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There 30 Chinpokomon dolls throughout the entire game and there quite a few missable ones since the area they're located is limited only to certain quests. After successfully collecting all Chinpokomons, the Chinpokomon Toy Corporation will be added to your Friends List.

1: Chu-chu Nezumi

On a tree west of Butters' house.

Guide Image

2: : Furry Cat

Beside a tree, to the right of the Broflovski residence, right before reaching Kenny's house.

Guide Image

3: Lambtron

Second floor of Tower of Peace. You can find it hanging on the right side.

Guide Image

4: Monkay

Inside Butters' room, near the window to the right.

Guide Image

5: Pengin

Found in Cartman's garage

Guide Image

6: Shoe (Missable)

In the main mission "Beat Up Clyde", you'll reach a part of the tower where the gate is operated by two wheels located inside the smaller towers on either side. Teleport to the upper balcony to reach it.

Guide Image

7: Accountafish

Found in the small newsroom vent. You need to enter the vent after using Gnome Dust

Guide Image

8: Vamporko

Found in the basketball court east of the Community Center. You need to use the alien probe on the wall to teleport there.

Guide Image

9: Fetuswami

In the quest “Unplanned Parenthood”, you'll reach a part where you have to destroy an auto-turret. Shoot the grenade the nearby dead soldier is holding to blow the corpses up. Once the path is cleared, enter the hole then go to the left to reach the chinpokomon.

10: Gerbitoad

Right outside Mr. Hanky's house in the sewers

Guide Image

11: Gunrilla

Found on top of the storage cabinet in the left side of the conference room inside the military/ Taco Bell headquarters.

Guide Image

12: Gophermon

Found in the left-most cubicle of the Community Center's bathroom

Guide Image

13: Sna-Kat

On a tree west of the town hall.

Guide Image

14: Mouse-Tik

Beside the chest in the girls' Sparkle Chamber. You can access this after completing “Recruit the Girls” quest

Guide Image

15: Poodlesaurus Rex

You can get this earlier during the quest "Detention Sentence" by shooting the vent grate on the ceiling in the first hallway. You can find it inside the vent past the cafeteria during the mission “Attack the School”. Finally, if you have sided with the humans, one of the goth kids will pick the door to the kitchen, making it possible for you to come back for this chinpokomon if you missed it on those quests.

Guide Image

16: Roo-stor

Inside Professor Chaos' lair in U-Stor-It storage. You need to get the Chaos Lair Key from Butters' room to access this. U-Stor-It will be locked on your first visit. You have to hit the ladder above the dumpster beside the hobo/street merchant then climb up to the advertisement to get inside the fence. Enter the office building and hit the switch there to permanently leave the gates open.

Once inside, go north then east then open the right-most storage. The chinpokomon is located on top of the vent.

Guide Image

17: Donkeytron

Inside an oven in the school kitchen. You can access this at the start of the main quest “Attack the School” As soon as you enter the kitchen, turn the stove on, go to a short distance and use Cup-a-Spell to blast the oven, freeing the chinpokomon inside.

Guide Image

18: Stegmata

Inside the Broflovski Garage

Once you have access to the Elven Kingdom, exit through Kyle's house and go upstairs. Find the key inside his parents' room.

Guide Image

19: Fatdactyl

On top of the ticket booth in front of the cinema.

Guide Image

20: Ferasnarf

Once you have access to the Community Center as part of the story, talk to Mr. Mackey and get the quest “Wasted Cache”. Next head Mackey's storage shed in U-Stor-It. This can be found on the top shelf.

Guide Image

21: Pterdaken

After reaching the second floor of the school, head to the southeast hallway and open the unlocked locker to find this inside. Shoot it to collect it.

Guide Image

22: Biebersaurus

After learning Nagasaki, return to the cavern where the crab person and the fruit bat is located. Break down the rock the pick up this chinpokomon along the way.

23: Brocorri

This chinpokomon is found encased in ice in front of the Tower of Peace. Use Dragonshout to blast the fire off the lamp and defrost Brocorri.

Guide Image

24: Velocirapstar

Found on the second floor window of Token's house.

Guide Image

25: Flowerpotamus

Found on a shelf in Skeeter's Bar

Guide Image

26: Beetlebot (Missable)

While inside the alien ship right after freeing Randy Marsh, you'll have to power up the second elevator using the White Power Crystal. After disembarking from the elevator, you'll find this on top of the monitor screens to the right.

Guide Image

27: Cosmonewt

Use the alien probe tool to interact with the teleporter device the reach the submerged UFO containing this chinpokomon.

28: RabbiTech

This is found in the upper shelf of the Police Station's Evidence Room

Guide Image

29: Roidrat (Missable)

This is found on the attic while finding another way to The Bard's locked room during the quest "The Bard"

Guide Image

30: Terribovine

This is found under the bench in front of Tweek Bros Coffee. You can reach it by shrinking yourself using Gnome Dust.

Guide Image
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4 comments, latest first.
Aug 14th 2014 Guest
Poodlesaurus Rex is also missable if you join the Elves. Your description even says so.
ID #436672
Jun 5th 2014 Guest
Gunrilla can be missed but later on in the story
ID #394098
Apr 13th 2014 Guest
Gunrilla is also missable.
ID #374469
Mar 29th 2014 Guest
I think Fetuswami is missable. Cause once you've defeated the Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus, I don't think you can go back, and get it.
ID #369526
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