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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide


At this point, you can go back to Traverse Town and do the start of the Interlude quest detailed in the section after Neverland. In fact, after you finish Monstro, it is recommended that you do. However, you do not have access to the ENTIRE quest till you have the Glide ability, which you don't get till Neverland. If you feel you need to level up anyway, you might as well do the first part of it. I marked as far as you'll want to go before heading to Monstro.

Also, the shop in Traverse Town is selling some new weapons you might want to check out. Or you can wait till after Monstro to get some even better weapons and save the money (you don't really need them for Monstro anyway).


Theme Music: A Very Small Wish
Battle Music: Monstrous Monstro

Monstro appear between Agrabah and Atlantica, Atlantica being the level 5 world south-east of Agrabah. Take note that after you first visit to Monstro that he'll only appear periodically during trips between Agrabah and Atlantica, and warping to him does not guarantee success.

Good level: 26
Recommended level: 28
Over-leveled: 31

Movie: Pinocchio, Disney 1940

Originally called The Terrible Dogfish in Carlo Collodi book, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Monstro swallows both Pinocchio (a puppet seeking to be a real boy) and Geppetto (Pinocchio's father). Unlike the other worlds, this world itself is a mere chapter in the book, and not only that, but taking place halfway through the book as well. Because of this, there is not much story to be told.

In the Belly of a Whale

Enemies: Search Ghost, Shadow, Large Body, Air Soldier, Yellow Opera,
         Green Requiem, Barrel Spider, Rare Truffle
Sub-Boss: Parasite Cage
Boss: Parasite Cage
Items: Watergleam, Cottage x4, Mythril Shard x2, Mega Ether x2,
       Megalixir x2, Mythril x2
Save Points: 2 (1-A, 1-B)

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #13, 14, 15
- Green #2

Dalmatians: 55-57, 73-75, 76-78, 79-81
Torn Pages: #2

--== Monstro: Mouth ==--

- Here you meet up with Pinocchio again. Geppetto is here as well. Before you can properly greet each other, Pinocchio runs off after Rikku and you have to go get him.

You can save on the ship here, then run after him.

--== Monstro: Chamber 1 ==--

You meet Rikku again and talk for a bit, see Rikku falling more to the evil side. Chase him through the doorway.

--== Monstro: Chamber 2 ==--


Straight through this chamber to the doorway on the other side. Open the chest (cottage) as you go.

--== Monstro: Chamber 3 ==--

Pause a second here. Fight off all the heartless without falling off. Try not to destroy the two barrels on the edge, but if you do, exit back out and enter in again and they'll reappear without the heartless.

Dalmatians 76, 77, 78

- Use the closest barrel as a step to reach the overhead platform and release Dalmatians 76-78. Exit through the door you didn't come through.

--== Monstro: Chamber 2 ==--

You're now on the higher ledge of Chamber 2. Straight across the ledge and through the next doorway.

--== Monstro: Chamber 5 ==--

New area. This chamber is larger then is seems right now, as you only have access to this small strip of it. Run through to the next doorway.

--== Monstro: Chamber 6 ==--

This area is a giant staircase. At the top of the stairs, be careful not to fall off the edge. Fight your way down the stairs and enter the doorway at the bottom.

--== Monstro: Chamber 5 ==--

Blue Trinity #13

- This is part of the rest of Chamber 5. There are multiple waves of Heartless to fight off before you can claim your Mega-Ether, Dispel-G, and Blue Trinity.

Exit out the way you came in.

--== Monstro: Chamber 6 ==--

Head back up to the top of the stairs and enter the door at the top (NOT the one over the edge).

--== Monstro: Chamber 5 ==--

Be very careful not to fall off. If you do, you wont lose much time (both of the sides lead back to Chamber 6), but still. Work across the island to the next chamber.

--== Monstro: Chamber 4 ==--

You'll have a chance to save here, before heading to the sub-boss fight in the next chamber.

--== Monstro: Bowels  ==--

--== Sub-boss: Parasite Cage ==--

The Parasite Cage is a very simple heartless. It has one attack, with a couple needless variations, that being swinging his arms in front of him. If you're bashing away, odds are your clash and null the attack. Lock on and don't worry about anything else.


Goofy learns the Cheer ability from this fight. After the fight, you're returned to the Mouth (by jumping in the hole) in time to see Rikku kidnapping Pinocchio and run through the upper door.

--== Monstro: Mouth ==--

High Jump

- There is a new chest on the boat. It gives you the ability High Jump, the first of a few Shared Abilities. Equip it now, and pretty much forever.

Green Trinity #2

- Our first stop with our new ability is the top of the boat. Jump onto the railing to gain enough height to reach the top. Behind the mast is a Green Trinity.

Now, all around the mouth area are chests placed really high up. They're pretty simple to get to, so long as you know they're there. Can you get them all?

Dalmatians 73, 74, 75, near the boat

Blue Trinity #14, on a platform in the water near Watergleam

Cottage, near the Dalmatians, but higher

Watergleam, near the teeth

Tornado-G, near the platform that leads to the upper door

When you're done, you've undoubtedly found the way to the upper doorway. BUT before entering, we have some treasure gathering to do! Go through Chamber 1 to Chamber 3.

--== Monstro: Chamber 3 ==--

Open the chest at the far end for a Mega-Ether.

Dalmatians 55, 56, 57

- Facing the chest, jump onto the right hand platform. Open the chest to release Dalmatians 55-57. You can reach the platform above it to get a Tornado-G. Fall back down to the ledge below and enter the doorway on the ledge with the Dalmatians.

--== Monstro: Chamber 6 ==--

Torn Page #2

- Jump to the ledge on the left. Now jump up to the ledge on the left wall and open the chest for a Torn Page.


- Look forward for another ledge with a chest. Jump over and grab the Megalixir. The jump is far, so near the end of the jump, swing your keyblade to get just enough distance to grab the edge.

To cross the next gap to reach the next chest (Mythril), you'll have to do the same thing.

Fall down off the ledge and enter the first door on the left.

--== Monstro: Chamber 5 ==--

Jump up on the island. You'll have to fight off all the heartless in the area first, which is a pain but with your new ability you wont really lose anything from falling.


- You've probably noticed the chest on the little outcropping by the door to Chamber 4. It contains Mythril and the path to the next ledge.

Dalmatians 79, 80, 81

- On the next ledge is a chest with Dalmatians 79-81.

AND... that's a wrap. Wonder your way back to the mouth and enter the upper door, chasing after Rikku (you might want to save as well).

--== Monstro: Throat ==--

Blue Trinity #15

- This area may have your first Rare Truffle encounter. Or not. In either case, fight off the enemies on the ground to use the Blue Trinity.

Hop from platform to platform, getting higher and higher till you reach the stomach.

--== Monstro: Stomach ==--

--== Boss: Parasite Cage ==--

Back for more. This time, he adds one new attack: a forward lunge attack meant to knock you into the acid on the floor. Null it's effects by standing even with the path to the Cage, so when he knocks you back you land on the ground. Other then that, this fight is exactly the same as last time, just stay on dry land as the green acid will eat your health away.



Winning gets you the Stop spell. You end up back in your ship, back at Agrabah. You get a message about a new tournament at the Coliseum if you want. Look up more in the Coliseum section. You are also eligible for more stuff in the Interlude section, which I strongly recommend doing. Other then that, take the gummi route again, past Monstro (if he swallows you again, exit out and try again).

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Jun 24th 2015 Guest
This helped a lot thanks 😂 I was a bit lost
ID #575043
Feb 9th 2015 Guest
How do i unlock this place? I beat Agrubah and its saying I can access it
ID #513994
Feb 9th 2015 Guest
I need help on how to gey through these chambers
ID #513993
Oct 30th 2014 Guest
So I've been everywhere ttravers ttown deep jungle. Wonderland. Agrbah and mmonstros and yes I ended up backin agrahbah but idk where to go next... pPleasehelp?
ID #465171
Mar 16th 2014 PandaHatGirl
Thank you so much I couldn't let myself beat the final level unless I locked all the worlds! You guys are awesome! :-)
ID #364841
Oct 5th 2013 Guest
monstro is bad-ass
ID #312675
Jun 6th 2013 Guest
You just saved me a load of time!!! thank you!
ID #288255
Apr 29th 2013 Guest
When go to monstro be sure not to enter the warp hole, that might be why you can't get there
ID #278723
Feb 20th 2013 Guest
this is really useful thanks for posting it
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Jan 5th 2013 Guest
The second cage monster spits acid too
ID #237725
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
ID #233406
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
what if the only worlds weve been to are monstro, the alice in wonderland, agrabah, the coliseum, and traverse town? O.o
ID #209998
Sep 6th 2012 Guest
What's the interlude section? :S
ID #183763
Sep 4th 2012 Guest
For some reason I am completely unable to access Atlantica. I have sealed Halloween Town and Neverland as well as defeated Phil's cup as a team, alone, and timed. I have also done the Pegasus cup as a team and alone but I haven't tried timed as of yet. Will the Pegasus cup allow me to access Atlantica or the Hercules cup? Should I just go ahead and try for the Hercules cup instead? HELP!
ID #183408
May 20th 2012 Guest
Can u go back to monster to get the high jump if u missed it after u already defeat the cage monster twice
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