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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide



Theme Music: A Day in Agrabah
Battle Music: Arabian Dream

It doesn't matter what wormhole you take, you'll end up at Agrabah first. Be sure not to miss the hole. You have to actually steer into it at you approach.

You'll also get a message about a new tournament at Olympus Coliseum, which you could probably do now if you want. See the Coliseum section for more details.

Good level: 22
Recommended level: 25
Over-leveled: 30

Movie: Aladdin, Disney 1992

Movie is based on one of the tales from The Book of One-Thousand and One Nights. However, the movie takes MANY liberties with the original story, the original being based in China, not anywhere near the Middle-East (though the story does originate from an Arab storyteller, which explains the Arabic themes and naming in the book). I digress; the story revolves around a common thief, who falls in love with the Princess. One thing leads to another, and the thief ends up with a magic genie. But, the King's advisor wants the power of the genie for himself. You can fill in the blank.

City Life

Enemies: Shadow, Bandit, Fat Bandit, Yellow Opera, Green Requiem,
         Pot Spider, Black Fungus, Air Soldier
Items: Mega-Potion x2, Cottage x1, Mega-Ether x3, Megalixir,
       Fira Ring , Ray of Light
Sub-boss: Pot Centipede
Save Points: 3 (1-A, 2-B)

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #11

Dalmatians: 37-39

--== Agrabah: Plaza ==--

As soon as you hit the Plaza, be ready to fight. A group of Bandits comes after you. Bandits use long-range attacks, such as throwing their sword and front-flip attacks.

- In the Plaza, there is a chest containing a Mega-Potion. Enter the door beside the chest into the Storage.

--== Agrabah: Storage ==--

- Save, and look for the chest behind the barrel (Mega-Potion). Exit into the Plaza, and head through the doorway into the Main Street.

--== Agrabah: Main Street ==--

- From here, there is only one way you can go: through the left doorway.

--== Agrabah: Ally ==--


- You'll first meet up with Jasmine, only to be attacked by Heartless. Fight off the Heartless, then use the box Jasmine was hiding behind to get to the next platform. Open the chest (Mega-Potion), and release the lock beside it.

- Use the window ceils to get across the gap. Jump quickly, as the ceils break after a second (you'll have to go back to the main street and come back in). Once across, jump up to the next higher platform and enter the door.

--== Agrabah: Main Street ==--


- Technically, you do not have to take this path, but it gets you used to the area. Jump from the purple awning to the orange, turn right, and jump onto the blue ones. From there, look for a ledge on the right side, near the entrance to the Plaza. Climb the pole.

If you fall off the awnings, go to the doorway to the Plaza and look for some ledges you can climb up. It takes you to the same place.

--== Agrabah: Aladdin's House ==--

Dalmatians 37, 38, 39

- Here you're supposed to free Carpet, trapped under the box. But first, let's raid the place. The chests contain a Megalixir and Dalmatians 37-39. Save your game while you're here.

Now free Carpet. Don't follow him out the window. Rather, take the opposite exit back into the Plaza. Jump across the window ceils and kill the Pot Spiders to gain access to a chest (Cottage). Jump down and enter the doorway into the Desert.

--== Agrabah: Desert ==--

This area is actually bigger then it may seem. You can wonder for quite a ways before being taken back to the Plaza. Anyway, you can save again if you like. Talk to Carpet and have him fly you out to the Cave of Wonders.

--== Agrabah: Cave of Wonders ==--

Help Aladdin.. by standing on him

- Aladdin is in trouble, again. Before you can save him, you'll have to fight off several waves of Bandits. Don't worry about falling in the pit, it wont hurt you. Aladdin uses Genie to take care of the rest, and takes us back the city.

--== Agrabah: Plaza ==--


- The streets are totally barricaded. We'll have to take the rooftops to get anywhere. Look for some ledges on the right side you can climb up on. Grab your Mega-Ether, face across the gap, and aim for the doorway on the roof of the storehouse, by the green awning.

--== Agrabah: Ally ==--

Jump across the window ceils just like before.

--== Agrabah: Main Street ==--

Red Awning

- Just as before, jump from the purple awning to the orange (note the locked gate), turn right, and jump onto the blue ones. This time, go to the other end of the blue ones (they turn to red), and jump back across to your left. Open the chest for a Mega-Ether and enter the doorway.

--== Agrabah: Bazarre ==--

You may run across some Black Fungus in this room, which would be your first. Good luck with them at the level you're on @[email protected]

Blue Trinity #11

- Anyway, there is a Blue Trinity in the center of the room. Use it to get some munny and ANOTHER Mega-Ether.

Lock #2

- Climb back up to the doorway and use the window ceils to get across the gap. Climb up to the next platform on the right. Open the chest for a Shell-G and jump across to the next chest (Fira Ring). Unlock the keyhole at the end of ledge and exit back out to the main street.

--== Agrabah: Main Street ==--


- Remember the locked gate by the orange awnings across from Aladdin's house? That should now be unlocked. Enter into the Palace Gates.

--== Agrabah: Palace Gates ==--

Why you couldn't just take the street level entrance is beyond me. But, the cutscene starts and with it a boss fight.

--== Sub-boss: Pot Centipede ==--

This fight takes place in the streets of Agrabah. There is no loading between any of the areas from Palace Gates to Plaza and even the Ally.

This fight would be easy if it wasn't for it being annoying. The Centipede itself only has two main attacks: wiggle it's electrified antenna or wiggle it's darkness-infused tails. Neither of which are very powerful. However, all the other Pot Spiders roaming around randomly running into you is a pain! The entire fight, lock onto only the Centipede's head and bash it. Don't bother trying to come up from behind, it's tail's defense is pretty tight. Follow it into an area and wait for the path to be clear.


After the fight, save in the Storage (make sure you still have Donald and Goofy in your party!) and run back out to the desert.

These Wishes Three

Enemies: Shadow, Bandit, Fat Bandit, Yellow Opera, Green Requiem,
         Pot Spider, Black Fungus, Air Soldier
Items: Cottage, Mega-Ether, Elixir, Protega Chain, Mythril Shard x3,
       Defense Up, Power Up
Sub-Boss: Cave of Wonders Guardian
Boss: Jafar/Genie Jafar 
Save Points: 5 (1-A, 4-B)

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #12
- Red #4
- Green #1

Dalmatians: 52-54
Torn Pages: #1
Ansem's Reports: #1
Keychain: Three Wishes

--== Agrabah: Cave of Wonders ==--

Here we are again, only this time there's a giant lion head in the back. Of course, this giant head is evil.

--== Sub-boss: Cave of Wonders Guardian ==--

This fight is a pain if you aren't on a good level. The Guardian will continuously spawn pretty much every enemy you've faced in Agrabah over and over, while shooting homing lasers out of his eyes. His only weakness is his eyes, which can only be reached if he bends over.

The trick is to get on his nose and wait for him to bend back up. Attack his eyes with simple swings, to avoid falling off. The real nuisances are the Bandits and Yellow Operas that continually knock you off from un-real distances. If you're still on the ground after he picks his head back up, watch out for the giant wall of flaming sand he spits out. Best circle around behind him.


After the fight, you're allowed to enter the cave.
I'll list the fall areas. In other words, if you fall into the pit, that is the area where you'll land.

--== Agrabah: Entryway ==--

If you fall: Relic Chamber

To start, we'll run all the way to the Treasure Room, to get acquainted with the upper area and get some items so we don't have to worry about them later. Try at all costs to not fall off the sides!


- In this room, there are boulders that roll along a path to the bottom. Try to avoid them in your battles. Look for a chest on a ledge on the left side (Mega-Ether). Enter the doorway at the bottom.

--== Agrabah: Hall ==--

If you fall: Dark Chamber


- This still has the boulders falling, but it's also more convoluted in set up. There is an Elixir on a ledge at the far left of the room, guarded by a water-jet trap. Jump on top of the first head from above it, and use that to reach the platform with the chest.

Mythril Shard

- Further, there is a chest with a Mythril Shard to the left of the Bottomless Hall doorway. Use the plateau in front of the door to reach it.

--== Agrabah: Bottomless Hall ==--

If you fall: Silent Chamber


- You can try to time the water to get across the gap, but often it's easier to jump onto the first head and use that to get up on the ledge. It also scores you a Cottage.

--== Agrabah: Treasure Room ==--

Red Trinity #4

- You do still have Donald and Goofy in your party, right? I hope so. If not, there was no real reason to come here just yet. There is a Red Trinity to the left of the exit door, that is currently blocked by a pillar.

With that out of the way, go back into the Bottomless Hall and jump in the pit.

--== Agrabah: Silent Chamber ==--

Blue Trinity #12

- Climb the stairs onto dry land and use the Blue Trinity on the central platform. Turn back around and jump back into the water. Keep going straight into the dark area, not down the waterfall.

--== Agrabah: Dark Chamber ==--

Now we need Aladdin. Use the save point to get Aladdin in your party. Swim back up the waterfall.

--== Agrabah: Silent Chamber ==--

Monkey #1

- Swing right and swim down the waterfall. Target the monkey statue and use the Call command to send Abu at it. Swim opposite the statue into the dark area.

--== Agrabah: Relic Chamber ==--

Monkey #2

- Swim to the far platform by the waterfall and open the chest (Thundaga-G). Swim back across to the other stairway out of the water. Turn around and use the Call command again to lower another set of stairs.

--== Agrabah: Dark Chamber ==--

Monkey #3

- The other side of the Dark Chamber. Straight across from you is a Dispel-G. Up the waterfall, use the Call command on the final (for now) statue. It'll lower a wall with a chest (Protega chain) and grant passage to the other side of the chamber.

Torn Page #1

- Climb the steps ahead to the island the separates the two parts and open the chest for a Torn Page.

Jump off the island to the save point. Continue up the waterfall.

--== Agrabah: Silent Chamber ==--


- Climb the stairs and look for a dark passage in the water on the other side of the central platform.

--== Agrabah: Hidden Room ==--


- This room is right below the Treasure Room. Climb onto the small piece of land and target the pillar in the center of the room. Jump off and hit it in mid-air to collapse the pillar.

Back in the Silent Chamber, climb the stairs back up to the Hall, and continue back into the Treasure Room.

--== Agrabah: Treasure Room ==--

There is now a save point in here. You can use this to change out your party if you like. For now, keep Aladdin. Use Abu to Call on the two statues to the left and right of the door.

Dalmatians 52, 53, 54

- One will shoot you up to Dalmatians 52-54.


- The other will land you by a Mythril Shard, from which you can jump to a Shell-G by the entrance and back over to a Defense Up by the save point.

NOW you can switch out your party if you like. Save and enter the Lamp Chamber.

--== Agrabah: Lamp Chamber ==--

Boss time!

--== Boss: Jafar and Genie ==--

Stage 1: Jafar and Genie

Don't bother with Genie, he is pretty much invincible and doesn't do anything anyway. Focus only on Jafar. He has one attack that he uses continuously, and that's shooting a giant laser from his staff. It's very painful IF it hits and IF he's even able to fire it. It takes a while to charge up and any interruption (like, getting bashed with a giant key) will cause it to not fire.

His main defense is his ability to levitate. You can take that away as you can jump to pretty much anywhere in the room from the platforms around the area. Watch for when he vaporizes and turns into an orb. Follow him and try to predict what platform he'll appear over, so you can be waiting.

For this first victory, you get a Blizzard upgrade. Run over and check on Jasmine. 

Stage 2: Genie Jafar

This fight is WAY easier, and that's saying something. Iago has the lamp, his one weakness. Chase him around and bash the lamp. Don't worry about falling off, cus you cant. Jafar's only two attacks is throwing large flaming rocks and appearing near you and swatting. The giant rocks are easy to see coming, and you can even deflect them with a block. The swats are few and far between, further he normally misses.


After the fight, you get a Fire upgrade and Ansem's Report 1. You now have to make it out of the cave on Carpet, but it's not hard. You really don't have to do much of anything to make it out ok.

After the cutscene, you get the Genie summon as well as the Green Trinity and the Three Wishes keychain.

Green Trinity #1

- One more loose end, use your new Green Trinity in the Storage Room to get a Power Up. Save and prepare for the next world!

At this point, you can go back to Traverse Town and do the start of the Interlude quest detailed in the section after Neverland. In fact, after you finish Monstro, it is recommended that you do. However, you do not have access to the ENTIRE quest till you have the Glide ability, which you don't get till Neverland. If you feel you need to level up anyway, you might as well do the first part of it. I marked as far as you'll want to go before heading to Monstro.

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Mar 27th 2015 Guest
How to pass the hold in neverland ps2
ID #533814
Mar 14th 2015 Guest
How do you beat the big beast with the light up eyes in the desert?!
ID #528516
May 11th 2016 Guest
You have to jump on its head and hit it eyes. You get on the head by jumping on his nose when he bends down or by climbing up behind him
ID #651791
Mar 4th 2015 Guest
i never got all of the chests in the cave of wonder how do i reopen it
ID #523908
Nov 29th 2014 Guest
If you use aero when fighting the black fungus, it seems to dis-spell their poison. They were actually quite easy to beat (at level 22) while using this.
ID #478351
Jan 1st 2014 Guest
(Please help an unseasoned gamer DSmile Uhhh what do you do after Aladdin & traverse town? Sure there's warp holes but they either send me back to Aladdin or Wonderland, and there's no new worlds to go to-well there are they just won't let me in -.-
ID #337756
Apr 25th 2016 Guest
Don't go through the worm hole
ID #649189
Dec 29th 2013 Guest
I shot a fireball at the pillar and it fell.
ID #335592
Oct 14th 2013 Guest
I just got in there and hit triangle abu and aladin appear and he does his thing , try making sure "call" is appearing when you do this, I consider myself a vetran player and still I havd trouble with the cave ;) if it doesnt work try leaving and coming back, I rarely do things in order, so try these, oh and if agrabah is opened so are the other 3 worlds here they dont appear until you fly there, the other possibility is that you have not gone back to traverse town or wonderland, or maybe the colleseseum just a thought, all worlds can be revisited so remember just hop in your ship and try a new one, im sure all can agree we have favorites and least likes, hope that is helpfull....
ID #314476
Sep 23rd 2013 Guest
I beat the game already but it won't let me summon Abu in agrabah to get the final dalmations chest Idk if it's some sort of glitch but I've tried every way possible with Aladdin in my team can someone help me bc it's goin to ruin kingdom hearts 1.5 for me lol
ID #310885
May 3rd 2013 Guest
How do you get a spirit gem after beating riku
ID #279743
May 2nd 2013 Guest
Just wanted to let you know that you don't have to wait for the Guardian to bend down to attack him. In the begging you can run to either side of him and jump onto his main and run up around to the back of his head by his ear and then you can jump onto the top of his head. Once I figured this out he was super easy to beat. I didn't even use the jungle blade to beat him. Eventually he starts to bend down a lot, a that point it is better to stay on the ground and just wait for him to bend down to attack him. Try to get on his nose at this point so when he does bend back up you can keep attacking his eyes.

Second, to be able to use Abu you need to have Aladdin in your party. Just go to a save point choose save, then choose party and swap out Donald or Goofy for Aladdin.
ID #279466
Mar 16th 2013 Guest
To get the cutscene at the palace gates you have to go back to aladians house
ID #264183
Dec 27th 2012 Guest
I cant get out of the room with lots of coins can you hep me get out
ID #229248
Dec 23rd 2012 Guest
imnot sure how to open the passge in the Treasure room?
ID #226785
Dec 5th 2012 Guest
the heartless out in the desert how do you beat it i went back to agraba and took a ride on the magic carpet it took me out to the desert to fight a heartless and i cant beat him
ID #215466
Nov 17th 2012 Guest
Okay,when I first got to the palace gates the cutscence didnt go. And I'm so lost! I followed all your steps but the cut scence didnt happen??
ID #209285