Traverse Town: Second Visit

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by SPV999  

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Traverse Town: Second Visit

Traverse Town

Theme Music: Traverse Town
Battle Music: Hand in Hand

Good level: 20
Recommended level: 21
Over-leveled: 25

Here we are again. This time, there's not as much to do, but it's probably going to take longer still. We're after the Keyhole to the planets heart.

Heart of the World

Enemies: Shadow, Soldier, Large Body, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Opera,
         Green Requiem, Red Nocturne, Air Soldier
Boss: Opposite Armor
Items: Earthshine, Old Book, Mega-Ether, Postcard x2
Save points: 2 A-type

Trinity Marks:
- Blue #10
- Red #1, 2, 3
Dalmatians: 4-6, 10-12

Traverse Town: First District

Red Trinity #1

- Our first stop is Red Trinity #1 in the First District. It is located in the ally where you first woke up at, to the left of the Accessory Shop. Using this Trinity breaks the wall and grants access to Dalmatians 4-6.

Now we need to get to the main section of the Allyway through Second District.

Traverse Town: Allyway

Red Trinity #2

- There is a Red Trinity at the far end of the ally in the water. It breaks down the bars that lead into the Secret Waterway.

Traverse Town: Secret Waterway

Swim through the water to reach Leon. Talk to him twice. He'll first tell you to talk to Cid, then he'll give you the Earthshine.


- Remember that broken electrical conduit from the last visit? Target it and use Thunder to bring power to the Gizmo Shop.

Fire Door

- Next, at the opposite side of the area, look for a door with a flame design on it. Target it and use fire to open the door into the Mystical House.

Traverse Town: Mystical House

The path over to the house is tricky. You have to jump on the rocks to get there, but just as you jump the next rock will start moving from side to side. It might take a couple tries to get over there safely.

You find that the main entrance is boarded up, so circle the house clockwise to find an alternate entrance.


- Inside, the house is empty, and you get another vision of Kairi before Merlin shows up. Talk to him and give him the book. Further, he gives you the option to practice Magic anytime you want. As much combat experience as you have, I don't think this would be too helpful to you.

Anyway, next talk to the FairGodmother to turn Earthshine into a Summon (Simba).

There is a Blue Trinity near the save point. I would have a picture, but everything is all blurry because of the all the dark blue/black in the picture. I'm sure you can find it (Blue Trinity #10). 

With that done, go back to Third District.

Traverse Town: Third District

Secret Hideout

- You have a run in with Rikku, which in a minute is somehow turned into a bad thing in some twisted bizarre-o world. That aside, look for the house that now has it's lights on near the entrance to Second District.

Inside, talk to Cid again. He'll tell you your ship is ready, and to meet him at his regular job in First District. But first, we have unfinished business in Second District.

Traverse Town: Second District

Dalmatians House

- We're going to the Dalmatians house to pick up payment for all the puppies we've rescued! What, you thought we were doing that out of the good of our hearts? Pfft, forget that. The Dalmatians house is located in an ally under and to the right of the Gizmo Shop.

As prize so far, you get two good weapon gummies and a new cockpit. Yay us! The prizes get better the more you rescue, but there aren't any more in Traverse Town you can get to for now.


- Head into the recently powered-up Gizmo Shop. You'll see all the gears are now turning and the faces are lit. Fight off the waves of Heartless first to get them out of the way. Now use the extendable platforms to reach the walls of the shop. On top of the walls, you'll see little raised platforms. When you walk on one, it will lower and complete a circuit.

Postcard #7, 8

- Activate all three (one at a time, of course), then look at the large clock face in the center of the shop. The hands should be spinning rapidly. When they stop (at 6:54), examine the clock to receive two Postcards.

Red Trinity #3

- Exit the Gizmo Shop and go up on the roof. There is a Red Trinity Mark at the back of the roof that leads to the bell. You'll have to beat all the Heartless before using it. Once you do, walk inside and pull the bell cord three times till the Keyhole is visible.

Don't panic, you still have time to save before the boss fight. Just don't get too close to the Keyhole and you'll be fine. Wonder back to First District, save, and come back.

Boss: Opposite Armor

Stage 1: Guard Armor

The fight starts as the same old Guard Armor you fought before. It's even easier this time, as you're more powerful but he isn't. After his health reaches about half down on the green bar, stage 2 starts.

Stage 2: Opposite Armor

This is where the real battle starts. For some reason, flipping around makes him far more powerful. His attacks are still basically the same, but there is slightly more variation, like his swooping attack. He can also detach all of his limbs and attack independently, which doesn't really change the fight that much. He does have one attack he likes to spam, and that's his Shadow Ball, which is really easy to see coming and really easy to dodge in time. It cant be deflected though, so don't bother. His feet (well, I guess they're arms now) should still be your primary focus, followed by his arms, and finally his chest.



After the battle, you get the new magic spell Aero... which is pretty useless in its level 1 form.

Well anyway, go talk to Cid in the First District outside the Accessory Shop (which is why I think that building is his old store). He'll give you a free Gummi. Talk to him again and he'll try to install the Navi-G piece. A third time to actually shop there. I'd buy the Com LV 2 and a Fira-G for more speed. Don't bother with weapon gummies till you're sure you still need them after upgrading will all the new gummies you got during this trip.

Upon leaving the world, you'll also get a message about a new tournament at Olympus Coliseum, which you could probably do now if you want. See the Coliseum section for more details-


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Can someone please help!
When I approach Cid he says that the Navi G pice is in this town. He the. Tell me to ring the bell ontop of the Gizmo Shop three times. When I do that nothing happens because I have already done that and defeated the boss and sealed the key hole. The problem is I need the Navi G pice to unlock the new wrap hole so I can go back to hollow bastion. i would really appreciate it if someone could help.

Added 1st Nov 2015, ID #621424

I already have the red trinity but there are still boxes there?

Added 25th Oct 2015, ID #619700

there are boxes in front of the 3rd red trinity,WHY?!

Added 25th Oct 2015, ID #619684

Did anyone else have to talk to pinnochio in this level??

Added 24th Oct 2015, ID #619421

I can't start the gizmo shop up sora won't lock
On to the broken cable cable box anyone else have this problem

Added 5th Oct 2015, ID #614213

I think I've completed everything, but when I go back to the first district, I can't find Cid....whyyyyy? Anyone else experience this?

Added 1st Jun 2015, ID #564207

I talk to Cid like 10 times and he won't give me the book

Added 7th Apr 2015, ID #539081

i know this is off but how do i leave hollow baston to find the pages of winnie the poohs book ? i cant seem to leave it !!???

Added 4th Jan 2015, ID #496194

trop cool kingdom hearts

Added 4th Nov 2014, ID #467251

I like how the gizmo shop contains two postcards. Generous of the game. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just nice.

Added 2nd Aug 2014, ID #429850

Whee do I find the navigation gummies on second visit do I have to do something do I have to go back to coliseum to get it

Added 22nd Dec 2013, ID #332415

theres also a postcard in the ceiling fan in the items shop. Just hit it

Added 22nd Jul 2013, ID #299368

The third time I went to traverse town cid said come back when u have both navi gummies,but I already beat the worlds like wonderland agrabah the deep jungles stuff but he's still saying it and it won't let me go to the new worlds

Added 25th Jun 2013, ID #292855

Hey! Just wondering, what about Pinocchio in the accessory shop? Should I talk to him???

Added 10th Mar 2013, ID #262283

i rung the bell 20 times and the boss fight won't start it's stuck on a butterly flower picture please help...please

Added 1st Dec 2012, ID #214312

P.S. here is a easy walktru for after seealing both worlds and completing the training in coleseum: 1. go to the alleyway and use Red Tr. on the bars at the end of the steet, go in there and talk to Leon 2ce. 2. go to the Acc.Shop and talk to Cid he will give you a Book, now go to 3d district and activate the cables with thunder and open the door with fire, go in the door and talk to merlin untill you get simba from the Godmother. 3. go back outside and in to the 3rd district, a cutscene sould happen with riku, now go in the small house up the stairs and talk to Cid. 4. go to the second district and enter the gizmo shop. do the buttons for 2 postcard read up here. exit the gizmo shop on the other side and climp up the stairs on the roof. the unbreakable boxes sould be moved aside now so you can activate the red tr. and ring the bell 3x. the rest is up to you guys.

Added 15th Nov 2012, ID #208782

seriously people play the game a little better xD, to remove the unbreakable boxes... how do i say this... you cant, aperently you are not at the point to ring the bell, go do something else! then about the trinity(s) you unlock them in the progress of the game thats why you will come back to worlds you completed some times. and about the gummi navi pieces and when you can't continue for some reason after completing forrest, you probably have to do another world first, did you compleet the training in coleseum and sealed the other 2 worlds?? if not do that first.

Added 15th Nov 2012, ID #208781

The only marks I can use r the red and the blue but there r yellow green and white how do I unlock them

Added 10th Aug 2012, ID #174472

Also note that Dalmatians 10-12 appear in a chest right before the steps in the Secret Waterway.

Added 6th Aug 2012, ID #173056

I Think i read about something happening to the heartless after i seal the keyhole. Is this true? And if so, does it affect on if they appear less often, or not all? Or does it make them harder? Please Reply!!!!!!

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168101

i'm pretty sure i beat deep jungle, i killed clayton and the lizard.ect. & when i go to traverse town the second time, i go to the first red trinity and i don't know hw to get past it, to unlock it. How do you do that?

Added 7th Jul 2012, ID #161319

you need to beat deep jungle in order to unlock the red trinity skill

Added 27th May 2012, ID #146014

uh i need a last gummi navigation peace.. wheres the third one.
i have the one that they find first and the one that u gain at the end -.-

Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #135840

"To get around that [ the boxes leading to the Boss Battle ] you have to get the Red Trinity Charge. You get the Red Trinity by locking Deep Jungle. Once you have it, go back to Traverse town and step in front of the boxes and do the trinity. A String will be in the space, before pulling it 3 times stock up on potions and ethers because pulling the string starts your Traverse Town Boss Battle."

- Bob S.

Added 22nd Dec 2011, ID #97658

the very first red trinity mark is not letting me activate it what am i doing wrong? [/size]

Added 4th Nov 2011, ID #85103

yes i have the unbreakable box problem as well.

Added 4th Nov 2011, ID #85075

U missed a part u have to talk to CID to get the book then bring it to Merlin after u find him the first time and u can't see riku before u do this and u can't get simba from the fairy either so I just wanted to be helpful cause I was stuck on this for like an hour trying to figure it out

Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #69344

me to wath must i do to get past the unbreakable boxes?????

Added 11th Aug 2011, ID #66084

Unbreakable boxes are blocking the trinity...

Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #29710

To get the book, be sure to pick up a Gumi at the water fall in the Deep Jungle, and a Gumi in Wonderland after you defeat the Trickmaster.

Added 31st Jan 2011, ID #27494

I found two helpful things during the boss battle. If you keep losing in the second part you can exit the battle after the first part through the door to the alleyway and you wont have to keep watching the scenes and fighting the first part if you die. Also, during the attack were he lk shoots energy out his butt, you can jump in the fountain and it worked as a safe spot for me.

Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #27271

Can you only do the gizmo shop thing on your second visit?

Added 8th Oct 2010, ID #14634

Hmm... how can I say this?

Added 16th Sep 2010, ID #12721