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Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide


As a Soldier, Medic, or Engineer fighting for the Axis or Resistance, players must work together to best the other team in the multiplayer mode.


Wolfenstein offers three different multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Objective, and Stopwatch. Below is a short description of each mode.

Team Deathmatch - The FPS staple multiplayer mode. The two teams battle each other and aim to rack up the higher kill count before the time limit is up. Players respawn in mere seconds to keep the action going.

Objective - Each team must work together to accomplish a common goal. Players on the Resistance side must complete several secondary objectives and then a primary objective ranging from stealing Nazi intel and loading it onto a getaway truck to overloading generators in a Nazi power station. The secondary and primary objectives for the Resistance differ on each map. Players on the Axis side must work together to prevent the Resistance from completing their objectives. The Resistance must complete all of the objectives within the time limit, and the Axis must prevent them from doing so until time runs out.

Stopwatch - Like the Objective multiplayer mode, but with two rounds where the teams take turns being on the Axis side and the Resistance side. The team which completes the Resistance objectives the fastest wins.


Upon entering a match, players must choose from three different classes: Soldier, Medic, or Engineer. Below is an overview of each class and its uses.

Soldier - The main killing force. Has access to the big guns (MP43, Panzerschreck, and Flammenwerfer). Starts with Satchels that can be planted and detonated remotely (press the Y/Triangle button to throw, and Y/Triangle button again to set it off). Can use the Veil Strike Veil Power.

Medic - Responsible for healing teammates and dispensing health packs (Y/Triangle button). Can only use the MP40 or the Kar 98. Healing Aura Veil Power allows the Medic to heal nearby teammates and can be upgraded to heal him at the same time. Can also revive downed allies to eliminate spawn time. At least one Medic is a must for any team. Effective Medics should keep an eye on allies’ health bars and dispense health packs as necessary.

Engineer - Can dispense ammo packs (Y/Triangle button), complete every objective in Objective and Stopwatch games, and build ladders, cover, bridges, MG42 emplacements, and so on. Can only use the MP40 or the Kar 98. At least one Engineer is absolutely required for an Objective or Stopwatch game. Though every class can complete some of the objectives, only Engineers can plant/diffuse dynamite or build structures. Can use the Veil Speed power to greatly increase movement speed, making them effective at getting away with documents, artifacts, or catching up with fleeing enemies.

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