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Black Sun

Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide - Walkthrough

Black Sun

Grab the ammo on the table along the walkway and approach the portal at the other end to face Hans Grosse.

Objective: Defeat Hans Grosse (Phase 1)
Hans Grosse is on the platform in the middle of the arena. A shield surrounds the platform, so you must use Empower to plug through it. The Leichenfaust 44 is the weapon to use here; it’s even better if fully upgraded. Dodge the line of bullets at the start, equip the Leichenfaust 44 if you haven’t already, activate Empower, and blast Hans Grosse through the shield.

If you’re playing on the normal difficulty level and have a fully-upgraded Leichenfaust 44, Hans Grosse should falter for the first time after only one hit. After he falls to one knee, he’ll destroy one of the pillars circling the platform. There’s a Veil Energy source on each pillar; immediately after downing Hans Grosse, deactivate Empower, activate Shield, and sprint toward one of the approaching pillars.

Use Empower to hit Hans Grosse through the shield surrounding the platform.

The pillars are fast, so don’t try chasing after one; sprint to an approaching one and hug it to be pushed around the arena. You’ll restore some Veil Energy (a half or three-fourths of your meter depending on the upgrades you’ve purchased) while hugging one of the pillars. When the Veil Energy source disappears, activate Shield and Empower. Then, fire at Hans Grosse while sprinting toward another approaching pillar. You should be able to hit Hans Grosse once or twice before your Veil Energy is completely depleted.

When you reach another pillar, allow it to push you around the arena. If you downed Hans Grosse and he destroys the pillar you’re hiding behind, activate Shield and Empower and sprint towards another approaching pillar. Even if the pillar you hide behind is destroyed soon after you reach it, your Veil Energy should have been restored enough to allow you to seek out another without taking too much damage.

Repeat the above strategy until Hans Grosse falls. At that point, approach him, press the Y/Triangle button to grab him, and then RT/R2 to have B.J. stab him with the Shield crystal.

Completing first phase of the Hans Grosse battle.

Objective: Defeat Hans Grosse (Phase 2)
You’ve lost the Shield power, so you must be especially careful here. During this phase, Hans Grosse will race around the arena and fire his machine guns at you. When he’s damaged significantly, he’ll retreat to the sky and shower the area with missiles. There are plenty of obstacles to hide behind but Hans Grosse’s speed can be a problem. The Mire power can fix that, though.

At the start of the round, head straight and turn left when you reach the wall. Continue heading south until you encounter Hans Grosse. If you reach him fast enough he should be inactive; don’t shoot him yet, as you’re shots won’t register until he starts moving. When he speeds off, head a bit further south until you come to spinning cog on a pillar with a Veil Pool beneath it. Wait around here until Hans Grosse appears, at which point activate Mire and fire at him with the Leichenfaust 44 (or, if you’re out of ammo, another weapon such as the Particle Cannon) until he falters and retreats to the sky. Deactivate Mire as soon as you see him falter to conserve energy.

Use Mire to slow Hans Grosse down.

While in the sky, Hans Grosse will fire missiles at you. Stand in the Veil Pool under the spinning cog on the pillar to restore some of your Veil Energy, and also shield yourself from the falling missiles. The Veil Pool will soon disappear, but will eventually reappear, allowing you to restore even more energy. Remain below the cog until Hans Grosse lands. Even while Hans Grosse is on the ground, remain around the cog so you can return to it as soon as he takes to the sky. When you encounter Hans Grosse, activate Mire and fire at him until he falters, or until you run out of Veil Energy.

Repeat the above strategy until Hans Grosse falls. Then, approach him, press the Y/Triangle button, and then RT/R2 to have B.J. stab him with the Mire crystal.

Completing second phase of the Hans Grosse battle.

Objective: Defeat Hans Grosse (Phase 3)
When you hit the ground, collect the ammo on the tables below the tent (particularly the Leichenfaust 44 ammo) and start toward the walkway to the east. Hans Grosse is sitting on the side of the mountain further up; he’ll continuously fire missiles along the path, so you’ll have to sprint through. It’s nearly impossible to get through this without taking damage, but dodge the missiles to avoid taking a direct hit, which would surely result in death.

Once you’re past Hans Grosse, stand on the magic lift at the end of the path to ascend to the next level. Here, look up to spot a mass of red crystals. Fire at the red crystals with your Leichenfaust 44 to destroy the rock bridge. Make your way to the end of the path to uncover a Veil Ladder.

Completing third phase of Hans Grosse battle.

Objective: Defeat Hans Grosse (Phase 4)
Before climbing up the Veil Ladder, equip the Tesla Gun. There are Sniffers at the top of the ladder, so sprint away from them as soon as you’re at the top of the ladder and use the Tesla Gun to zap them. When the first batch of Sniffers has been taken care of, start down the path. More Sniffers will appear, so zap them with the Tesla Gun and continue following the path. At one point the Sniffers seem to spawn indefinitely, so you’ll have to sprint through while holding down RT/R2 to reach the pillar Grosse is standing on.

When you reach the pillar, Grosse will hop off and run to the end of the path. There, he will continuously fire at you as you approach. Sprint and dodge to the side to avoid taking damage, and then hit Grosse with gunfire to push him off of the ledge. You should automatically begin to ascend to the final battleground.

Hit Hans Grosse with gunfire to push him off of the edge.

With Empower and a fully-upgraded Particle Cannon you can end this fight quite quickly. Sprint to the machine in the middle of the arena and take cover behind some rubble as Hans Grosse descends. Equip your Particle Cannon (which you should have plenty of ammo for) and wait until Hans Grosse steps off of the lift.

With Hans Grosse in your sights, activate Empower and move around while firing at him with your Particle Cannon. While hitting him with the beam, dodge to the side to avoid taking fire. Grosse is weak at this point, so even if you don’t have enough Particle Cannon ammo, any other big weapon with Empower would do.

Continue attacking Grosse until he falls. Then, approach him, press the Y/Triangle button, and then RT/R2 to have B.J. stab him with the last crystal. That last stab will do him in.

Defeating Hans Grosse.

That’s it; you’ve just completed the Wolfenstein single player campaign! Be sure to sit through the credits to view an additional cutscene.

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Comments for Black Sun

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Feb 23rd 2013 M T Mabowels
Never mind, I've done it. All I had to do was to wait for an explosion then run along to the next circle thing with glowing plasma in the middle and jump through the plasma.

There you have it.
ID #257672
Feb 23rd 2013 M T Mabowels
Yeah, does anyone know how to get back to the Zeppelin after defeating Hans Grosse?
ID #257663
Feb 23rd 2013 Guest
I beat him as he came down on the platform too. I was then told to escape back to the Zeppelin. Found myself in an area back in the Catacombs. I couldn't find any way out. Was awarded a couple of trophies when I arrived at this point. I tried jumping down to a lower level but I just died and was forced to restart back at the bottom of the veil ladder. So I suppose I have to kill the sod again just to get back to the tunnel to the Zeppelin.
ID #257656
Jan 17th 2013 Guest
good for you. the best part of beating it on uber is you don't ever have to go near that level again. i must have died about 142 times before i got through it.
ID #243633
Dec 26th 2012 Guest
I beat it!!!!! On Uber!!!-Audery
ID #229020
Oct 20th 2012 Joe Banana
Hans is ridiculously easy at the last level. The MP43 with empower as he descends takes him out with about a 30-45 round burst.

ID #198941
Sep 19th 2012 Guest
if your particle cannon is fully upgraded have it equipped as you float up to the top level and as soon as you have control run towards the platform just a bit to the left (about 11 o'clock). stay back from the platform just enough so you can see hans when he lands on it. when he does hit him with the cannon and leave it on him all the way down. when the platform reaches the ground hans is done.
ID #187467
Dec 30th 2011 Guest
Thanx for the guide, I only used it when I couldn't figure out what to do.
Was very helpful!
ID #100733
Dec 29th 2011 Guest
thanks! this guide was awesome. i finally got 100%.
ID #100327
Dec 28th 2011 Guest
Good Advice. I was on the ending for days, needed that info to give me a game plan. Parts of Wolfenstein are very hard, I was surprised it was so hard. I have to say though, it might be the best First Person Shooter game I've ever played, and I've played games for 30 years, from the original castle wolfenstein on archaic computers to Dragon's Lair (first ever First Person game with photo like graphics) to Zelda, to Fable, to Doom, to the original Madden, to Call of Duty Black Ops and so on. Wolfenstein could be the best game I've ever played. Epic and beyond. - Play on Players. TC (in CALI)
ID #99897
Dec 16th 2011 Guest
Awsome mate! This fight was hell for a while. Couldn't have done it without you. Tanx alot!!!
ID #95363
Sep 1st 2011 Guest
very good guide helped in hard areas
ID #71734
Jun 30th 2011 Guest
Great guide, thanks.
ID #53596
Jun 25th 2011 Guest
I was having trouble until i read you guide thanks a lot!
ID #51960
Jun 24th 2011 Guest
Hans Grosse Part 4: Why not have the game save just before going up to the last area, and gee, Hans Grosse is NOT weak...He is tougher than spit now.
ID #51869