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Veil Powers

Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide

Veil Powers

The Thule Medallion image in the bottom-left corner of the screen displays your Veil Powers. Using Veil Powers requires Veil Energy; the meter along the bottom-half of the Thule Medallion image will deplete while one or more Veil Powers are active. To recharge your medallion, stand in a Veil Pool, next to a wall Veil Energy source, or absorb energy from a Veil Energy container.

As with your other weapons, you can upgrade Veil. The following upgrades are available under the “Veil” section of the Upgrade Purchase menu.

Inner Light ($1500) - Increase Veil Energy pool (2 Tomes).
Veil Sight ($2000) - See enemies through walls and other solid matter (4 Tomes).
Inner Brilliance ($1500) - Increase Veil Energy pool further (8 Tomes).
Crystal Harmony ($2000) - Increase Veil Energy pool to maximum amount (16 Tomes).

Veil Sight
Found: Dig Site.
Description: Used to reveal hidden Veil Doors, Veil Ladders, and to highlight enemy weak points and secrets. Also increases movement speed. Consumes the least amount of Veil Energy, so use this rather than another power when the need to use a Veil Door or Veil Ladder arises.

Found: Dig Site.
Description: Slow time to dodge bullets (such as those from an MG42), traps, and other projectiles. Can also be used to slow down quick enemies such as the Veil Assassin. Drains Veil Energy noticeably quicker than other powers.
Available Upgrades: Slowing Crystal ($1000) - Enemies move even slower while Mire is active.
Shearing Crystal ($3000) - Projectiles damage nearby enemies and objects when Mire is activated.

Found: Farm.
Description: Stop enemy bullets and explosions (provided they go off outside of the shield). Enemies can still melee you, however, and those within the protective ring can even shoot you, so don’t get too comfortable.
Available Upgrades: Reflective Crystal ($1000) - Stopped bullets bounce back.
Reactive Crystal ($3000) - Shield will disintegrate some enemies who touch it.

Found: Hospital.
Description: Damage output is greatly increased while this power is active and you can shoot through Veil Shields. Weapon accuracy also greatly improves.
Available Upgrades: Piercing Crystal ($1000) - Attacks can pass through most light cover such as boxes, crates, and so on.
Penetrating Crystal ($2000) - Attacks can pass through metal, stone, and concrete.

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Comments for Veil Powers

3 comments, latest first.
Apr 12th 2015 Guest
That's why explore Midtown first - getting all the tomes, items and gold you can - and only then go to the Dig Site. You can get easily get necessary tomes before going to the mission, just search.
ID #541791
Sep 19th 2012 Guest
you get veil power at the dig site when you get the medallion, but veil sight isn't available until you collect 4 tomes. since veil sight is rather useless until you upgrade empower, it's better to wait until you have all the tomes and get it for free automatically.
ID #187455
Aug 17th 2010 Guest
Maps very usefull and the mire shear effect kills most enemies, but who could stand up to a tempral shift? I crashed on the big bug kill no bullets and no where to run. There was no rerun because the file was trashed; likely because of replaying older missions that had addons.
ID #9175