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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Kingdom Hearts Guide



There comes a time in every game where you need to take a step back from the story and use your new 1337 abilities to go gather some things you missed. This is that time in KH.

Before attempting anything here, I assume you have AT LEAST the Green Trinity from sealing Agrabah. Anything that requires extra abilities such as High Jump and Glide will be marked.

Also, if you've already sealed both Halloween Town and Neverland, PLEASE do the Hercules Cup in Olympus Coliseum first, as it gets you the Yellow Trinity ability.

This is a complete list of what's contained here:

--== Traverse Town ==--
- Synthesis Shop
- Geppetto's House (Need High Jump)
- Postcards 9, 10

- Trinities:
-- Green #4
-- Yellow #2

- Dalmatians:
-- 1, 2, 3 (Need Glide)
-- 7, 8, 9

--== Wonderland ==--
- Tea Party Garden Items (Need Glide)

- Trinities:
-- Green #5, #6

- Dalmatians:
-- 19, 20, 21 (Need Glide)

--== Deep Jungle ==--
- Treehouse Items (Need Glide)
- Hippo's Lagoon Items (Need Glide)
- Jungle Slider

- Trinities:
-- Green #7

--== Olympus Coliseum ==--
- Tournaments (immediately after most worlds a new one opens)
- Coliseum Gates Items

- Trinities:
-- Green #8
-- Yellow #1

--== Agrabah ==--
- Items in both town and cave (High Jump and sometimes Glide)

- Trinities:
-- Yellow #3

- Dalmatians:
-- 46, 47, 48 (Need High Jump)

--== Halloween Town ==--

- Dalmatians:
-- 64, 65, 66
-- 70, 71, 72 (Need Glide)

--== Neverland ==--
(seal Neverland first)
- Trinities:
-- Yellow #4

- Dalmatians:
-- 82, 83, 84
-- 85, 86, 87


Without further ado, lets get started.

Traverse Town

--== Traverse Town: First District ==--

If you've sealed Neverland, you can talk to Cid and have him install the Navi-G pieces.

Green Trinity #3

- Head into the Accessory Shop. Look for a Green Trinity on the floor. Use it to lower the ladder to the Synthesis Shop!


- In the shop, talk to the Moogle on the counter to learn about Synthesis, then talk to the one by the fire to start synthesizing.

Dalmatians 7, 8, 9

- The one of the chests on the other counter contains Dalmatians (just what were the Moogles going to do with them?)

Postcard #9

- Examine the poster in the corner by the ladder to find a Postcard.

Exit the building through the door, which will now unlock from the outside.

Geppetto's House

- Look for a building to the right of where you are, down the steps a bit beside the shop. This is Geppetto's house (assuming you rescued him from Monstro). Geppetto will give you a lot of Gummi blueprints depending on some conditions (you have to leave his house and come back for each one):

Cid – Defeat 500 Heartless
Cactuar – Defeat 1000 Heartless
Yuffie Defeat 1500 Heartless
Aerith – Defeat 3000 Heartless
Leon – Defeat 4000 Heartless
Hyperion – Defeat 5000 Heartless and learn all Summon spells
Chocobo – Enter Geppetto's house 30 times then talk to Pinocchio

Postcard #10

- Inside is a chest containing the Wishing Star keychain. There is also a Postcard in a pot on a shelf.

Now that you have all the Postcards, you can mail which ever ones you haven't for your remaining prizes. Next, we need to collect some prizes in Second District.

--== Traverse Town: Second District ==--


- First, go to the Hotel and into the Green Room. Look for the clock hanging over the door to the Red Room. Hit the right side of the clock with your Keyblade until it reads 7:00. A chest will appear in this room that contains Mythril.

Now we go to the Dalmatians House.

Torn Page #5

- Assuming you actually rescued all the Dalmatians up till this point, you should have at least 51 rescued (many more, actually). This is enough to get you your final Torn Page as a prize.

Now, we need to go to Third District to reach Merlin's House.

--== Traverse Town: Mystic House ==--

Yellow Trinity #2

- Outside the house, there is a Yellow Trinity around back by some boxes. Use it to push the boxes into place and get the Power Up.

Dalmatians 1, 2, 3

- Across the water from the boxes is a small island with a chest. Glide over and open it up for the last Dalmatians in the area.

In the house, you can talk to Merlin to get the Spellbinder keychain if you have all first-level spells by now (meaning you've sealed Neverland). And the Fairy Godmother will release the Dumbo summon.

Now that you also have the last Torn Page, you can complete the 100 Acre Woods section if you want.


--== Wonderland: Rabbit Hole ==--

Green Trinity #5

- The Trinity is right next to the save point. Continue into the Bizarre Room.

--== Wonderland: Bizarre Room ==--

Green Trinity #6

- There is a Green Trinity in the fireplace. Shrink down to activate it. Next stop is the Tea Party Garden.

--== Wonderland: Lotus Forest ==--


- Quick stop off. Climb up to beside the large tree. Jump and glide to the platform you see above. Open the chest for some Orichalcm. Enter the doorway on the pad beside it to end up in Tea Party Garden.

--== Wonderland: Tea Party Garden ==--

Dalmatians 19, 20, 21

- To your left is Dalmatians and to the right is an Aeroga-G piece. On the hedge beside the table (you'll need glide) there is some Mythril.

--== Deep Jungle ==--

--== Deep Jungle: Tunnel ==--

Land in the Tunnel area. Jump up the platforms and enter the doorway (NOT the stump) to the Treetop area.

--== Deep Jungle: Treetop ==--

Green Trinity #7

- Look around carefully for the Green Trinity. It is the hardest of them all to spot, and many people miss it. When you're done, exit to the Treehouse via Climbing Trees area.

--== Deep Jungle: Treehouse ==--




- First you need to get up on the roof. To do this, you must climb up to the second level, walk around the outside, and climb the ladder to the roof. This whole stunt will get you a Protera Chain. Not really worth it.


- Look for the boat hanging out over the edge of the net in the front of the treehouse. Line yourself up and take a flying leap. Glide a bit and fall into it to get your prize.

When you're done, fall off the edge back into the Tunnel.

--== Deep Jungle: Tunnel ==--

Here, you can participate in the Jungle Slider minigame. Check out the Minigame section for more info. There are some great prizes to be won, so good luck.

Once you're the undisputed Slider champ, head to Hippo's Lagoon.

--== Deep Jungle: Hippo's Lagoon ==--


- There are two chests up high in the tree like things in this area. Swim to the first sandbar, then to the one on the left to get up on the pads. Jump to the one that is closer to the end of the area. At the top is a chest with Mega-Potion. Look out across the water for another chest. It contains a lonely Esuna-G.

If you want, you can climb the vines and play the Vine Swinging minigame. Or you could not. Lucky you.

--== Olympus Coliseum ==--

--== Tournaments ==--

For more information, see the Coliseum sie-quest section.

Phil Cup
- When: Seal the Traverse Town Keyhole.

Pegasus Cup
- When: Complete Monstro.
Hercules Cup*
- When: Seal the Halloween Town and Neverland Keyholes.

Hades Cup
- When: Seal the Hollow Bastion keyhole.

* It is important to complete the Hercules Cup as soon as possible, as it gives you the Yellow Trinity ability.

--== Olympus Coliseum: Coliseum Gates ==--

Fire and Ice

- The first item is an easy one if you are paying attention. It involves dowsing all the flames in the area with level 2 Blizzard magic (Blizzara). Your prize is a Firaga-G. (you can come back later and do it again with Blizzaga to get a Holy-G).

Green Trinity #8

- The next is a Green Trinity. It's in front of the rounds charts near the Worlds Exit.

--== Olympus Coliseum: Lobby ==--

Yellow Trinity #1

- Beside that large stone that Phil told you to move on your first entrance, there's a yellow Trinity. It actually hides the Keyhole to the world. Why is this #1 and not #2 despite not coming first in the guide? Because you GET the Yellow Trinity ability HERE, therefore this will probably be the first one you test it out on.


--== Agrabah: Plaza ==--


- Land in Storage. Above the shop directly across the entrance to Storage is a chest with a Cottage. Use the other ledges around the area to reach it.

--== Agrabah: Main Street ==--


- Jump up the ledges on the right that leads to the pole into Aladdins House. Once you reach the pole, turn around and jump to the platform across the street. Use the high ledge to reach the chest in the corner.  Grab the Shell-G and jump across right to the orange awnings.


- Across the street from Aladdin's house, there is a ledge above the platform beside the awnings. Jump up there and claim the Mythril in the chest. Jump down and enter the Palace Gates.

--== Agrabah: Palace Gates ==--

Dalmatians 46, 47, 48

- Jump onto the ledge over the shop on the left side of the area. Grab the Protera Chain. Jump onto the wood platforms near the Main Street entrance and use that to reach the higher ledge. Grab the Aeroga-G. Jump back over where the Protera Chain was, across the gap toward the gate to the ledge with Dalmatians 46-48 on it.

We're done with the town. Go to the Cave of Wonders.

--== Agrabah: Entrance ==--

Dalmatians 49, 50, 51

- There is a high ledge at the bottom of the area. You'll have to get up on the ledge on the left side and jump/glide to the high ledge over the pit. The chest contains Dalmatians 49-51.

--== Agrabah: Hall ==--

Yellow Trinity #3

- Half way through the area is a trinity beside a statue thing, near the hole in the center of the area. Use the Trinity to push the statue down.


- Look out across the pit. See the stairs that lead to seemingly nowhere? Jump and glide over to them. Enter the doorway at the top.

--== Agrabah: Bottomless Hall ==--


- Push the stone block down into the pit. Open the chest for a Mega-Potion. Look left for a chest out in the center of the pit. Glide over to it and open for an Elixir. Fall down into the pit after the stone.

--== Agrabah: Silent Chamber ==--

Swim to the central platform and look for a ledge. Jump up to it and enter the doorway.

--== Agrabah: Hidden Room ==--


- Touch the final monkey statue to open a wall in this room. Behind it are two chests with a Meteor-G and Thundara-G. Swim to the Relic Chamber (Silent Chamber -> down the waterfall)

--== Agrabah: Relic Chamber ==--


You can now reach the chest with Mythril in it. Grab the Mythril and exit out of here, Agrabah is finished!

Halloween Town

--== Halloween Town: Guillotine Square ==--


- Opposite the entrance from Guillotine Gate, there is a ledge with spikes on it. You can jump up to the ledge under it, and pull your way into the opening for the chest.

Dalmatians 70, 71, 72

- From the chest above, look for a pumpkin shaped building off to the right. Jump and glide over there for your chests.

--== Halloween Town: Moonlight Hill ==--

Dalmatians 64, 65, 66

- By the elevator that takes you back to, look for a new door. This leads to the Cemetery where you can find Dalmatians, Thunder-G,
Esuna-G, and Dispel-G. You can only access this area AFTER sealing Halloween Town, leaving, and coming back.

After, head back to Moonlight Hill and examine the stone to move to the next area.

--== Halloween Town: Bridge ==--


- There is one chest here we didn't open. Its on the other side of the bank and contains a Defense Up. Use Glide to get across.

--== Halloween Town: Manor Ruins ==--

Leftover Chests

- In the center of the ruins are some chests. There should be a couple that are the ones you didn't get when Oogie's Manor was standing. The new one contains a Dispel-G.

--== Neverland ==--

Before completing these, you must seal Neverland, exit, and come back.

--== Neverland: Ship's Hold ==--

Yellow Trinity #4

- Float up to the top of the area and enter the hallway. Use the Yellow Trinity on the left side to open the door. Inside the room is Dalmatians 85-87, Orichalcum, Dispel-G, and an Aero magic upgrade. Quite a good hall, me matey.

Dalmatians 82, 83, 84

- Back out in the main Hold area, float way up to the top. On the main rafter are two chests. One contains a Shell-G, the other Dalmatians 82-84.

--== Neverland: Ship's Deck ==--


- On deck, float way up to the bird's nests and look for a chest in the one closest to the front of the ship. It contains a Dispel-G.

--== Neverland: Clocktower ==--

Tower Door

- Back at the Clocktower, fly around and look up at the top, above the walkway. Look for a door that has a glowing thing over it. That means the door is open and inside is a chest.

How this works is, every game hour, a new door opens, in corresponding to the hands on the tower faces. There are 12 doors total, which means you have to come back every hour game time for 12 hours to get all the items.

Items are:
1: Orichalcum
2: Power Up
3: Mythril Shard
4: Power Up
5: AP-Up
6: Mythril
7: AP UP
8: Defense Up
9: Orichalcum
10: Defense Up
11: Mythril Shard
12: Megalixir

It aint worth it. Especially since you cant even continue the storyline while you wait, as if you seal Hollow Bastion then the Phantom comes and takes this place over and you cant get your prizes till you beat him.


Well, that is it for this section. You have completed everything on every world except: sealing the last two worlds, a couple of tournaments, and the White Trinities, none of which you can do till after Hollow Bastion.

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Comments for Interlude

6 comments, latest first.
Feb 22nd 2015 Guest
Is there a trick to dowsing the flames in the Coliseum? I have Blizzara, have sealed all of the worlds besides Hollow Bastion, and have won the Hercules Cup, but even if I'm locked on and hit each lantern, nothing happens. ???
ID #519807
Dec 8th 2013 Guest
It's a Megaelixer by the way
ID #327107
Dec 8th 2013 Guest
You forgot about the chest that is unreachable without the glide ability in Monstro. Chamber 5 or 6
ID #327105
Jan 15th 2013 Guest
I couldn't find the green trinity in the Coloseum... I looked in both sides of the world exit, by the round counter things, and still couldn't see it...
ID #243087
Nov 15th 2011 todcopper
actually i got the spellbinder before ever sealing neverland
ID #87699
Aug 28th 2011 Guest
how do i get the chests in the green party room ive tried jumping and gliding off the table but itstill wont work
ID #70830