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TM Listings

Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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TM Listings

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Like all Pokemon Games, players can find and obtain Techincal Machines (TMs) across the four islands of The Alola Region. These TMs each contain a certain Pokemon Move, allowing you to teach your Pokemon even more attacks (if they can learn said move of that given TM). TMs have an unlimited amount of uses, and all Pokemon can learn a number of each. Players can find TMs in the wild, purchase them for given PokeMarts, and receive them from other trainers too. In total, a player can obtain a hundred different TMs.

TM Locations
TM01 - Work Up: Trainer School
TM02 - Dragon Claw: Vast Poni Canyon
TM03 - Psyshock: Lake of the Moone/Lake of the Sunne
TM04 - Calm Mind: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM05 - Roar: Kala'e Bay
TM06 - Toxic: Aether Paradise
TM07 - Hail: Royal Avenue PokéMart
TM08 - Bulk Up: Konikoni City PokéMart
TM09 - Venoshock: Konikoni City PokéMart
TM10 - Hidden Power: Paniola Ranch
TM11 - Sunny Day: Royal Avenue PokéMart
TM12 - Taunt: Route 13
TM13 - Ice Beam: Mount Lanakila
TM14 - Blizzard: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM15 - Hyper Beam: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM16 - Light Screen: Heahea City PokéMart
TM17 - Protect: Heahea City PokéMart
TM18 - Rain Dance: Royal Avenue PokéMart
TM19 - Roost: Route 3
TM20 - Safeguard: Heahea City PokéMart
TM21 - Frustration: Malie City
TM22 - Solar Beam: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM23 - Smack Down: Ten Carat Hill
TM24 - Thunderbolt: Sandy Cave
TM25 - Thunder: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM26 - Earthquake: Resolution Cave
TM27 - Return: Malie City
TM28 - Leech Life: Akala Outskirts
TM29 - Psychic: Aether Paradise
TM30 - Shadow Ball: Route 14
TM31 - Brick Break: Verdant Cavern
TM32 - Double Team: Route 7
TM33 - Reflect: Heahea City PokéMart
TM34 - Sludge Wave: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM35 - Flamethrower: Vast Poni Canyon
TM36 - Sludge Bomb: Shady House
TM37 - Sandstorm: Royal Avenue PokéMart
TM38 - Fire Blast: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM39 - Rock Tomb: Wela Volcano Park
TM40 - Aerial Ace: Konikoni City PokeMart
TM41 - Torment: Route 5
TM42 - Facade: Malie City PokéMart
TM43 - Flame Charge: Route 8
TM44 - Rest: Royal Avenue Thrifty Megamart
TM45 - Attract: Hano Grand Resort
TM46 - Thief: Verdant Cavern
TM47 - Low Sweep: Konikoni City PokéMart
TM48 - Round: Hau'oli City
TM49 - Echoed Voice: Hau'oli City
TM50 - Overheat: Poni Meadow
TM51 - Steel Wing: Konikoni City PokeMart
TM52 - Focus Blast: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM53 - Energy Ball: Route 8
TM54 - False Swipe: Iki Town
TM55 - Scald: Ancient Poni Path
TM56 - Fling: Hau'oli Cemetery
TM57 - Charge Beam: Brooklet Hill
TM58 - Sky Drop: Route 8
TM59 - Brutal Swing: Route 5
TM60 - Quash: Poni Plains
TM61 - Will-O-Wisp: Konikoni City
TM62 - Acrobatics: Route 15
TM63 - Embargo: Blush Mountain
TM64 - Explosion: Ten Carat Hill
TM65 - Shadow Claw: Malie City PokéMart
TM66 - Payback: Route 11
TM67 - Smart Strike: Lush Jungle
TM68 - Giga Impact: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM69 - Rock Polish: Malie City PokéMart
TM70 - Aurora Veil: Heahea City PokéMart
TM71 - Stone Edge: Seafolk Village PokéMart
TM72 - Volt Switch: Mount Hokulani
TM73 - Thunder Wave: Malie Garden
TM74 - Gyro Ball: Route 11
TM75 - Swords Dance: Poni Meadow
TM76 - Fly: Malie City
TM77 - Psych Up: Malie City PokeMart
TM78 - Bulldoze: Konikoni City PokéMart
TM79 - Frost Breath: Seaward Cave
TM80 - Rock Slide: Route 17
TM81 - X-Scissor: Route 16
TM82 - Dragon Tail: Route 12
TM83 - Infestation: Route 3
TM84 - Poison Jab: Mount Lanakila
TM85 - Dream Eater: Haina Desert
TM86 - Grass Knot: Lush Jungle
TM87 - Swagger: Route 2
TM88 - Sleep Talk: Paniola Town
TM89 - U-turn: Malie City PokéMart
TM90 - Substitute: Route 1
TM91 - Flash Cannon: Seafolk Village
TM92 - Trick Room: Hano Grand Resort
TM93 - Wild Charge: Vast Poni Canyon
TM94 - Surf: Poni Breaker Coast
TM95 - Snarl: Mount Hokulani
TM96 - Nature Power: Route 5
TM97 - Dark Pulse: Poni Coast
TM98 - Waterfall: Poni Breaker Coast
TM99 - Dazzling Gleam: Vast Poni Canyon
TM100 - Confide: Hau'oli Cemetery
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