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Traverse Town: First Visit

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide

Traverse Town: First Visit

Traverse Town

Theme Music: Traverse Town
Battle Music: Hand in Hand

Traverse Town is kind of a hub or home world. You'll be coming back here a lot for many different reasons, but you'll only stop here twice for anything majorly plot-significant, and this is the first of those visits.

It is also one of the four worlds not based in anything: it's completely original to the series, like Destiny Islands.

At this point, I would print off the check lists in the Dalmatian and Trinity Mark sections, so you can keep an up-to-date record as we find them.

The Keyblade's Chosen Master

Enemies: Shadow, Soldier
Sub-boss: Leon
Boss: Guard Armor
Items: Postcard x5, Mythril Shard x3, Pretty Stone x2, Elixir x2,
       Potion x2, Camping Set, Cottage, Mega-Potion x2, Mega-Ether,
       Mythril, Brave Warrior
Save points: 2 (1-A, 1-B)

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #1, 2, 3

Traverse Town: First District

Ok, so, you're lost and alone on a foreign world. What's the first thing to do? Why, wonder into the nearest shop of course. The Accessory Shop to be exact. It's the large building in the middle of the area, it should be right behind you (after the “where am I” cutscene).

Accessory Shop

Talk to the shop owner, Cid, and he'll tell you to search for your fiends. There's also a type-A save point in the room you can use.

Exit back out and we'll get to work.

Postcard #1

- Take a right before going down the stairs to see a door. This leads to the Item shop. You don't have any Munny to buy anything, but lock onto the ceiling fan and try to get it spinning by attacking it. A successful hit gets you a Postcard.

Postcard #2 ->



- Exit out via the door you came in through. Continue down the street and circle around the Accessory shop till you're up behind it. There should be a man standing by some barrels. Jump on the barrel and face the room of the Accessory shop. Jump over to it. Get up close to the peak and face out off the back of the store. Jump off and turn in mid-air to hopefully grab onto the ledge on the other side of the peak. Up here is the second Postcard.

Alright, that's it for this area for now. Exit out to Second District by taking the large double doors behind the Accessory Shop.

Traverse Town: Second District

You get your first encounter with a Heartless in this area. Congrats to you. Like most other times in the game, you don't HAVE to fight any of the enemies you come across in this area, but it's a good idea to. If you picked the Shield at start, try to reach level 9 to learn the Guard ability.

There's not much you can do here just yet, but there is a Postcard.

Postcard #3

- After entering the district, turn right. You'll see a chest on an awning. To get there, use the lamp on the brick ledge.

If you're actually trying to level up, the Gizmo Shop is the best option. It's located opposite the doors that lead to First District. Follow the walkway around the left side.

It's not really a shop. Actually, I'm not really sure WHAT its suppose to be. All's I know is that throughout the game it is always packed with a lot of worthy Heartless that can level you up quickly. Keep clearing out the waves, and when they stop, exit back out to First District and go back to start over.

Well, if you're done leveling, go back to First District and into the Accessory Shop.

Traverse Town: First District

Talk to Cid again and he'll tell you to keep trying to find your friends. SAVE! Then exit the shop. Leon should appear and start attacking.

--== Sub-boss: Leon ==--

There is no penalty for losing this fight, but if you win you get a lot of EXP.

1) Fire. Casts a homing fire-ball

2) Slash. Swings his sword twice

How to Dodge:
1) Run to the side or deflect back for tech points and a chance at dazing him.

2) Keep your distance at all times! This attack is deadly.

This battle is very similar to that of Wakka, except he doesn't cast fire as often and the Fire spell is equivalent to that of Wakka's power ball. That said, Leon likes to close the distance by jumping a lot. Try to lure him to the larger area down below, instead of the cramped area in front of the accessory shop. The Guard ability will come in handy.


Traverse Town: Second District: Hotel

You wake up in the Green Room in the Hotel. Talk to Yuffie to learn that the Keyblade can open locks. Use that ability on the chest here to get an Elixir. Use the type-B save point before talking to Leon again.

Answering yes will take you outside into the allyway. Fight off the Soldiers if you like, and follow Leon to the door that leads to Second District.


Now we're headed to Third District. Go diagonal across the courtyard into an ally. The ally will turn right and ends at the door to Third District.

Traverse Town: Third District

Now goes right into a cutscene that ends in you being surrounded by Soldiers and having Donald and Goofy in your party. Between Goofy's rushes and Donalds Fire magic, you probably wont see much action this fight. However, the next fight you will.

--== Boss: Guard Armor ==--

Guard Armor is separated into 5 different parts: 2 feet, 2 arms, and body and head as 1 part. Destroying any part will eliminate any attack that he used to perform with said part.

1) Stomp. Jumps up and slams down with his feet, creates a small shockwave.

2) Hurricane Hands. Spins his hands like a mixer around his body.

3) Twister. This whole body spins around.

How to Dodge:
1) Can be parried if attacked at the right time.

2) Can be parried, but I normally seem to be at a distance whenever he does it, thus dodging it.

3) He'll only do this after his body is the only thing left. It can be parried, but it's not worth looking out for, and he uses it constantly, so trying to dodge is just a pain.

Lock onto the legs first and take them out, as that is his most powerful attack. Hands next. The body will always be the last thing to go, as you actually cant destroy it before everything else. I wouldn't even bother dodging his attacks. I just lock on and smash away.


After the battle, you get Brave Warrior from the Guard Armor, Fire magic from Donald, Dodge Roll ability from Goofy, 100 Munny from all the Final Fantasy characters, and a Gummi Ship to travel in. But, we're not done here yet.

Traverse Town: First District

There are two Blue Trinity Marks in this area. The first is near the coffee shop.

Blue Trinity #1

- Prize: Postcard #4

Second is near the door to the World Exit.

Blue Trinity #2

- Prize: Munny

Using your new found riches, go to the Item shop and buy the Smasher for Goofy and the Morning Star for Donald. If you don't have enough munny now, get some and buy these on your next trip as there are no more Heatless in this area for right now. Head back up to behind the Accessory Shop.

Postcard #5

- You should be able to see a large blue safe over a ledge to the left of the doors leading to Second. The safe contains a Postcard. (this building was probably Cid's old shop, as you'll see later).

Go into Second District.

Traverse Town: Second District

Take a left and follow the ledge around. Look for a door that leads to the Hotel.

Traverse Town: Second District: Hotel

Look for the Red Room. Inside is a chest containing a Pretty Stone. Take the door into the Allyway.

Traverse Town: Allyway

There are three chests here. Stay up on the balcony and look down to the right. There should be a chest on the balcony there (Potion). Turn around and jump the balconies back to the opposite end. At the final balcony, look tilt the camera out over the edge and look for a chest (Pretty Stone). Jump down and look for a chest amongst some boxes (Potion).

That does it for here. Go back to Second District.

Traverse Town: Second District

Get back up on the ledge and go into the Gizmo Shop. Exit out the other side of the shop to end up on a ledge. Turn left and climb up the ladder.


On top, line yourself up on the ledge so that you can kind of see a ledge under you (use first-person mode), as pictured:


Just barrily fall off so that you grab the ledge. Let go and fall. If you're lined up right, you should grab onto a ledge with a chest (Mega-Potion).

Kay. Drop back down and work back up to the roof of the Shop. Follow the ledge you climbed up from and you should find a make-shift walkway to get onto the roof of the nearby buildings. Follow them back toward the entrance. You should see a chest on the left side as you go (Mythril Shard). At the end is a window like thing that you can jump through. It leads to Third District.

Traverse Town: Third District

Postcard #6

- On the ledge you're on, there should be a small spot in the corner you can lock onto. Examine it for the postcard.

Jump down into the main area. You should see a large electrical conduit on the right that's broke. Near there, there should be a passage that leads around the back of the area. Along this path is the third blue trinity.

Blue Trinity #3

- Prize: Munny, Camping Set

Now we need to unlock the door leading to First District. Near the electrical conduit again, there should be a large double-door that says , but there is a large keyhole next to it. Unlock the keyhole to open the door.

Traverse Town: First District

Back to First District, look for a mailbox on the right.


Send all your postcards for some prizes.

It's finally time to leave! Save in the Accessory Shop, then exit the world.

For a final note, there's really nothing gained by doing all this early on in the game. You could have done all of it later and not missed a thing, but I think it was best to get you acquainted with this area as soon as possible.

World Exit

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Comments for Traverse Town: First Visit

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Mar 18th 2014 Guest
there is no sofa in the green room. I hit the clock until it chimed but there's no sofa for a box to appear on
ID #365767
Oct 5th 2016 Guest
You have to hit a few times until the hands start to turn. I think after 6 it will make a different type of sound and then the treasure box appears
ID #685741
Jan 11th 2014 Guest
Also if you feel like it cast fire after beating guard armor on the door in the third district with a fire symbol on it. Then hop across the moving platforms to the house. Enter through the side to find Merlin.
ID #342688
Jan 2nd 2014 Guest
What about unlocking the chest by the lit candles in first district?whats the trick to it?
ID #338224
Mar 30th 2016 Guest
Hit them all with blizzard
ID #643707
Aug 5th 2013 Guest
you forgot, after you fight Leon and wake up. when the talking is done. hit the clock above him several times until you hear a chime. their will be a red chest with mythril on the sofa.
ID #302900
Apr 23rd 2013 Guest
Is there away into the blueroom
ID #276974
Jul 17th 2011 Guest
but there is ten postcards where are they on this?
ID #58749
May 28th 2011 Guest
Traverse town is not original! It is a town in one of Doland Ducks episodes! His car breaks down and be gets stuck Jin a place called traverse town and no one will help him Bcuz he is considered backwards to them.
ID #45493
Jun 28th 2010 gaby94
it wont let me leave help please
ID #2282
Jun 28th 2010 gaby94
i've done all of this
ID #2281
Jun 28th 2010 Guest
Ok, i did ALL of this
ID #2279