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Super Training

Pokemon Omega Ruby Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Super Training

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In earlier games, players have to spend hours and hours of fighting the specific Pokemon, and use other time consuming methods to train their "perfect" Pokemon. Super Training, a feature introduced first in Pokemon X/Y is back in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby to help trainers in conveniently and effectively training their Pokemon.

Super Training can be accessed by launching the PlayNav option in your PokeNav device. Pokemon Amie and PSS are both accessible from the same menu.

In the past Pokemon titles, training Pokemon the conventional way is tough and time-consuming. In Super Training, your Pokemon will undergo in “Super Training Regimens”. These mini-games or regimens boosts specific stats of the Pokemon. The amount of stat boosted will depend on the level of the regimen. All regimen starts at LV1 and will be unlocked as you complete LV2 and LV3 regimens. LV1 boosts 4 points to a particular stat, LV2 boosts 8, while LV3 boosts +12 points for that stat. If you have the effect of the Double Up bag, you'll get a whooping 24 points to a stat by completing a LV3 regimen.

The objective of these mini-games remain the same; your Pokemon must deflate the Balloon Bots while preventing the balls they fire from hitting you. As you hit the giant Balloon Bots, you'll earn a score towards the regimen's goal. You can fire slow, charged shots that will earn you a bigger score if it successfully hits the target or you can fire short, rapid-fire shots that can hit the target quicker but with little score. If the Balloon Bot's projectile hits your Pokemon, it will lose points.

After a while, the Balloon Bots will also display their weaknesses in the form of small goals appearing in their bodies and limbs. Hitting these weak spots will temporarily stun them and will allow you to score more by hitting their main weak point that will be revealed once they stop moving.

The amount of damage you can deal per shot will also depend on the training Pokemon's stat matching that regimen. That said, don't expect your low level Pokemon to succeed immediately in high level regimens. It needs to start low, increase its stat and try again to succeed.

Core Training
You’ll earn training bags upon completing Super Training Regimens. Use these training bags to easily boost your Pokemon’s growth using Core Training. You can only keep 12 bags at a time. To use a bag, select it and it will appear in the blank punching bag. Tap on the bag to make your Pokemon attack it. Keep tapping until its effect is activated. Most of the bags you'll get will provide the stat bonus to your Pokemon immediately while other special bags provide other beneficial effects like doubles the stat increase your Pokemon will get after the next training session, makes your Pokemon faster in the next session, or reset all the gained stat bonuses to zero.

Here are the different bags you can acquire during training. Graph courtesy of

You can check how much your Pokemon has grown using the Effort-o-Meter graph in the Super Training menu. Each Pokemon has some stats that will increase more easily than others and some stats need to be focused on in order to raise them. When viewing the Pokemon’s stats, you’ll notice a solid green part of the graph. This shows the Pokemon’s base stats.

The yellow external part of the graph shows the stats your Pokemon has increased relative to its initial stats. There’s also a limit how much a single Pokemon can increase its base stats. The meter on the rightmost side of the status screen shows that limit.

Secret Super Training
If you're able to max out a Pokemon's EV, you'll be able to access Secret Super Training. This mode unlocks 12 more mini-games to play with increased difficulty. These regimens not only give good training bags but also a chance to get rare items.

Regimen Balloon Bot/ Score Top Prize Other Prizes
The Troubles Keep On Coming Aurorus Balloon (1800), Tyrantrum Balloon (1800) None Healthwing, Musclewing, Resistwing, Swiftwing, Geniuswing, Cleverwing, Prettywing, Fresh Water
The Leaf Stone Cup Begins! Venusaur Balloon (4000) Leaf Stone Stardust, Hardstone, Prettywing, Sodapop
The Fire Stone Cup Begins! Charizard Balloon (4000) Firestone Stardust, Hardstone, Prettywing, Sodapop
The Water Stone Cup Begins! Blastoise Balloon (4000) Waterstone Stardust, Hardstone, Prettywing, Sodapop
Follow Those Fleeing Goals! Stunfisk Balloon (4800) Thunderstone Stardust, Hardstone, Prettywing, Sodapop
Watch Out! That's One Tricky Second Half Aegislash Balloon (4800) Duskstone Stardust, Hardstone, Prettywing, Sodapop
An Opening of Lightning-Quick Attacks! Roserade Balloon (4800) Shinystone Stardust, Hardstone, Prettywing, Sodapop
These Long Shots Are No Long Shot! Gallade Balloon (5600) Dawnstone Stardust, Hardstone, Prettywing, Sodapop
Scatterbug Lugs Back Scatterbug Balloon (1600), Spewpa Balloon (2400), Vivillon Balloon (4800) None Healthwing, Musclewing, Resistwing, Swiftwing, Geniuswing, Cleverwing, Prettywing
A Barrage of Bitbots Probopass Balloon (7200) None Healthwing, Musclewing, Resistwing, Swiftwing, Geniuswing, Cleverwing, Prettywing
Drag Down Hydreigon Deino Balloon (1600), Zweilous Balloon (2400), Hydreigon Balloon (4200) Sunstone, Moonstone Stardust, PP Up, Pretty Wing, Lemonade

Chart Reference: Serebii
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9 comments, latest first.
Feb 10th 2016 Guest
Whats a pokemons ev
ID #634372
Feb 11th 2016 Guest
Effort value. Speed, HP, defense(physical), special defense (special), attck(physical) special attack(special) the higher the value, the better the pokemon is in that area. The max for any ev is 252the best training is to have 252 in two categories and 4 in the remainder. Only a total of 508 EV's can be used.
ID #634587
Jun 29th 2015 Guest
ID #577357
May 26th 2015 Guest
Cant beat Gallade one. It moves far too fast...
ID #561667
Mar 30th 2015 Guest
Are the secret traning cups indefinately redoable without loss of reward probability?
ID #535498
Feb 17th 2015 Guest
Dusk stone
ID #517442
Jan 21st 2015 Guest
It helped a lot!
ID #505116
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
ID #495823
Dec 31st 2014 Guest
ID #493585
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