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100 Acre Wood

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide

100 Acre Wood

100 Acre Wood

The 100 Acre Wood is located in Merlin's House, of all places. It's the damaged book you got for him early in the game. However, most of it wasn't accessible until you retrieved the missing pages. It sits on a stand by the save point.

Movie: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Disney 1977

Based on the book series by A.A Milne, chronicles the adventures of Winnie the Pooh, a laid back, honey loving stuffed bear in the 100 Acre Woods. He and his stuffed friends go on child-friendly misadventures all over the forest.


There is no fighting in this world... at all. No Heatless, no Nobodies, even your Attack command changes to Hit.

To fully unlock this world of mini-games, you must gather all 5 Torn Pages. If you don't have all five, you can play until you attach your last one, then you'll have to go find some more.

Each page opens a new area that you can go into from the overworld book area. Areas always open in the same order, regardless of where you got the page from. Every time you complete the mini-game within a page, it turns into an item.

For every game, I'll list the Score to Beat. That score is the one needed to get Sora's Cheer ability.

Finding the Missing Pages

Torn Page #1

- Location:
Agrabah: Dark Chamber

- Notes:
Use High Jump to reach the center island dividing the two halves of the room, or enter the room from the Relic Chamber.

Torn Page #2

- Location:
Monstro: Chamber 6, top of the stairs

Torn Page #3

- Location:
Atlantica: Ariel's Grotto, up near the top

Torn Page #4

- Location:
Halloween Town: Research Lab, examine the bookshelf

Torn Page #5

- Location:
Traverse Town: Dalmatians House, save 51 or more Dalmatians

Mini-Game Mecca

Items: Mythril x4 Shard, Mega-Ether, Elixir, Naturespark, AP Up x2,
       Mythril x2, Rare Nuts x5, Power Up, Defense Up, Orichalcum x2


- First, go to Merlins house and examine the book. You'll get sucked in and your companions left behind.

--== Meadow ==-

Walk forward to get acquainted with Pooh and a vague idea as to what's been going on. After the cutscene, look inside the log for a chest (Mythril Shard). Run off in any direction to return to the Overworld.

--== Pooh's House ==--

Wonder around to the back of the house. Attack the chimney to make a Mega-Ether fall into the house. Now enter the door around front.

Inside, Pooh wants some honey and goes in search of some. Before chasing after him, examine the cabinet in the back to get an Elixir.

Outside, Owl greets you and tells you what's happening. This is as far as you can get without any Torn Pages.

--== Torn Page 1: Hunny Tree ==--

Piglet is quivering behind the large tree. Go around the left side of the tree to come up behind him. The cutscene starts, and Pooh gets another honey scheme.

Talk to Pooh again to start the game.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt

- Score to beat: 101

- Rules:
Use the Keyblade to keep the bees away from Pooh. If you fall all the way down, you can use the Rush command to get back up, at the cost of 5 points.

- Trick:
Don't jump on your own, you'll only fall. Lock on to the bees and wait for them to be even with the next branch, then attack. You should jump up and with any luck automatically land on the next branch. On the top branch, wait for the bees to raise a bit before attacking, or else you'll miss and fall.


After the game, you can leave the area and the page turns into  Naturespark.

--== Torn Page 2: Rabbit's House ==--

Go around behind the house first, on the right side. You'll find Pooh and Piglet here. Talk to them to see what's going on, then enter the house through the front door.

Rabbit is inside, and Pooh crawls through the hole. Pooh is looking for Hunny, but cant find any. There is a pot up at the ceiling, target it and examine to bring their attention to it.

Once Pooh is happily eating, exit the house and try to leave the area. Piglet interrupts and cries for help. It seems Pooh is stuck in the hole. Go back to the right side of the house and talk to Pooh.

Rabbit suggests carrot juice. Tigger shows up just then and starts trouncing the vegetable garden. Start mini-game.

Block Tigger

- Score to Beat: 150 (score = carrots saved * Tigger blocks)

- Rules:
Block Tigger from stomping on carrots. Do this by being under him when he lands. If he steps on a carrot two times, it's buried and doesn't count toward your score. If you're over a carrot and are facing a carrot that hasn't been buried yet, the Rush command may appear. It allows you to rush over to where Tigger is going to land. However, sometimes it doesn't work.

- Tricks:
The Rush command (and thereby luck) is key to getting a good score. You'll have to play this several times to get the 150 point score if you want Cheer.


After the game, go inside the house and talk to Pooh. You push him out of the hole and destroy Rabbit's pots. Your job is done. You can exit the area, and the page turns into a Mythril Shard.

--== Torn Page 3: Pooh's Swing ==--

Upon entering the area, Eeyore floats down stream under the bridge. Jump in and swim up to him to save him. You learn he is missing his tail.

You need to get Pooh up to the swing on the hill. To get him to follow you, Target Lock him. Now, this means you're basically walking backward, so you may want to run up the hill first before trying to lead him up.

Once Pooh is at the swing, the easiest mini-game starts.

Pooh's Swing

- Score to Beat: 40

You need a distance in the 20s to complete the page, so you'll have to play the game at least twice to get both Cheer and a completed page. After you launch Pooh the first time, just go talk to him, you don't have to lure him up the hill anymore.

- Rules:
Use R1 when Owl moves his wings to push Pooh higher and higher, till he flies out.

- Tricks:
Only the last push really counts. The problem is, you don't know which one is going to be the last. To get max distance, wait for Owl to lower his wings press R1 just as Owl's wings are almost completely folded against his body.


After you crash Pooh into Eeyore's house and find his tail, it's time to leave the area. The page turns into Mythril.

--== Torn Page 4: Tigger's Giant Pot ==--

This area has more stuff in it then any other in this world. You'll have to draw heavily on your jumping and gliding abilities.

Walk over to Tigger on the right. He'll challenge you to a jump contest. Talk to him again to start.

- This is basically a game of Simon Says. Watch the stumps they jump on, and then jump on them yourself. You do not have your High Jump or Glide abilities. After each successful round, talk to them again to start the next, for a total of three rounds.

Completing all three courses allows you to complete the real mini-game. Talk to Roo to get started.

Tigger's Giant Pot

- Score to Beat: 30 seconds or less

- Rules:
Hit the nuts back at the pot without falling off the stump. The higher the nut is in the air when you hit it, the more points you get. Once you reach 20 points, the game ends.

- Tricks:
Equip your longest Keyblade for this. Start at the back of the stump and as soon as you hear the nut, target and jump then swing.


Once the pot breaks, look in the stump it was on top of for an AP Up. We are far from done here yet. Look for an old stump near where the pot was. Attack it to break out the center and grab some Mythril.

Talk to Owl to learn of some rare nuts in the area. There are 5 total, each one will get you a new item form Owl. You can only carry one at a time.

Nut #1

1) Step on the stump near the lock you broke to activate a geyser. Jump up to where the Simon Says game ends, and use that to get on top of the geyser. Look left and jump onto the branches. There is a nut hidden there. Further, from the geyser if you keep going toward the broken log, you'll find a chest on a ledge with a Mythril Shard.

Nuts #2-3

2-3) Talk to Tigger to start him and Roo on the seesaw. Walk over to it and have Roo be your partner. He'll blast you up into an area with two nuts. Right under that brush is a chest with a Thunder-G. You can get to it by gliding from the geyser you used earlier.

Nut #4

4) There is another stump that activates another geyser by the seesaw. The stump is in the back of the area. The platform over the geyser raises up right to the nut.

Nut #5

5) Have Tigger be your partner on the seesaw this time. He'll shoot you over into some limbs in the far back of the area. Look back toward the seesaw and you should see a nut in a tree on the left side.

Finally, there is a Dispel-G in the large tree in the back left of the area, the one near Pooh. Use Tigger and the seesaw to get up near it, then jump over to it and jump in the hole at the top.

At last, this area is finished. You can leave. The page turns into Mythril.

--== Torn Page 5: Muddy Path ==--

Walk forward and talk to Pooh. He'll tell you everyone is lost again in this area. Walk around the weeds in the center of the mud to find the entrance and Eeyore inside. The game starts now.

Pooh's Muddy Path

- Score to Beat: 5 minutes or less

- Rules:
Find all of Pooh's friends!

- Tricks:
We already found Eeyore and Pooh.

Roo – Beside the grass hut on a large root. Jump up and attack the root to knock him down. Talk to him.

Rabbit – Straight back from the hut entrance there are three holes in the cliff side. Rabbit randomly comes in and out of all of them, you have to talk to him before he runs back in.

Tigger – The well in the center of the area creates an updraft. Jump on and ride it up to the cliff side. Tigger is on the log. Before you talk to him, target the spiderweb inside the log and cast fire to burn it. Next, target the bees nest over the log, jump and cast fire to knock it in the hole. Now jump on the log and talk to Tigger when he's near.

Owl – On one side of the log, there is another ledge you can climb up to near the blue flowers. If you get close to the hole in the tee, a cutscene where you look inside for Piglet also shows Owl landing right next to the tree. Talk to him to take him back.

Piglet – Piglet is the hardest one. Target Pooh to get him to follow you. Lead him into the blue flowers by the cliff and he'll be take up. Jump in the draft to follow him, then lead him over to the log. He should automatically get on and walk across. On the other side, target him and lead him again into the blue flowers, and finally target him into the tree hole. Piglet will come out near where Rabbit was. Jump down and talk to him.


It's really not that hard, it just feels more time consuming then it is, especially if you actually try to haul Pooh with you everywhere you go.

Well, the page turns to Orichalcum and the Keyhole gets sealed as you leave. You can still come back anytime and play the mini-games.

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Comments for 100 Acre Wood

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Jun 7th 2015 Guest
when i jumpdown and talk to piglet nothing happens
ID #567020
Oct 8th 2014 ExSxGURL16
I finally beat it, I got 29, (after my 10th time trying) by pressing R1 when owls wings are all the way out like your supposed to do for the first two times and then during the third round I pressed it when his wings where nearly closed. I hope this helps!!
ID #456249
Oct 8th 2014 Guest
Easiest mini game my hairy butt. (the one where you have to swing pooh.)
ID #456245
May 15th 2014 Guest
I jst go cheer and it owner one ap
ID #384299
Mar 11th 2014 Guest
Pushing pooh one should be done when Owl has his wings spread wide. I got 21 meters doing that.
ID #363198
Feb 1st 2014 NightmareLuna39
I've gotten all the Dalmations home and I didn't get the final page from them I got everything else except the final page why?
ID #350802
Oct 25th 2013 caitytrina
I found to get in the 20s it helped to press when Owl's wings were right up first time, then nearly down the second time, then right up again. I got like 28 but every other pattern I followed gave me way over the 40s
ID #316244
Oct 14th 2013 Guest
This is bull. I can't get Pooh to get in the 20s, it won't go less the 45. I need help
ID #314557
Nov 19th 2012 Guest
also in order to get cheer you need a certain score in all mini games

| Mini game | Prerequisite |
| Pooh's Hunny Hunt | 100 or more points |
| Tigger bouncing game | 150 or more points |
| Pooh's Swing | 40 or more yards |
| Tigger's Pot | 30 seconds or less |
| Friend Search | 5 minutes or less |
ID #210379
Jul 29th 2012 Guest
I'm having trouble with one of the mini games. It is the one where sora pushes pooh on the swing.
ID #169892
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
do you get a keyblade when you finish this world?
ID #165146
Jul 16th 2012 Guest
When I couldn't get into the muddy path i found out I forgot to get a torn page. It was in monstro in chamber six and up on a ledge as high as you can go. If you can't get into monstro keep trying he will eventually come back. Maybe visit a world and try again, it took me 6 try's
ID #164974
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
You can't access a new game until you finish one and exit 100 acre wood. First you have to complete Pooh's Hunny Hunt before exiting and entering again to add the second torn page to the book.
ID #162974
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
If the muddy path isn't showing up go to the dalmatian's house to check whether you've received a torn page from them.
ID #162972
Jun 22nd 2012 Guest
I've gotten all the torn pages and talked to everyone I'm supposed to.. Why isn't the "muddy path" showing up?
ID #155450