1800  42    34    64    3000

Weapon  Fire   Blizzard   Thunder   Gravity   Stop   Finish
* 1     * -.5  * .5       * 0       * .04     * .3   * .5

I think (or hope) what they were counting on for this fight is that you'll be worn out by the time you get here, so an easy-ish boss would be enough of a challenge. Well regardless, this fight isn't much of a challenge.

His regular attack can actually do some damage, but they are relatively simple. His first is kind of an overhead slashing attack, with his hands on fire. The second is him hovering in the air, blasting flames straight down in front of him (“Take that!”). The final, he throws a large fireball at you, which is easily deflected, or more normally absorbed by one of your teammates.

- Hade's main attack, “Feel the heat!”, consists of him walking out into the center of the ring, invincible of course, and spinning in circles with massive flame pillars shooting out his arms. The only thing is, he spins fairly slow, so alls you have to do is get up near him and follow him around in circles.

The best thing you can do here is to simply run in and attack him. He does give you moments of reprieve where you can attack feely. If you do have problems keeping your health up, try to get him in the middle of an attack and come up behind him.

--== Rock Titan ==--

Hades Cup:
HP    ATK   DEF   MPr   EXP
2100  42    34    64    4000

Weapon  Fire   Blizzard   Thunder   Gravity   Stop   Finish
* 1     * .5   * .5       * 1       * .04     * 0    * .5

Not much of a boss. It's only attack is it's feet make a small shockwave when they hit the ground. It's weak points are his feet and double damage for his heads. Pound on his feet till he falls over, then run across his chest and give him one heck of a headache. There really is nothing more to this fight. It's a very sad final boss.

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Comments for Coliseum Tournaments

10 comments, latest first.
Feb 19th 2015 Guest
This is the third time I've gone up against Hercules. It would be easy except that my game won't let me lift any of the barrels. Help?
ID #518417
Jul 8th 2015 Guest
I"m not sure if you already know the answer. But you should not lock on Hercules if you want to pick up the barrels. After you lifted one, you can lock and throw!
ID #581702
Oct 25th 2013 Guest
Am I considered "Over-powered" if I can beat Pegasus cup solo mode on expert with only the kingdom key at level 35?
ID #316192
Jul 26th 2012 Guest
Lol, i dont think he is watching considering his post was in july of last year
ID #168585
Mar 1st 2012 Guest
If that guy is still watching this page:

Tech Points are just bonus experience granted for doing, for lack of a better word, "cool stuff." Deflecting an attack back at an enemy, breaking his attack stance with counterattack* or block, hitting an enemy with its elemental weakness, & targeting an inconvenient weak spot (such as Darkside's head) all give you tech points.

*=This is another way to handle an enemy guarding you, you can just keep countering until you hit.

Most likely, the final few bosses are intended to be easy, as an Anti-Frustration Device.
ID #119538
Sep 20th 2011 undeadpsycho
Rock Titan may be unimpressive but I'll take the easy 4000 points Smile
ID #75565
Jul 26th 2011 Guest
I put a comment earlier and i have another question. What's an easy way of leveling up faster
ID #61359
Jul 26th 2011 Guest
what are tech points anyway? how do they benefit you?
ID #61344
Jun 26th 2011 Guest
It has been a while, but I believe it is 21 total.
ID #52492
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
I just wanted to see if you got a count on the number shadows in the 26th seed of the Hades Cup. If not, I got it. Thanks. Smile
ID #23664