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Train Station

Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide - Walkthrough

Train Station

Objective: Meet the Resistance.
Wait until the train comes to a stop, then follow the man through the open door up ahead and drop down the hole that you come to. Press the B/Circle button to crouch and move through the low tunnel here. Move through the next one and continue heading in this direction toward the waterfall in the distance. Use the Y/Triangle button to open the case behind the waterfall to reveal GOLD (1/11). Take the treasure, then click and hold the Left Stick and sprint down the adjacent tunnel. Use the A/X button to hop up the two ledges you come to, and then climb up the ladder at the end.

Once up the ladder you’ll meet Erik Engle. When he is finished speaking, look to the counter on the east side of the room to spot GOLD (2/11) next to an oven. Then, approach the weapons on the table next to the hole you just climbed out of to pick them up. When you have the weapons, proceed into the next room and look for INTEL (1/5) on the diner table to your right. Pick up the Intel and take position by the door at the north end of the room. Three Nazis will soon enter the room, so be ready for them.

Help the rebels kill the Nazis that come through the door.

Objective: Clear out the Nazis.
When the trio of enemies has been taken care of, proceed through the door and look on the cabinet behind the counter straight ahead to spot GOLD (3/11). There are many more enemies in the station through the door at the west end of this room, so don’t just charge in there. You can press the B/Circle button to crouch and hold down the LT/L2 button to look through the iron sight of your MP40. The enemies will likely take cover below the windows next to the door, so wait until they pop up to shoot and then blast them.

Once the doorway is clear, move through and take cover behind the railing there. Take aim and fire at the enemies on the other side of the tracks when they pop out from cover. You can lob a grenade over by pressing the LB/L1 button; hold the button to decrease the detonation time. When you are no longer being fired at, go down the steps and start heading north along the platform. There is likely a Nazi or two at this end, so gun them down before doing anything else.

At the north end of the platform, look for a crate in the alcove up the two steps beyond the pillars; move up to it, and click the Right Stick twice to break it. With the crate out of the way, press the B/Circle button to crouch and move through the low opening to find the case that holds GOLD (4/11). Crouch back through the opening and look on the city map and propaganda bulletin board to spot INTEL (2/5). Continue to the very north end of the platform and look for GOLD (5/11) in the corner there.

Collect enemy Intel to unlock purchasable weapon upgrades.

After collecting the treasure at the north end of the platform, move west across the tracks to the platform on the other side.  Keep an eye out for explosive barrels, as these will explode when shot. When targeting one to take out an enemy, just be careful not to be caught in the blast yourself.

Objective: Dynamite the door.
Before attaching dynamite to the door that your compass is pointing to, make your way to the platform at the west end of the station and hug the wall there. Walk south along this wall while looking to the ground and you’ll soon come across GOLD (6/11). At the edge of the track right across from the gold is INTEL (3/5).

When you have the gold and Intel item, return to the door at the north end of the station. Approach the door and hold the Y/Triangle button when prompted to begin planting the dynamite. With that done, move away from the door until the onscreen proximity indicator disappears to ensure that you won’t be killed in the blast.

Objective: Get to the train.
Follow Erik Engel and the others through the door once it’s been destroyed by the dynamite and crouch behind the train car you come to. There will be some Nazis on the western platform; look for an explosive barrel nearby and set it off with gunfire to hopefully take out a couple of them. The other enemies will likely take cover along the railing at the southwest end of the platform, so consider tossing a grenade or two over to scatter them.

Target conveniently-placed explosive barrels to wipe out nearby enemies.

Keep an eye out for thrown grenades yourself; when the grenade indicator appears onscreen, either move away until it disappears, or frantically search for the thrown grenade and attempt to throw it back. If you’re sitting right on the thrown grenade, press the LB/L1 button to toss it back (when prompted). Unless the grenade is in plain sight, you’ll just want to move away, as attempting to throw it back can be risky.

If you picked up a Kar 98, use it to pick off the remaining enemies on the western platform. Be sure to use the iron sight (hold down LT/L2) to improve accuracy. When the western platform is clear, move in and pick up as much ammunition as you can carry from the dropped weapons. Then, start walking north down the platform and keep an eye on your left. When you come to some crates and barrels, look behind them for a case containing GOLD (7/11).

When you have the gold, continue through the doorway in the middle of the western platform and start toward the stairs at the other end. There is a group of enemies through here, so keep your distance when they appear and take them out before moving on. When the way is clear, look on the desk in the small area between the two sets of steps for INTEL (4/5). Continue all the way up the steps and onto the upper level. Look for GOLD (8/11) next to the desk in the southwest corner of this area.

Fight your way up the stairs.

There are more enemies on the walkway across the two bridges at the east end of the area. Use the Kar 98 to kill any enemies on the walkway, and then cross the bridge, crouch, and move along the railing between the two. There are still more Nazis in the building across from the second set of bridges; hit them through the windows when they pop up to fire (or try to set off the explosive barrel visible through the right-most window), and then continue down either of the bridges and into the next area. INTEL (5/5) is on the desk in the compartment at the north end of this area. GOLD (9/11) is next to some crates near the edge of the platform in the northeast corner.

After collecting the Gold and Intel, climb down the steps at the southeast end of the area and be ready to shoot some Nazis. Kill the enemies downstairs, and then move toward the doorway in the northwest corner. You should be able to see more enemies through here, particularly one on a mounted MG42 behind some sandbags. Kill the gunner with the Kar 98 or a thrown grenade and then take to the others on the platform.

Objective: Use the MG42.
When the platform is clear, approach the mounted MG42 at the north end and take control of it. Use the MG42 to cut down the two waves of enemies that appear. The gun will lock if the meter in the bottom-right corner of the screen fills up, so don’t fire unless there’s something in your sights to avoid having the weapon overheat. When the two waves are down, one of your allies will plant dynamite on the train car. Move away until the dynamite indicator disappears to ensure that you aren’t caught in the blast. The train car seems to have been carrying some strange cargo, as everyone in the near vicinity will be set floating in the air when the dynamite goes off.

Use the MG42 to mow down the approaching Nazis.

Objective: Escape the Station.
Continue through the door behind the MG42 and up the stairs at the northeast end of this area. You’ll encounter two Nazis through the doorway, but another explosion will go off, sending the two of them—and you—floating into the air. Blast the airborne Nazis until they drop their weapons. Once things are back to normal, open the container in the column at the east end of the area between the two sets of steps to collect GOLD (10/11).

Another explosion will go off upstairs. Kill any airborne Nazis you can see, and then quickly head west to the other end of the room. When the environment returns to normal, look around for any grounded Nazis struggling to get back on their feet and quickly finish them off. Then, look in the small compartment between the rubble in the middle of the area for GOLD (11/11) on the ground by some rubble.

Take cover behind the railing at the northeast end of the room. There are some enemies on the platform at the north end; try throwing a grenade up there to hopefully clear most of them out. Throw it at the door and it should bounce back down to the platform. When the way is clear, hop up onto the platform and proceed through the door to Midtown West.

Kill three floating enemies to unlock the “Enemies in a Barrel” achievement or trophy.

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Comments for Train Station

4 comments, latest first.
Sep 30th 2012 Guest
after you go past the door you'll have to dynamite and before you turn left to get the intel and gold, ahesd of you there is a dummy with a target painted on it. put a few rounds into the target with your mp40 and when you go behind it there will be grenades on the floor. they won't be there if you don't shoot it first.
ID #190450
Sep 18th 2012 Guest
just before you enter the compartment where the last gold is, look to the left towards the machine gun in the last big room. the germans at that gun will still be floating from the explosion. you can shoot them while they're up there, then go left back past the line of rubble and you can usually shoot the 2 or 3 floating there. it makes the last big room to the exit a stroll to the door.
ID #187239
Sep 3rd 2012 Guest
ID #183026
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
Brilliant walk thru - helped so much going thru a second time on Uber level
ID #162910