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Follow the dark path or use the light



Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide



Theme Music: Captain Hook's Pirate Ship / Neverland Sky
Battle Music: Pirate's Gigue

If you haven't done the first part of the Interlude yet, it's a moot point. You might as well finish Neverland first.

Neverland is the east-most 7-star planet on the eastern ring.

Good level: 37
Recommended level: 41
Over-leveled: 50

Original play and later novel by J.M Barrie, Peter Pan (or Peter and Wendy) tells the tale of a boy from Neverland, a place where lost children go and never grow old. Peter makes occasional trips to London, where one day he met Wendy and enticed her to come back to Neverland and play a mother roll for the Lost Boys. Neverland is not without it's problems however, as an infamous Pirate group lead by Captain Hook seeks to capture the Lost Boys and Peter Pan.

High-flying Adventure

Enemies: Shadow, Pirate, Air Pirate, Battleship, Barrel Spider,
         Rare Truffle, Shadow Sora
Sub-Boss: Anti-Sora
Boss: Captain Hook
Items: Raven's Claw, Protega Chain
Save points: 4 (2-A, 2-B)

Trinity Marks:
- Green #3

Dalmatians: 43-45, 82-84, 88-90
Ansem's Reports: #9
Keychain: Fairy Harp

--== Neverland: Brig ==--

Neverland is the shortest planet in the game, and it would be the smallest if it wasn't for Olympus Coliseum.

After the cutscene, you can save your game in here, and walk out the door.

--== Neverland: Hold ==--

Shadow Sora

- Here I would focus on Shadow Sora before anyone. If you can bring his HP down and make him pull back, you get a ton of EXP. When you're done, climb the ladder and enter the door on the right side.

Drop down the hole in the center of the room into the freezer. (why is there a hole in this room? Further, why did someone put a ladder in the hole, rather then repairing it?)

--== Neverland: Freezer ==--

You're likely to come across Shadow Sora again. Fight your way to the ladder in the back of the room.

--== Neverland: Galley ==--


- After the cutscene, you can open the chest by the fireplace for a Dispel-G. Jump up to the shelf under the hole in the ceiling where Kairi was and jump up through the right hole, closest to the wall.

--== Neverland: Cabin ==--

Green Trinity #3

- Save her. Use the Green Trinity to lower the ladder and gain access to the Captain's Cabin.

--== Neverland: Captain's Cabin ==--

--== Sub-boss: Anti-Sora ==--

Anti-Sora possesses some of the same abilities as a Shadow Heartless, including the annoying ability to meld into the floor at random.

1) Swing. A basic swing, just like Sora's first swing.

2) Backstab. Comes up from the floor behind you and attacks.

3) Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Creates several clones of himself, all of which are real and very deadly, but they can also be taken down in just a hit or two.

4) Shadow Rush. Appears out of nowhere and rushes past, striking you, then disappearing.

5) Log'D. After hitting him a couple times, he disintegrates and instantly reappears behind you.

How to Dodge:
1) Close range combat, this is going to be pretty difficult. More often then not you'll unwittingly counter during one of your own combos.

2) Keep an eye on him once he melds into the floor and keep moving. 

3) This is a diversion, meant to keep you busy fighting the clone and kind of preserves the main one's health. And it works. They don't disappear till you kill them, and fighting one Shadow Sora is hard enough. Focus on the clones till their numbers go down.

4) Keep moving, especially when you loose sight of him.

5) Late in the fight, just as with Rikku early in the game, don't finish your combos. Strike once or twice, then run.

I know, you think you've fought Anti-Sora several times before, but you haven't. Anti-Sora's attacks are very powerful, much more so then the Heartless you've faced during the level so far, so if you had problems with them, I'd run now. The most important thing in this battle is to simply keep moving. We've learned so far that the A.I in this game doesn't have the best targeting systems, and most of his attacks are homing. If you simply keep on the move you can escape most of them and find a nice time to counter.


Dalmatians 88, 89, 90

- After the fight, open the chest on the bed to release Dalmatians 88-90.

Trap Door

- Look for a trap door in the floor (opposite the hole you came in through). Open the door and drop through.

--== Neverland: Cabin ==--

This is not the same cabin as before, this is the room Kairi was in. Open the chest for a Protega Chain and save your game. Enter the door that leads out.

--== Neverland: Corridor ==--

Enter the door on the opposite side of the hall as yours (the door on the wall that only has one door).

--== Neverland: On Deck ==--

After the cutscene, you are able to fly, which turns out is a lot like swimming only more annoying to fight in as you travel WAY too fast and tend to overshoot. Game doesn't waste much time not letting you get used to it either, as it thrusts you up against a wave of fairly tough Pirates, Air Pirates, and Battleships. You'll have to take them out while handicapped by your own abilities.

Once they are all gone, the real fight begins.

--== Boss: Captain Hook ==--

The Captain cannot fly, but he does summon Battleships pretty consistently. If you find the constant barrages a nuisance, fly up and take out the Battleship, Hook wont be able to follow you and wont be a threat. This is also a good way to heal.

1) Bomb. Throws an exploding lantern at you. Call sign: Fire!

2) Stab. Rushes forward and stabs with his Rapier. Call sign: Come and get it!

3) Ars Arcanum. A flurry of sword swings right around himself.

How to Dodge:
All of his attacks are really fast and can break your combos instantly. Dodging isn't really an option. Except for Bomb that is. That's pretty easy.

Stay on him as long as possible. If you get low on health, fly up and heal. There's really nothing to this battle. That is, DON'T use Fire magic. He'll run around like a mad man with his pants on fire and hurt you in the meantime.



Once he goes down, you get the Ars Arcanum ability and Ansem's Report #9. You also get and all expenses paid trip to London and Big Ben. 

--== Neverland: Clock Tower ==--

Dalmatians 43, 44, 45

- Talk to Wendy here. Right around the corner is a chest with Dalmatians 43-45.


- Below Wendy, the hands on the clock tower face aren't lined up with the other faces. Fly down and target the minute hand and attack it till it reaches 12 midnight. This reveals the Keyhole and gets you Fairyhard Keychain, Navi-G piece, and the Glide ability.

Save at the point above Wendy. You can also use this to return to your ship.