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The New Kid in Town

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When starting a new game, you'll have to customize your character. After confirming, you'll start in your new home. Inside your room, you can get a small amount of money and baseball card from your closet. The Toy Chest by your bed will serve as your storage chest. You can dump items from your inventory there and retrieve them for later use.

Exit your room and go to the bathroom to the left. Check the drawers to find some items. You can also take a dump in the toilet. Just keep pressing the displayed key before time runs out to successfully take a dump and for you to get a Sh*t Nugget. This item can be used as a combat consumable item that can inflict the status ailment “Grossed Out” to the enemy. Once done, leave the bathroom and go downstairs. Enter the kitchen to the left and open the cabinets under the sink for more items. Pick up your allowance in the counter to the left then leave the house.

Trophy/Achievement: Made This for You
Fling a turd that you created at an enemy in combat.
Just keep pressing the displayed key before time runs out to successfully take a dump. Examine the toilet again to pick up a Sh*t Nugget.

Check the garage to the right and go up the ladder. There's a chest that you can open there for some items. Head to the right to find Butters fighting off some kid in an elf costume. Approach the kid and attack him assist Butters. He'll be your registered as your first friend.

Guide Image

Follow Butters to Cartman's house. Once inside, check the drawer beside the sofa to find some loot, including Cartman's Garage Key. Continue to the left of the screen to reach Kupa Keep.

Sidequest: Flower for a Princess
Go to the left side of the Keep to find a flower near the fence. Pick it up to trigger this quest. Just talk to (Princess) Kenny and hand him the flower to complete the quest. He will be added to your Friends List as well.
Guide Image

Next, talk to Scott Malkinson and Clyde to add them as your new friends. When you're ready, talk to Cartman. Here, you'll be asked to enter your name. However, you'll still end up with the name “Douchebag”.

Guide Image
Trophy/Achievement: Acceptance
You accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself.
During the part where Cartman asks you to confirm if you want to call yourself Douchebag, answer yes to both his questions to unlock this trophy/achievement.

After that, you'll need to select your class. For more information about each class’ abilities and skill tree, please refer to this guide’s Classes section.

Guide Image

After selecting your class, purchase a weapon fit for your class from Clyde's armory. After buying a weapon, equip it and you'll be thrown in a mock battle against Clyde shortly after. Just follow the tutorial, until Cartman tells you to finish off Clyde.

Once the tutorial battle is over, enter the tent to see the Stick of Truth itself. Drow elves will attack the keep shortly and you have to drive them back. To engage the enemies, you have to attack them. Attacking them first will allow you to get the first turn. You can also shoot them with arrows to stun them before hitting them so that they’ll enter the battle stunned.

Each of the battles will allow you to learn the other basics of combat. Entering combat to the one near the stables will give you a tutorial on how to counterattack and use items. Time your blocks to reduce damage and to protect yourself from status ailments accompanied by those attacks. Block all enemy attacks and counterattack when you get the chance. Don't hesitate to use items since you can use an item and act at the same turn. Don't forget to loot the body of the unconscious enemies and fart on them to unlock an achievement.

Guide Image
Trophy/Achievement: Stay Down
Fart on 10 enemies in the world when they're knocked out
After defeating enemies in combat, they’ll be unconscious on ground for you to loot and of course, fart on. Do this on 10 enemies to unlock this trophy/achievement.

Next, attack the one to the upper left who is hurting the kitty. This battle will introduce you to an enemy that will use Riposte and Reflect. Riposte mode will automatically counter your melee attacks. When prompted, switch to your bow and snipe the enemy archer. Now the elven defender will switch to Reflect stance. This allows him to counter ranged weapons. Use melee attacks to damage him. Take note you can use abilities without getting countered by either stances.

Guide Image

Lastly, hit the one who's attacking Butters. This time, you’ll have to battle one of the enemies that have a shield. Use your normal attacks or abilities with multiple hits to quickly wear down and destroy the shield. Armored opponents tend will have more damage protection so normal attacks won’t be that effective on them. You can also use a power attack to deal massive damage to them.

Guide Image

The elves will retreat after you defeat the last batch of enemies. The quest will be complete afterward.

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