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Officer's House

Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide - Side Missions

Officer’s House

After completing Warehouse, set “Speak with the Partisan” as your active mission and follow the marker on your compass to the wounded agent in the Kreisau Circle Safe House.

Objective: Find General Kraig.
Go through the first door, gun down the two Nazis in the room through the archway, and look for GOLD (1/11) between the table and heater along the north wall. Then, approach the desk next to the door and hold the Y/Triangle button to search the desk to find INTEL (1/4). When you have the Intel and Gold, return to the first room and head through the doorway below the stairs. Follow the corridor to the kitchen, take out any enemies there, and then look below the sink along the north wall in the second kitchen for GOLD (2/11).

Fight your way through the house in search of General Kraig.

Head through the door in the southwest corner of the kitchen and start up the stairs. GOLD (3/11) is next to the dresser at the east end of the room at the top of the stairs. Back downstairs, use the elevator in the southeast corner of the kitchen to reach the second floor. On the second floor, turn into the room on the left and look for INTEL (2/4) on top of the chest in front of the first bunk bed along the west wall. Look for GOLD (4/11) under the second bunk bed along the west wall.

When you have the Gold and Intel, make your way to the end of the hall to reach the stairway. Proceed through the doorway up ahead and then through the door at the other end of this room. GOLD (5/11) and GOLD (6/11) are on the table along the north wall of this bedroom. Return to the stairway and head up to the third floor. Go through the door at the other end of the railing and blast the enemies in this room. GOLD (7/11) is in the armoire to your right as soon as you enter the room, and GOLD (8/11) is along the south wall of the seating area. Open the glass double-door and search the desk along the south wall for INTEL (3/4). GOLD (9/11) sits on the same desk.

Approach the bookcase along the east wall of this room and look for a highlighted book. Use this book to open a secret room.

Objective: Kill the General.
As soon as the bookcase slides open, fire at General Kraig until he falls.

Use the highlighted book to uncover General Kraig’s hiding place.

Objective: Find the Decoder.
GOLD (10/11) and GOLD (11/11) are in the northwest corner of the secret area. Search the highlighted cabinet to find INTEL (4/4). Toggle Veil Sight and fire at the painting on the south wall to uncover a safe. Unlock the safe to find the Decoder. Open the small container below the painting to find TOME (1/1).

Objective: Escape the House.
Leave the room, fight your way down the stairs to the first floor, and exit back to Midtown West.

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