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Beat Up Clyde

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As soon as the quest starts, have Butters heal up Wendy to receive a Superhero Patch. Next, use Nagasaki to bring down the drawbridge. You have two entry points here. The first one is through the front gate and the other one is the through a mouse hole past the destructible barricade to the east.

To take out the guards, use the alien probe to teleport in front of them but just right as to not touch the water puddle. They'll charge at you and get electrocuted instead. Now teleport beside the generator and turn it off. You can now destroy the gate and head inside.

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Your objective here is to loot the chest and head back out. Don't stay too long otherwise the firework trap above will be used against you. Leave the front gate and take the alternate path instead.

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Loot the item bag along the way then enter the through the hole after shrinking yourself. Heal the gnome there for him to take out the rat then shoot the lighter to produce some flames. Blow it using your fart to kill the rat. Loot the bag behind the rat then continue to the northwest path. Shoot the floor above then go to the surface.

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Defeat the guards here and loot the item bag nearby as well. Shoot the ladder and climb up. Fight the cyclops and don't forget to loot the Knight's Gloves from one of them. Climb the ladder to reach the next floor.

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There are nazi zombies and kitties here. You can use the environmental hazards or just destroy the barricade to fight them all. Remember to hit them first to get first strike. The easiest way is to lure them towards the lamp using Sneaky Squeaker then switch quickly to Cup-a-spell to blow most of them up. Destroy the one of the wooden platform's supports then use Nagasaki to destroy the wooden platform. Go up the debris and wait for the pirates to bring down a ladder for you. Climb to the next floor.

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In the next floor, don't engage the cyclops. Blow him up by farting on the firecracker Ike lit up. Doing this will knock him down and make Ike your new friend. This is missable so make sure to defeat the cyclops using this method. Now use the alien probe to reach the topmost balcony. This is where you'll find a missable Chinpokomon. (Shoe)

To destroy the tower to the right, you just need to use Nagasaki on it to make it crash down on the cyclops inside. Don't forget to loot the chest nearby to get another equipment. Turn the wheel to lift the door halfway.

Guide Image

For the next tower, you can shoot the lamp to set the enemy below aflame then blow the two of them using cup-a-spell. If you want to defeat them and loot their bodies, just teleport near them and take them out. Loot their bodies and the nearby item bag them turn the wheel to fully open the gate.

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Next, you'll be facing Craig. He'll raise the third nazi zombie cow but you can take out the two. First, go to the left and wait for Stan to throw a lamp inside. Shoot the lamp then detonate it using Cup-a-spell. Next, head to the right clear the window using Nagasaki for Ike to get in. Wait for him to set the next lever on fire then blow it up as well.

Once done, you'll have to face Craig and his surviving nazi zombie cow. After defeating the cow and severely damaging him, Craig will Summon a group of clones. He will appear to be healed and all-party attacks won't be able to target them all. Just use single target special attacks. You'll notice that you have the original if that attack just damages him. Once you found the original, concentrate your attacks on him to end the battle.

Go upstairs to trigger a scene. Once done, sniff some Gnome Dust then enter Mr. Slave's ***. Continue forth until you run into a condom. Destroy it and take out the bacteria waiting in the other end. Climb the corn cob to the left and your path will be blocked by a broken fuse. Set Stan as your buddy and have him short-circuit the fuse.

Trophy/Achievement: Inside Joke
While inside Mr. Slave, you summoned Mr. Slave.
Complete Mr. Slave’s sidequest “Mr. Slave’s Package” to unlock him as a summon. When you're inside his a$$ in “Beat Up Clyde”, summon him during a battle there to unlock this trophy / achievement.

Continue to the right and wait for the bacteria to move under the swollen membrane. Shoot the membrane to kill the bacteria and reveal an alien probe device. Teleport to the next area and continue along the intestine. Climb Mr.Hat along the way and it will be added to your friend list.

Continue to the right and blast the billiard ball with Nagasaki which will kill the nearby bacterium too. Continue to the next screen and you'll find a phone. When it rings, answer it by pressing the main button to register Big Gay Al to your Friends List.

Defeat the bacteria along the way but before moving forth, loot the bacteria's body to get a missable weapon and equipment patch. Don't forget to loot item bag to the right. Continue to the left this time until you reach a flashlight. Climb on it then go down the ramp so you can fix the batteries. Now step on the switch to turn the light on and drive away the bat, clearing up the path.

Loot another missable equipment and patch from the chest then climb up to the left. You'll find the Sparrow Prince along the way. You'll have to defeat him before you can proceed.

After defeating the Sparrow Prince, continue to the right and destroy the skeleton. Use Nagasaki to destroy another stuck billiard ball then climb up the vibrator. Clear the white stuff and teleport on top of the bottlecap to reach the vibrator's switch. Turn it on to clear the path.

Guide Image

Continue to the right and you'll find two SWAT officers. Defeat them in battle then loot their bodies then continue to the next screen. After the scene, loot the bag to the right then set Jimmy as your buddy. Have him open the snuke.

Once open, interact with the snuke and play the abortion mini-game again. It is exactly the same as what you did with Randy. Follow the onscreen prompts and make sure not to suck the wrong circuit.

Guide Image

After successfully deactivating the snuke self-destruct sequence, you'll finish be out of Mr. Slave's disgusting body. Catatafish, Sparrow Prince and the Frog King will be added to your Friends List and you'll obtain the the Crown of Anal Pleasure. Leave the room and head to the evil throne room.

Guide Image

You'll have to fight the undead Chef. His attacks are slow and predictable so you don't need special tactics to get rid of him. Just use Burning damage since he's immune to Grossed Out and Bleeding damage. Heal up as necessary and when he's about to die, Clyde will set Chef on fire. Blow him up with your fart when prompted to end the battle.

After the long, unskippable scenes, the quest will be complete. You can buy the last set of Equipment Patches and Weapon Strap-ons in this quest. Buy some consumables if you need to. When ready, leave the shop to face the game's final boss.

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