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Follow the dark path or use the light


Olympus Coliseum

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide

Olympus Coliseum

Theme Music: Olympus Coliseum
Battle Music: Go for it!

Olympus Coliseum is the Battle LV 2 world south-east of Traverse Town

Good level: 14
Recommended level: 16-17
Over-leveled: 20

Movie: Hercules, Disney 1997

While the movie is based on the ancient Greek tale of Hercules, the only real thing you're going to do here has nothing to do with the movie or the original story. Rather, this is just one big stadium that you'll come back to in order to compete in coliseum battles.

Path of a Hero

Enemies: Shadow, Soldier, Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody, Large Body
Sub-boss: Cloud
Boss: Cerberus
Items: Mythril shard, Mega-Potion, Entry Pass,  Hero's License,
       Inferno Band
Save Points: 1 B-type

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #6, 7

Dalmatians: 22-24

Olympus Coliseum: Coliseum Gates

Blue Trinity #6

Blue Trinity #7

Right in the courtyard, there are two Blue Trinities, one to the left and right of the Coliseum entrance at the feet of the large statues. One contains a Mythril shard while the other releases Dalmatians 22-24. There is also a hidden chest behind the colonnade by the one statue (Mega-Potion).

Olympus Coliseum: Lobby

Inside the Coliseum, talk to the Phil. He'll tell you to move the large block of stone. Walk over and try to push it, only to see that it weighs far too much. Talk to him again to learn he thought you were someone else.

Save in this area and talk to Phil again to participate in his trail games. 

The trials are very straight forward. The object is to destroy all the barrels before the time limit is up. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE THE VORTEX ABILITY EQUIP! It'll actually make this harder. There are three tricks to this:

1) Your finisher (the wide third swing) can hit several barrels at once because of it's wide arc.

2) Your finisher can also send a barrel flying in the direction you hit it. This can be used to smash one barrel into another, destroying both.

3) If the barrel below another barrel is destroyed, they will both be destroyed.

--== Trail 1 ==--

Don't lock on to anything here. Stay facing straight forward and make use of the three tricks above.

Keep using your finisher!

--== Trial 2 ==--

This track looks way more complex then it is. Stay focused and take your time. Line up your shots so that the barrels fly into one another. Don't forget to look around the base platform if you're still missing a few. For the one barrel on the floating platform, there is another barrel you can shoot into it. If you miss, you can easily jump over to it or just use Fire magic.


After the barrels are destroyed and you pass the trials, you... still don't get into the tournament. Nope. Gotta turn around and go home. You do get a handy new magic spell though: Thunder!

But, as you enter the courtyard, Hades appears and gives you a pass.

Talk to Phil again to compete in the preliminaries.

--== Olympus Coliseum: Preliminaries ==--

Round    Enemies 
1        Blue Rhapsody x3, Soldier x4
2        Blue Rhapsody x3, Shadow x10
3        Blue Rhapsody x5, Red Nocturne x5
4        Blue Rhapsody x3, Red Nocturne x3, Soldier x2, Shadow x2
5        Blue Rhapsody x9
6        Blue Rhapsody x4, Red Nocturne x4, Large Body x1

There is not anything overwhelmingly hard in the first 6 rounds. Remember your new magic attack. Things pick up after that however.

--== Round 7: Cloud ==--

This will probably be your first truly hard match, seeing as this is really your first real match since Rikku (Leon only had like, one attack).

1) Sonic Blade. Shoots forward with is sword's tip. Very fast, very hard to dodge if you don't see it in time. Call sign: GAhh!

2) Tri-swing. Swings his sword three times.

3) Plunge. Jumps into the air and lands hard, creating a small shockwave of dark energy.

4) Faux Block. Rikku used this one. He'll block till your combo runs out, then break your attack and counter.

How to Dodge:

Sonic Blade Block

- 1) Is usually dodged by simply not standing still. However, Dodge rolling is effective. You can block it if your timing is perfect.

2) This is best avoided by just staying away from him unless he's dazed, ect.

3) Like 1), simply not standing still will dodge this most of the time. However, it cannot be blocked like Sonic Blade.

4) Whenever he blocks a swing with an obvious block, stop your combo and run. Unlike Rikku though, you can break his stance if Goofy or Donald attacks him from behind.

You'll want to keep your distance until you get his pattern of attack down. Aside from Sonic Blade, all of his attacks are fairly easy to dodge by just keeping your distance. Sonic Blade is your best chance to land a good combo, as blocking it with good timing will get you enough daze time to land a good combo or two. Other then that, wait for him to do a Plunge attack and hit him while he's recovering.

Later in the battle, he will start chaining his attacks, such as multiple Sonic Blades in a row, or a Sonic Blade followed instantly by a Plunge.


Between these fights, you have a chance to save and heal. Don't take this chance lightly.

--== Boss: Cerberus ==--

Hades Dog of War. Guardian of the underworld.

1) Darkness Surge. Tilts his heads up, dark fog starts foaming from his mouth, and spits this fog into the ground. Small dark vortexes will appear on the ground near you and surge up.

2) Fireballs. Shoots fireballs from his mouth.

3) Bite. This is a two part attack. He'll lower all three heads low enough for you to reach them. He'll snap individually with each head for a second, then all three will raise and chomp at the same time.

4) Shockwave. Usually used after Bite. Raises up his front legs and stomps the ground, creating a shockwave.

How to Dodge:
1) Keep moving, particularly while dodge rolling periodically.

2) At start, these can be blocked and sent back at him. However, later he uses this in tandem with Darkness Surge, making it impossible to send back. Stay behind him to avoid the balls.

3) This is your chance to do some damage. Lock on to one of the outer heads and attack. You can usually get one aerial combo in before is does the tandem bite. Make sure you're out of the way for that one.

4) When you see him start to come down, jump into the air.

Darkness Surge -> Fireballs -> Bite -> Shockwave -> Repeat. That is the flow of this battle. Get used to this flow and the flow of the Bite attack and victory is yours. Also note that if you have the magic power, when he lowers his head to bite Blizzard will do a fair amount of damage. Thunder does more, but is actually harder to hit with.



Well, that's it for here for now. Go out to your ship (you have to use the door). Oh, and Cloud will stop you and give you the useless Sonic Blade ability.