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Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide - Side Missions


This mission becomes available following Dig Site. It is an optional mission that can be missed, so complete it as soon as possible. This mission starts in Midtown West. Following Dig Site, look to your map, locate the Mission Giver marker, and make your way there. Speak to the wounded agent to trigger the mission. Set Warehouse as your active mission and follow the marker on your compass to the mission start point.

Objective: Open the Warehouse Door.
Through the door, open the container next to the doorway in the northeast corner of the room for GOLD (1/7). Proceed through the doorway next to the shelf and clear out the Nazis upstairs. Approach the highlighted cabinet along the east side of the room and hold the Y/Triangle button until you receive INTEL (1/4). When you have the Intel, proceed through the doorway adjacent to the one you used to enter the room. Blast the Nazis along the walkway and make your way to the other end. Use the switch at the other end to open the warehouse door below.

The switch that opens the warehouse door is at the end of the second floor walkway.

Before dropping to the area below, look for GOLD (2/7) next to the desk in the room across from across from the Switch.

Objective: Retrieve the Codebook.
Drop down and approach the warehouse door to trigger a cutscene. Outside, hop up the boxes next to the parked truck (west) and jump over to the balcony. Open the door at the south end and enter the room there. Search the cabinet next to the door for INTEL (2/4) and look for GOLD (3/7) next to the shelf in the northwest corner of the room. When you have the Intel and Gold, head back outside and enter the room at the north end of the balcony. There are sure to be enemies in this room, so clear them out before doing anything else. When the room is clear, look for GOLD (4/7) between the two desks in the western corner.

Continue through the door along the west wall and take the stairs down to the lower level. Kill the enemies downstairs, and search the cabinet in the southwest corner of the room for INTEL (3/4). Look for GOLD (5/7) in the container at the bottom of the shelf across from the cabinet. With that, head back upstairs and proceed through the door along the northern wall. As soon as you’re through, turn right to spot another door. Head through the door and look for GOLD (6/7) in the southeast corner of this room. INTEL (4/4) is tucked below the desk in northwest corner.

The last Intel is hidden underneath the desk.

When you have the Gold and Intel, continue through the doorway at the east end of this room and follow the corridor to a bunch of large crates. Crouch and move through the opening in the crates; keep an eye on your left for GOLD (7/7). When you reach the Black Sun symbol at the other end, activate Veil Sight and blast any enemies you can see below. When the way seems to be clear, drop down and hold the Y/Triangle button to unlock the Safe. Pick up the Codebook inside to complete the objective.

Objective: Escape the Warehouse.
Follow the marker on your compass and exit Warehouse the same way you entered the level.

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Comments for Warehouse

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Sep 18th 2012 Guest
if you have the cheat menu available and start a game with all veil powers the warehouse mission is available before you go to the dig site. after you clear the way to your driver go back and find the narrow alley with the veil ladder. on the roof go through the hole in the wall, through the door and out the window. turn right and go down and get to the roof below and then to the ground. go left and then to the door with the veil pool next to it. go in that door and out the other to the mission giver and he'll give you the warehouse mission. you can backtrack all the way to the warehouse and do that, but he won't give you the officers house mission until you return from the dig site.
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