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Radio Tower

Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide - Side Missions

Radio Tower

This mission starts Downtown and is unlocked after Castle. After completing Castle, look for a Mission Giver icon on the map of Downtown and make your way over to it to trigger a cutscene. When you regain control, kill the two Nazis and then equip your MP43. You must defend the man from Nazis while he overloads the tower.

The biggest threats here are the Jetpack Troopers. Due to their presence, avoid taking control of one of the mounted MP42s at the start; instead, crouch, activate Empower, and fire at the first Jetpack Troopers with your MP43 or MP40 to shoot him out of the sky. Then, hop on one of the MP42s and start firing at the Nazis in the street below. If you’re taking too damage, get off the gun and crouch to avoid taking fire. Another Jetpack Trooper will soon appear overhead, so step away from the MG42 and take him out before doing anything else.

Defend the agent while he disables the Nazi tower.

Two Elite Guards will eventually show up; be careful, as they are quite quick and will run up to melee you. Elite Guards can also spawn Despoiled using the bodies of fallen Nazis, so be ready to switch to your Particle Cannon or to activate Empower.

When the area is clear, ensure that “Radio Tower” is set as your active mission and follow the marker on your compass to the mission start point in Downtown West.

Objective: Get to the Roof.
Go through the double-door along the south wall and shoot the Nazis standing outside. INTEL (1/4) is on the table just past the door. There are some enemies hiding behind mobile shields at the other end of the street. There’s a Veil Inhibitor further up, so hang back at the sandbags and pick off the shielded Nazis with your MP43 or MP40 and Empower active. Shoot at the highlighted generators at the base of the portable shields to disable them.

When the street is clear, start through the archways along the west side and look for GOLD (1/8) behind the pile of rubble under them. Then, go to the southeast end of the street, activate Veil Sight, and look for a Veil Ladder along the side of the building there. Climb up to the top of the ladder, open the door on the balcony, and open the container in the small room to find GOLD (2/8).

The way to the Radio Tower is abound with Nazis.

After collecting the Gold, drop back down to street level and start west toward the mounted MG42 and sandbags. Take control of the MG42 and gun down the Nazis as they come through the tunnel. There’s a Scribe among them, so activate Empower and continue firing if he’s shielding his allies. With that, walk to the end of the tunnel and step into the corridor there. Move to the end of the corridor and look for GOLD (3/8) in the northeast corner of the walkway in the display room there.

Take the stairs near the shielded door up to the second floor walkway. Look for TOME (1/1) in the broken display case on the east side of the walkway. Use the switch further up to deactivate the shield door below. Remain on the walkway and pick off the Nazis that come through the door when the shield is lowered. Watch out for the Elite Guard especially.

Proceed through the deactivated shield door at the bottom of the stairs when the room is clear. In the next room, approach the doorway at the north end. A shield blocks your path. Activate Empower and sprint to the double-door at the other end of the room. A Scribe and a few soldiers will come through, so quickly gun them down as well as the troops that come through the side door. When the Heavy Trooper breaks through the wall, clear out any remaining enemies, then take to breaking the crystals on his shoulders and back to destroy him.

A Veil Heavy Trooper will break through one of the walls on the first floor of the museum.

With that, use the switch through the opening that the Heavy Trooper created to deactivate the shield. Through the doorway, look for GOLD (4/8) in the northwest corner by the vent. After collecting the Gold, crouch and enter the vent. At the other end of the vent, kill the two soldiers standing by the shield door, then walk up the ramp across from it and jump onto the large, unbreakable crates. Walk to the end of the boards and jump onto the pipes along the wall. From there, jump up onto the platform and open the container at the end to find GOLD (5/8).

When you have the Gold, jump back down to the boards and activate Veil Sight. Climb up the Veil Ladder to reach a higher platform, and start through the vent along the wall there. Make your way to the other end of the vent and drop down to the area below. Kill the soldiers in this room, and then look for INTEL (2/4) on the desk across from the lockers along the east wall. Continue through the doorway and look for GOLD (6/8) in the corner at the south end of the hall.

Move through the doorway at the top of the steps and kill the soldiers in the stairway. Sprint up the steps and enter the hallway at the top. INTEL (3/4) is attached to the wall by the door at the other end of the hall. Open the door and step out onto the rooftop.

Objective: Disable the Shield Door.
There are snipers on the building across the street, so switch to your Kar 98 and take them out. Activate Veil Sight and you should be able to spot an explosive barrel; set it off to hopefully wipe out most of the group. When the building across the street is clear, look for GOLD (7/8) along the storage shed in the southwest corner of the rooftop.

Use the Panzerschreck to destroy the electric generator through the window in the building across the street.

Equip your Panzerschreck (there’s some ammo for it on the table at the north end of the rooftop) and activate Veil Sight. Look for an open window on the building across the street. Take aim and blast the highlighted energy source to disable the shield blocking the way to the tower.

Objective: Destroy the Nazi Tower.
After disabling the shield door, head up the steps and through the doorway at the top. There are more soldiers up here, so be ready with Empower. Target the explosive barrel and the explosion will most likely set off a Veil Energy container, sending your enemies floating in the air. When the enemies have been dealt with, proceed down the steps in the northwest corner to reach an AA Gun. Before taking control, go through the double-door in the northeast corner and look along the north wall of this room to find INTEL (4/4).

Once you’ve collected the Intel, hop on the AA Gun. A number of Jetpack Troopers will appear, so gun them down before targeting the Nazi tower.

Use the AA Gun on the rooftop to bring down the Nazi Tower.

Objective: Escape the Building.
When the tower is destroyed, go through the opening that was created in the southeast corner. Make your way to the other end of the room and drop through the opening in the floor. Run through the flames straight ahead and open the container on the steps to find GOLD (8/8). After collecting the Gold, follow the marker on your compass down the stairs until you’re back on street level. Proceed through the double-door at the other end of the street to complete the mission.

Once back in Downtown, report your success to Hans Schmidt at the Kreisau Circle Safe House. If this is your first time visiting the safe house since completing Castle, you’ll have to defend the safe house from a Nazi attack immediately after reporting to Schmidt.

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Comments for Radio Tower

3 comments, latest first.
Jan 19th 2013 Guest
if it doesn't work you can go back to midtown the with the same path you took to get downtown. work your way to the street where you exited the cannery and at the far end a garage door will now be open. go in and the door on the right will take you back to downtown. after that you can use the door from either side.
ID #244035
Oct 17th 2012 Guest
you might have to destroy the two small radio towers for this to work, but after you defend the safe house get the airfield mission from engle. if you go back to the safe house and out the hole the heavy trooper made, enter the door across the street, then through the door at the other end. the next door you come to will now take you back to midtown east. you get to the other end of the long street where you exited the cannery.
ID #197378
Aug 4th 2011 Guest
Thanks for all of your guides........They've been terrific help in finding items in this game. Love this game too.
ID #64142