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Kingdom Hearts Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide
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Lots of cheats here for you to check out and try including teleporting, quick leveling and getting Synthesis items.

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We have 194 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Kingdom Hearts please send them in here.

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Kingdom Hearts cheats

Magic Upgrades

Defeat Opposite Armor in Traverse Town

Located in the room behind a Yellow Trinity in Neverland

Find all 99 of the Dalmations
Defeat Clayton in the Deep Jungle

Defeat Shadow Sora in Neverland

In the library at Hollow Bastion talk to Aerith
Defeat Jafar in normal form at Agrabah
Defeat Jafar in genie form at Agrabah

Complete the barrel smashing training in the Colosseum
Defeat Behemoth in the Hades Cup

Find all 4 pieces of evidence in Wonderland

Recieve from princesses in Hollow Bas..

Unlock Hidden Trailer

If you remain idle at the 'Start' screen for about a minute an intermission sequence will begin to play and you will be able to view a trailer afterwards.

New Weapons

New Weapons
Sora, Donald, and Goofy acquire new weapons as they go through the game -- Keychains for Sora, Shields for Goofy, and Rods for Donald.
Some you get as you progress naturally through the game and some require some special tasks to be completed.
Also, go back to the Item Shop in Traverse Town now and again to see the nephews' new stock. Here's where to find what:

Sora -- Keychains
Kingdom Key: Default.
Jungle King: Clear Deep Jungle.
Three Wishes: Clear Agrabah.
Crabclaw: Clear Atlantica.
Pumpkinhead: Clear Halloweentown.
Fairy Harp: Clear Neverland.
Wishing Star: Go back to Trav..

Unlock Alternate Ending Sequence

Complete the game with ALL Keyholes locked (including The Book Of Pooh), 99 Dalmatians rescued, and the Hades Cup won to view an alternate ending sequence.

Weird glitch in deap jungle

First go to the tree house and you see the boat dangleing go and glide over then stand at the edge of 1 side then you will se your keyblade through the boat.
P.S. This is my second cheat ever submted please rate it

Unlock Expert Mode

When prompted to select the difficulty setting at the beginning of the game chose the 'Difficult' option and then when you are in the room with the sword, staff, and shield, pick the sword. This setting is considered Expert mode. When you complete the game in Expert mode you will be able to see your overall statistics and some artwork.

good way to defeat leon in Traverse town

A good way to defeat Leon when you get into Traverse Town, is when he shoots his fire at you, make sure you hit it back right at him, which stuns him, and then you can run up to him and start hitting him, and repeat the process.
This is my first time submitting, so please rate

Do you want to see something funny!?

Throw a box at goofy's head!

See Selphies underwear

While Selphie is sitting on the dock
find a barrel and place it directly under her. Jump on top of the barrel and press select.You should be eye level with her stomach. After awhile she will move.

Easy Way to Level Up

After you seal the keyhole in Hollow Bastion go to Olympus Coliseum and do all of the tournaments you haven't done. When you get the Hades Cup and get to pick the Rock Titan to battle. At the beginning cast aero so that you get more experience points. When you get to above level 80 beat Ice Titan in the Gold Match. If he is still difficult then continue to level-up. After you defeat him go and battle other optional bosses such as Phantom in Neverland at the clocktower, or Kurt Zisa in Agrabah by talking to the magic carpet in Aladdin's house. When they are all defeated battle the most difficult enemy Sephiroth. It will take multiple tries. He will give you enough experience points to get a level-up. If you still need experience points then either battle Sephiroth again or Rock titan.

Different Cutscene

After you seal the keyhole in Deep Jungle there is a cutscene where all of the villians are talking to each other and then Alice(who disappeared in Wonderland) comes out of the dark. If you seal the keyhole in Wonderland before you go there than Alice will appear. If you seal the keyhole in Deep Jungle first then Snow White will come out of the dark in this cutscene.
From Venxas

Glitch: Change the story

When you encounter Monstro, you can actually leave at any time(WARNING: you will not get high jump!). After you get out, go to Haloween Town or Atlantica and continue the story. Beat Neverland and go to Hollow Bastion where you get to battle Riku. He is completely engulfed by Ansems power at the end of the battle. Now head back to Monstro. When you meet Riku there, what he says is slightly diferent and he doesn't help you with the Parasite Cage battle.

How to get those treasure chests that are just floating in air i

To get those annoying treasure chest that just seem to be floating in mid-air is easy. Lock on, jump up, and use graviera. Smile
And, make sure you check in all possible places. The lift stop is full of those treasure chests, so make sure to lock on and go through all possible things. Chances are you'll find one thats just floating right above your head. =]
Hope I helped.


Dalmation Quest
Traverse town
1,2,3 the seeming unreachable island aceoss from merlin's house. Come here after geting glide abillity from neverland then you can fly to the island.
4,5,6:Behind the Red trinity in district 1 alley.
7,8,9:In the item workshop,above cid's shop. Reach it by using thegreen the shop
10,11,12: Hidden in the secret waterway.
13,14,15: on a high platform in the queens castle, reachable via a hidden exit in the lotus forest.
16,17,18: on one of the high platforms in the lotos forest.
19,20,21: In the tea party garden sora needs high jump abilityto get here.
58,59,60: In another nook..

hate the heartless

Ok do you hate it how you get those heartless that just hide in the ground so you can't attack them well here is the simple thing to do just keep jumping they are drawn to the keyblade so if you are in the air they will be forced to come out of the ground to get near the keyblade

This is a keblade found in the first one and the second.

Before you start to fight Riku go to the verry side of the room and jump onto the platform run up the platform and then go to the chest at the top. Youll find a strong keyblade found in the second one.

How To Beat Hercules

Okay, sooooo... This is how to beat Hercules in the Hercules Cup.
When Hercules is in his God form (you'll know he's is God form because he's glowing with golden light) he is invincible. Pick up the nearest barrel. (They'll magically appear before you.) When Hercules says, "Hey, give up yet?" lock on and throw the barrel at him! Attack him quickly while he's back to normal! If you time the combo right, Hercules will go flying. The battle's not over yet, though. You must repeat these steps multiple times in order to win. His attacks are strong, but typically easy to beat, if you own the Guard ability. When he whirls around holding out a dagger, use Guard whenever he comes near you! If your timing is right, you'll deflect the blade! After you get his health bar down pretty low, he'll ..

Where and How to Get all spellsFire- Gi..

Where and How to Get all spells

Fire- Gift from Donald after defeating the Guard Armor

Fira-Defeat Genie Jafar

Firaga-Talk to the princesses after defeating the Behemoth and Hollow Bastion's keyhole is sealed

Blizzard-From Cheshire cat after collecting all evidence in Wonderland

Blizzara-Defeat Jafar

Blizzaga-Defeat Behemoth in Hades Cup

Thunder-From Phil after you beat the barrel smashing challenges

Thundara-I can't remember where and when I got this upgrade

Thundaga-Defeat Cerberus in the Hades Cup

Cure-Defeat Clayton the second time

Cura-Neverland when Peter Pan returns

Jungle World Glitch

If you go to the jungle world and enter the "swamp" where all the hippos are, you can jump up onto the trees. BUT! When you glide over to another tree (this ability has to be obtained in order for the glitch to work) you are alone. The tree is too small for Goofy and Donald to fit on too, so they fall off. When you fly to another tree top, sometimes, Goofy or Donald fly out of nowhere to the tree you're on! It's really weird!

Quick Leveling in Destiny Islands

Okay, so normally you would select the sword to keep and the staff to give up, and the first option of all the questions. This enables extreme strength and quick leveling throughout the game.
The V.S. Characters on destiny islands, Selphie, Wakka, Tidus, and day 1 Riku all give you experience points. However, you can use some of their attacks against them. Selphie gets you the most exp.
Selphie: 3 main attacks. Her movements and speech tell you exactly what shes about to do. Throughout the battle with her, keep LOCK ON and try NOT TO HIT HER. You want to deflect 2 of her attacks and run away from 1.
-"Are you ready?"= She's going to swing the rope in circles above her head. As soon as she says this, run a little ways away and wait for her to come to you. Whe..

Bright, Lucid, & Shiny Crystal; Bastion Loop

There are some items that are nothing more than a pain to get. There are some loops you can take in some worlds to get these certain gems. Heres a few of the more difficult ones.
-Bright Crystal- Defenders.
-Shiny Crystal- Wizard.
-Power Crystal- Wyvern.
These are three really important and really annoying crystals. Best place to get them is in Hollow bastion after sealing the final KeyHole. From the gummi ship, land in Castle Chapel. Make sure you have Lucky Strike equipped on at least one character. Now turn into the tunnel behind you. Kill the defender there, and go in the next tunnel/staircase thing. You're back in the grand hall. Defeat all the wizards where the princesses were being held, then go up the stairs, defeat those annoying guys, then ..

10 dalmations

I will tell you the gifts that the dog parents give you if you get 12 puppies then i will tell you the location of 12 of the 99 puppies.
For 12 puppies you will recieve Curaga-g. puppies location.
1.2.3 In traverse town outside mythical house, 4.5.6 in traverse town-the alleway.
7.8.9 traverse town-item workshop.
10.11.12 traverse town-secret waterway
I hope I have been of some help.

Glitch: Ride Cerebus

This is a little glitch I found when I got desperate for defeating him. Keep running back and forth on the bleachers. Try to avoid his attacks while running. Wait until Cerebus turns around to bite at the ground and his tail is facing towards you. Start trying to run up his tail and keep jumping. You should land on top of him. You can cast magic on him or something while up here, and you won't lose health. You will fall off when he stands on his hind legs, though.

White mushroom signs

Shivering: Fire
Fanning themself: Blizzard
Light over head: Thunder
Floating in air: Gravity
Spining in around: Aero
Laying on ground: Cure
Completly motionless: Stop

Unknown keyblade chain

Ok then, after sealing hollow bastion go back to wonderland and look for the white trinity after the bizzare room (i think you have to examine the picture on the wall/floor) and you will get a key-chain called "lady luck!"

A way to defeat the rock

When you get to the part where you have to harvest, push the boulder halfway covering the hole, Then jump on the side, Then Sora will be floating, After a few seconds it should break, It didn't work the first time when I tried it again, So keep trying!!! Smile


how to earn lionheart without fighting leon and cloud.

Someone submited a hint to unlock a secret movie..

Someone submited a hint to unlock a secret movie at the end of the game. They however were wrong. You must collect all 99 dalmation puppies, seal all world keyholes including 100 acre wood, and beat the hades cup at least once. After the original movie at the end of the game movie there will be a secret movie where they are in the futere and well i dont want to ruin it for you but the movie leaves a lot up to your imagination.

Red Trinity

The red trinity behind the boxes on top of gismo shop.
You need to be able to use Red Trinities if you can then defet all heartless.
Go up to the boxes and go down to Trinity you then see them all charge at the boxes which will then break.
Once broken pull the bell cord three times to open the keyhole then you see the master heartless witch you have to defet to close the keyhole good luck

Expirience at the beginning

When you are at the beginning of the game and collecting stuff for Kairi you can fight people.
Fight Wakka and when he throws the ball at you hit it back or use guard (like baseball.)
Everytime you hit a ball you gain one expirience.

Random Info!

When you are at Destiny Islands, I would recomend you to battle all of the characters at least 5 times.
Then, your level will be 7+, so when you fight the Darkside it will be very easy.
In Traverse Town when you play with Leon, the chance of you winning is very slim.
(you can't have Cloud as a party member)I still need help wiht that Gargoyle you play in End of the World, so please write!


When you are in hollow bastion (after defeating riku/ansem) you will become a heartless. You cannot operate the lifts so just jump off the edges of platforms to arrive at some levels down. once you know your way back get to where you fought riku for he first time. Donald will shout something like "A hearrtless is following us! I'll stop him."
Kairi will reckognise you and try to stop more heartless killing you (you can't attack.) Heartless surround her and she is hugging you. Suddenly you are Sora again and you are hugging kairi. Then there is a clip and you are suddenly back in Traverse Town with kairi. After that I have no idea what to do!!!
Bye all

Kurt ziza easy takedown.

Ok hi this is my first hint but I hope it helps now I know there are other ways to defeat him but this is how I did it. First right when the battle starts summon tinkerbell if you do it fast enough then she can help since you can't use magic in this battle she gives you health so with her it should be easy if your almost dead then run away from him as soon as tinker bell heals you continue the battle. His spinning attack is very powerful so avoid it. Ok thats all I have to say see ya! P.S. I'm looking forword to kingdom hearts 2!

Leveling Up

At the beginning of the game, when Wakka, Selphie and Tidus are asking questions, here is a guide to what answers to pick and the good and bad sides of the answers.
If you picked the top answers-You'll level up faster. But when around level 60-100 it'll get hard to gain a level.
If you picked the second answers- You'll level up normally. If you picked the third answers- You'll level up slowly. But when around level 60-100 it'll be faster to level up.
Please rate and verify my cheat/hint. Hope this helps too!

Unlock all Spells

Fire - Defeat Guard Armor (First time) in Traverse Town
Fira - Defeat Jafar (Genie form) in Agrabah
Firaga - Recieve during chat with princesses in Hollow Bastion (after sealing the keyhole)
Blizzard - Clear Wonderland
Blizzara - Defeat Jafar (Normal form) in Agrabah
Blizzaga - Defeat Behemoth in Hades Cup
Thunder - Recieve from Phil after completing the Coliseum training
Thundara - Defeat Ursula (Big form)
Thundaga - Defeat Cerberus in Hades Cup
Cure - Defeat Clayton in Deep Jungle
Cura - Defeat Captain Hook in Neverland
Curaga - Talk to Aerith in the library three times, after sealing the keyhole
Gravity - Finish the Phil Cup
Gravira - Defeat Oogie Boogie (Second form)
Graviga - Defeat Hades in Hades Cup
Stop - ..

Fat sora

When in halloween town you can walk behind a beaker(test tube)in the labratory and yuor character will look really fat get closer and cast gravity (if owned) to break it the youll be fat until you leave halloween town
Its funny to get donald goofy or jack back there and then do it if you get good your whole party could be fat boys

Kingdom hearts magic cheats

Aero:defeat oppisite armor in traverse town
Aerora:located in the room behind a yellow trinity in wonderland
Aeroga:find all 99 dalmations
Cure:defeat clayton in the deep jungle
Cura: defeat shadow sora in neverland
Curaga:in the library in hollow bastion talk to aerieth
Fira:defeat jafar in normal form at agrabah
Thunder:complete the barrel smashing training in the coliseum
Blizzaga: defeat behemoth in the hades cup
Blizzard:find all 4 pieces of evidence in wonderland
Firaga:recieve from princess in hollow bastion
Fire:defeat guard armor in traverse town
Thundara:defeat ursula in large form
Thundaga:defeat cerberus for the 2nd time in the hades c..

Level up fast in beginning

When your in destiny island in the beginning of the game,theres a way you can level up fast.all you have to do is...stay on the island and defeat the heartless and you will level up...don't go through the door til your done or ready!

How to beat malificent (dragon)

When you start the need to run over to the space where you can hide under the roots from she wont be able to hit you...she only can hit you with her fireballs....use aero and jump around in there to dodge. Wait for your party to take malificents life down....then go out of your hiding spot when your ready so you can make the last few hits or if your lucky (the final blow)

Easy EXP at Beginning of Game

It is simple, all you do is, when your fighting Darkside(big heartless, first boss) dodge his attacks and fight the shadows. The when he gets on his knees to blast simple hit them back. Do not hit him cuzz this is the easiest EXP for a while. If your about to die then go eavasion mode and beat shadows to get HP balls.

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