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Alien Abduction

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After getting free, select the alien probe then use it to get out of the barrier. You can also shoot the orange things on the wall and the floating light bulbs to get some microchips you can sell later. Once you're out, operate the panel to the right to reveal a chest. Teleport there and loot its contents. Teleport out then head to the left. Loot the items from the chest to the left, including an Alien Helmet. Change out of your pajamas and leave the room.

Enter the room next to where you're held and loot the chest there. Head to the right then shoot the exposed cable on the ceiling. This will shock and burn one alien. Now use cup-a-spell on its burning body to take out the other aliens. Teleport past the barrier and take out the remaining aliens. Loot the Alien Ray Gun from one of their bodies. Head to the elevator and use the probe to activate it.

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In the next area, loot the chest nearby to get some items and an Alien Suit. Teleport to the central platform. The panel to the left moves the upper platform while the one to the right moves the lower platform. Don't push anything yet; teleport to the lower platform first. This will get you in range of the blue panel. Use it to kill one alien standing on the trapdoor on the floor.

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Return to the central platform then activate the panel on the right. Now teleport to the lower platform to the left then teleport again to reach the lowest platform. Activate the controls there to power up the ventilation fan and kill the other alien.

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Now teleport to the tube and head to the right. Climb up the stairs to reach the items on the ledge then go back down and deactivate the barrier by using the probe on interact with the blue panel. Loot the items and interact with the nearby console. Just follow the color-coded presses; if you pressed it wrong, Randy will suffer your mistakes.

Make your way back to the central platform then operate the console on the left. Teleport to the upper platform then loot the chest. Wait for the alien to stand near the alien device then use your probe to operate the nearby blue panel. This will disintegrate the poor *******.

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Return to the middle platform and operate the console again. Make your way to the upper hallway. Interact with the blue panel to the left to reveal a hidden chest. Continue to the right and then use Cup-a-spell to blow up the flaming device and knock out the alien beside it.

Go to the far right then activate the button there to enable you to teleport to the lower room and loot the items. Backtrack to the middle of the topmost hallway and activate the console there. Continue to the left, loot the chest and operate the console. The first code is easy but the next two codes are tricky. Don't worry, if you didn't get it right, the last one will do it and connect a bridge leading to the area's control room.

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Make your way back to the elevator and carefully head to the left. You can shoot the broken console and the live wire behind it to take out the two aliens. Save your game and fight the alien mini-boss. If you haven't used any of your summons yet, you can use them in this battle. Otherwise, you'll have to block all of his attacks and exploit their weakness against lightning attacks. You can also rely on other helpful status ailments like Burning and Bleeding.

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After defeating the alien security chief, loot his body to get a pair of Alien Gloves. Next, operate the console to deactivate the ship's alarms. Take the elevator to return to the holding area. Once there, don't enter the room yet. You can now take the ladder down in the middle. Save your game since there's an Alien Conspiracy Hobo you can fight there. After defeating it, you'll get the Tinfoil Hat.

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Return to Randy and activate the console near him. Enter the correct codes three times to free him. He'll be added to your Friends List afterward. Now pick up the White Power Crystal and leave the room. Loot the chest along the way to get an Alien Probe and other items. Place the White Power Crystal on the slot in the elevator then activate it using your anal alien probe. Take the elevator next.

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Loot the chest to the right then shoot the Chinpokomon on the LCD screens to the right. (Beetlebot) Save your game and enter the cockpit to fight the pilots.

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For the first turns, block their attacks and do some basic attacks. Once you can target the defensive matrix, drink some speed potions and take out it immediately. Once it is taken out, keep using potions to heal up as necessary then inflict status ailments on the your enemies before taking them out with your damaging offensive moves. Once they're defeated, watch the following scenes and the quest will be complete.

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Give me save magic after Getting free the alien proces
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