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Route 8

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Walkthrough: Once you reach Route 8, you will see the Ultron Recon Squad having a meeting with a man. After their conference concludes, you will discover this man is Colress (the same who assisted Team Plasma back in the Unova Region). Apparently, the Ultra Recon Squad is seeking his assistance should the Blinding One, Necrozma, would somehow break free and come to The Alola Region to steal its light. Outside of that, Route 8 will be full of trainers looking to battle on your way to Lush Jungle.

Gift Pokemon (Fossil Restoration Center):

Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Anorith, Cranidos, Shieldon, Tirtouga, Archen, Tyrunt & Amaura

Island Scan Pokemon:


Wild Pokemon:

Initial Pokemon - Daytime (Levels 17-20): Trumbeak(30%), Yungoos(30%), Salandit(15%), Fletchling(15%), Stufful(10%)

SOS Pokemon #1 - Daytime (Levels 17-20): Trumbeak, Gumshoos, Salandit, Fletchinder, Stufful

SOS Pokemon #2 - Daytime (Levels 17-20): Trumbeak, Yungoos, Salandit, Fletchling, Stufful

Initial Pokemon - Nighttime (Levels 17-20): Trumbeak(30%), Rattata(30%), Salandit(15%), Fletchling(15%), Stufful(10%)

SOS Pokemon #1 - Nighttime (Levels 17-20): Trumbeak, Raticate, Salandit, Fletchinder, Stufful

SOS Pokemon #2 - Nighttime (Levels 17-20): Trumbeak, Rattata, Salandit, Fletchling, Stufful

Berry Trees (Levels 17-20): Crabrawler(100%)

Chasing Wimpod (Levels 17-20): Wimpod(100%)

Surfing (Level 17-20): Tentacool(40%), Mantyke(20%), Finneon(20%), Wingull(20%)

Surfing SOS Pokemon #1 (Levels 17-20): Tentacool, Remoraid, Finneon, Wingull

Surfing SOS Pokemon #2 (Levels 17-20): Tentacool, Mantyke, Finneon, Wingull

Fishing (Levels 10-20): Magikarp(50%), Wishiwashi(30%), Remoraid(15%), Chinchou(5%)

Fishing SOS Pokemon #1 (Levels 10-20): Gyarados, Wishiwashi, Octillery, Lanturn

Fishing SOS Pokemon #2 (Levels 10-20): Magikarp, Wishiwashi, Remoraid, Chinchou

Fishing Bubble Spots (Levels 10-25): Magikarp(40%), Chinchou(35%), Wishiwashi(20%), Remoraid(5%)

Bubble Spots SOS Pokemon #1 (Levels 10-25): Gyarados, Lanturn, Wishiwashi, Octillery

Bubble Spots SOS Pokemon #2 (Levels 10-25): Magikarp, Chinchou, Wishiwashi, Remoraid


Backpacker Kiana - Level 20 Eevee

Rising Star Mikey - Level 20 Phantump, Level 21 Trumbeak

Rising Star Nicki - Level 21 Stufful

Scientist Tyrone - Level 20 Amaura, Level 20 Omanyte

Preschooler Kaleb - Level 19 Kangaskhan

Golfer Maile - Level 20 Natu

Golfer Alan - Level 20 Hoothoot

Black Belt Guy - Level 21 Machop

Preschooler Samuel - Level 19 Machop

Ace Trainer Eileen - Level 23 Fletchinder, Level 23 Fearow


TM43 - From Colress

Big Pearl - Near Backpacker Kiana

Hyper Potion - Near Rising Star Mikey

Miracle Seed - Southern Grasses

Lum Berry - Defeat Preschooler Kaleb

Dive Ball - Near Motel

TM58 - Defeat Ace Trainer Eileen

Burn Drive - From Colress

Chill Drive - From Colress

Douse Drive - From Colress

Shock Drive - From Colress

Water Stone - Western Waters

TM53 - Area Accessed Through Lush Jungle

Oran Berry - Berry Tree

Lum Berry - Berry Tree

Chesto Berry - Berry Tree

Pecha Berry - Berry Tree

Persim Berry - Berry Tree

Sitrus Berry - Berry Tree

Cheri Berry - Berry Tree

Rare Bone - Behind Fossil Restoration Trailer

Max Repel (Hidden) - Near Northeastern Fishing Spot

Adrenaline Orb (Hidden) - Near Berry Tree

Iron (Hidden) - Cliffside Opposite Fossil Center

Rare Candy (Hidden) - Show Child Passimian

Awakening (Hidden) - In Box Near Fossil Restoration Man

PokeMart (Throughout Game Progression):

Poke Ball - Great Ball - Ultra Ball - Potion - Super Potion - Hyper Potion - Max Potion - Full Restore - Revive - Antidote - Paralyze Heal - Awakening - Burn Heal - Ice Heal - Full Heal - Escape Rope - Repel - Super Repel - Max Repel - Honey - Poke Toy - Adrenaline Orb

Quick Ball - Dusk Ball - Dive Ball - X Speed - X Attack - X Defense - Guard Spec. - Dire HIt - X Accuracy - X Sp.Atk - X Sp.Def

Fresh Water - Soda Pop

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