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Special Demo Walkthrough

Pokemon Omega Ruby Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Special Demo Walkthrough

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The demo is set in Mossdeep City. After landing disembarking, Steven will take you to the research building. However, you'll encounter Team Magma before you can even enter. You'll have to battle them and Steven will let you choose one from the three LV35 evolved starters: Grovyle, Combusken, or Marshtomp.

Once you've selected your starter, engage the grunts and defeat them. Once they leave, Steven will talk about an island and a Mega Evolving Pokemon that can be found there. You can find him in front of the Pokemon Center and to start your adventure from here on out, you just need to talk to him. You're free to explore the city as much as you want and talk to various NPCs but there's really very little to do here. Talk to Steven when you're ready and select "Let's have an adventure!" to proceed.

Upon arriving to the island, simple head straight and you'll find Team Magma grunts. Approach them to trigger a battle. After defeating the first grunt, the second grunt will challenge you to a battle. Defeat the two of them then enter the cave.

You'll find May inside. Approach her to trigger a short conversation. Shortly after, a member of Team Aqua will battle you. Like the first pair before, the second grunt will challenge you to another battle afterward. This battle should be enough to level up your Pokemon and give you access to its third evolution. After the battle, May will heal up your Pokemon.

You'll find the admins of the two teams, Tabitha and Matt, bickering with each other. Once they spot you, they'll call a truce and agree to team up against you. Steven will arrive just in time and teach your Pokemon its ultimate move. You'll also receive a Mega Bracelet and give your Pokemon a Mega Stone, enabling it to Mega Evolve in the next battle. Once Tabitha and Matt engages you in battle, Steven will join you in a double battle. The two admins' Pokemon are pretty easy to defeat since Mega Evolving will make this battle one-sided.

After defeating them, follow the only path to find Steven in the next cave. He tells you that the Pokemon you're searching for is hiding in the single patch of grass in the small, and narrow cave. He'll also give you five Pokeballs to capture it. Ste on the grass to trigger the encounter with Glalie. You can capture it immediately with a Pokeball or weaken it first before using a Pokeball. This Glalie is holding its Mega Stone called a Galitite. Steven will take you back to the city and your adventure will be complete.

You can play the demo as many times as you want. When you return, you can use the newly captured Glalie. Orlando will also give you a Blaziken and Swampert, both of them has Mega Stones equipped. Out of all the Pokemon you'll have in the demo, only Glalie can be transferred to the main game.

For instructions on how to transfer Glalie to the full game and what items you can get by completing adventures with Steven, kindly refer to this page.

After completing your first playthrough demo, you can talk to Steven to go on more adventures. The tasks may vary every time you play. Tasks range from finding a Pokemon, a lost child, or defeating all trainers. You can't save in the middle of a playthrough and Pokemon's experience also resets after every adventure. . You don't have to worry though since a usual playthrough may only take around 10-20 minutes.

During the 5th and 10th playthroughs, you'll encounter Elders with more powerful teams. You'll also see characters or random NPCs in Mossdeep City. The rewards are only good up until your 10th playthrough and/or after completing a secret mission.

Secret Missions

Playing the demo multiple times will give you a small chance to trigger one of the two known Secret Missions in the demo. One will make you go to an island without any wild Pokemon encounters. The island is occupied by Team Aqua or Team Magma members instead. You can team up with May defeat all Team Magma/ Aqua members in the island. There are no new items for this mission but new battles only. This secret mission can be repeated by talking to Steven and selecting "Let's go somewhere secret"

The second secret mission will take you to another island in search of a suspicious man. If you search the forest, you'll find this man in the corner of the maze-like area. Talk to him to receive a Nugget that can be transferred to the main game. Completing this rare secret mission will open up more areas in Mossdeep City, including Steven's house.

Demo Rewards

Item Requirements
Mega Glalie / Mega Steelix (JP only) 1 playthrough
Pokeball Set 3 playthroughs
Healball Set 5 playthroughs
Heartscale Set 10 playthroughs
Nugget Secret Mission

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May 14th 2015 Guest
How do you get through the blocsk behind the wall of the three steps tricks?
ID #556118
Nov 24th 2014 Guest
Get the hidden pokemon in th grass by using the sneak
ID #475587
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