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Attack the School

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Enter the back alley of the school. If you sided with the elves, you'll need Jimmy's help by ordering him to get past the special handicap passage. If you sided with the humans, you'll have to order Butters to heal Pete to get him out of the way.

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Once inside, turn on the stove then blow it from a distance using Cup-a-spell. Pick up the Chinpokomon (Donkeytron) Loot the items and continue to the next door. Once you've reached the next room, head to the right past the food counter to find Chef's PO Box Key with some other items from the closet.

Head to the next room then loot the body of the kid in the far right to get a Basketball. Continue to the left, shoot the leaking water pipe to wet the floor then shoot the lamp above to electrocute the two enemies. Take out the cowering guy then enter the vent.

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Trophy/Achievement: Dragon Wrath
Hit 3 enemies with a single fart outside of combat.
Enter the vent but don't destroy the cover. Use the Sneaky Squeaker to lure the enemies towards the torches then use Cup-a-spell to blow them up at the same time. After defeating them, loot the enemies to get a Necromancer Gloves from one of them.

In the next hallway, you'll find another barricade. The electric fan will prevent your fart from igniting the torch. You can shoot the water sprinkler on the ceiling to short circuit it. Once the fan is taken down, you can use your cup-a-spell to take out the guard.

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You can also shoot the vent on the ceiling which will you allow you teleport inside and loot the items (and a Chinpokomon if you haven't acquired it yet during the Detention Sentence quest) Shoot the cable to snap and for the lamp to fall over the head of the enemy below. Climb down and loot the nearby locker before going to the basement. After the scene, you have to defeat the nazi ginger zombies.

Trophy/Achievement: Gingivitis
Let Gingers bite you 3 times without blocking.
When fighting ginger nazi zombies in the school's basement, you have to let them use Zombie Bite on you three times to unlock this. It will be better to save your game and reload it after getting the achievement so you don't waste recovery items.
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After defeating them, you'll receive the Holy Hammer of Smiting. Head to the next room. Destroy the pipe then climb the ladder. Turn off the red valve then destroy the vent cover. Head inside and wait on the other side. Destroy the cover to make it fall over the head of the ginger below then wait for the other one to walk nearby. Shoot the electrical panel below then use cup-a-spell on the flame and blast out the unsuspecting ginger below.

Backtrack and climb down the ladder. Go past the pipe and destroy the wooden cover to reach the generator. Turn it off then quickly go past the puddle. Defeat the ginger and permanently turn off the ventilation generator by pulling the nearby lever. Don't forget to loot the bodies of the enemies here to get a new patch and a Necromancer Robe.

Next, enter the Boiler Room to the north then examine the laboratory dishes on the table. Place the bait there to fight the Mutant Bacteria, a part of Jimbo's sidequest. Like the other bosses, pummel it with layers of status ailments.

Leave the Boiler Room and destroy the wooden barricade beside the stairs. Loot the bag under the stairs and leave the basement. Loot the bodies and lockers here then continue to the exit. In the next room, use the alien probe to reach the upper balcony then head to the right side and go down. You can wait for the wooden plant to catch fire before blowing it up with your fart. Now engage the other enemies to battle. You can use your ranged weapon before engaging them to stun them in the first turn.

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Once Cartman breaks in, operate the sling to set the blockade in the main door to fire then blow it up with your fart to let your reinforcements inside. Wait for your ally to open the door then enter it. Depending on what side you chose to help, you'll either face Stan and Sparky or Butters.

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Loot the bodies to get a new weapon then go upstairs. Engage the enemies surrounding your allies then loot the Necromancer Hood from one of them. Check out the lockers to the right to find a missable Chinpokomon. (Pterdaken) Head to the left to your other allies. You'll get Bill and Fosse added to your Friends List.

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Continue along the hallway and enter the 5th Grade Room. Find Lemmiwinks on the floor and interact with him to add him as a friend. Loot the cabinets then enter the 4th Grade room to find Kyle or Cartman.

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Before picking a side, head over to the left and loot the chest. You'll get a Star Wand there and a Ninja Sticker. Just damage your enemy whether its Kyle or Cartman and they'll be forced to use a special attack where you have to mash the displayed button to overpower him. After the battle, watch the following scenes and the mission will be complete.

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why does it say there is three equipment left in the school
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