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Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide


Scribe - Can shield allies and self, throw projectiles, and use the Veil Speed power. Before you have access to Empower, use your Kar 98 to headshot the Scribe while he is busy shielding his allies. Once you have Empower, use it along with an upgraded MP43 or MP40.

Heavy Trooper - A heavily-armoured, Particle Cannon-wielding enemy. Though quite fearsome, Heavy Troopers can be brought down without too much difficulty. Switch on Veil Sight and you’ll see that the crystals on the Heavy Troopers shoulders are his weak points. Shatter both of these crystals with gunfire and a third crystal will rise up from the back of his armor; blast this last crystal and he’s finished.

The trick to beating a Heavy Trooper is to stay close and circle around him to avoid his deadly Particle Cannon. The Mire ability can come in handy here, though the Heavy Trooper possesses the ability to temporarily disable your Veil Powers. If done quickly enough, you can activate Mire, take aim to shatter the two crystals on his shoulders, and then destroy the crystal that appears behind his neck before he is able to deactivate your power.

When all three crystals have been shattered, keep your distance, as the Heavy Trooper will soon explode. If you lack Veil Energy and come up against a Heavy Trooper, just get really close to him and circle around firing your gun without aiming in an attempt to shatter the crystals on his shoulders. Then, back away and blast the third crystal to put an end to him.

Despoiled - These undead enemies move quickly and can throw projectiles with considerable accuracy. The Particle Cannon, Tesla Gun, or Leichenfaust 44 will make short work of this enemy, but if you lack ammo or don’t have access to those weapons you may have a tougher time. The Despoiled seems to be immune to Mire, so just keep your distance and hit him with an upgraded MP40 or MP43 and Empower (if unlocked). Elite Guards can summon these enemies using the bodies of fallen Nazis.

Sniffers - Feral enemies that travel in packs and can inflict lethal melee damage. Sniffers can only swipe when close, so the key to killing a pack of them unscathed is to keep your distance. Back away from approaching Sniffers and fire at them; they don’t take much to kill. You can target the machinery strapped to their backs to cause them to explode.

Veil Assassin - This frighteningly fast enemy remains cloaked until he strikes he is ready to strike his target. While cloaked, Veil Assassins can be seen with Veil Sight. If you have Veil Energy, you can use Mire to slow him down. Then, get behind him after he misses an attack and continuously hit him with gunfire until he falls. If you don’t have enough Veil Energy to make this tactic worthwhile, killing a Veil Assassin just comes down to reaction time. It doesn’t take much to kill an Assassin, but they’re deadly at close-range.

Facing a Veil Assassin can be tough in narrow corridors. Just don’t back yourself into a corner if you see him running at you; try dodging his initial swipe, as he is slow to recover after an attack. The Particle Cannon can make short work of him, but if you don’t have any ammo for that weapon, an upgraded MP40 or MP43 should work just as well.

Drache Trooper - Wields a Flammenwerfer (flamethrower), so keep your distance when you spot one to avoid being set aflame. Activate Empower and attack the Drache Trooper with your MP43 or MP40. He moves very slowly, so all in all he isn’t much of a threat as long as you’re aware of his presence while he’s distant.

Jetpack Trooper - Flying enemies that drop explosives. Seek cover and use Empower and an upgraded MP43 or an upgraded Kar 98 to shoot them out of the sky.

Elite Guard - Quick female warriors who excel in close quarters combat. Some wield a whip-like weapon that can launch projectiles. Very deadly if they manage to get up close as their strikes will cause you to stagger, so back away when you spot one and continuously fire until she falls. Can summon Despoiled using the bodies of fallen Nazis.

Altered - A large brute of an enemy. The first is encountered via a boss battle to end a level, and those encountered after it can be dissolved with ease using the Leichenfaust 44 weapon.

Geist - These creatures are only visible while Veil is active. While not enemies per se, those in the area can become hostile if you kill one of their kind. Killing a Geist that is floating near an enemy will often cause a stream of electricity to zap that enemy. Don’t use this tactic too often though, as the next time you enter Veil you may find yourself overwhelmed by hostile Geists.

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Comments for Enemies

3 comments, latest first.
Apr 2nd 2015 Guest
Two rounds from a damage upgraded Panzershrek will take out a Heavy Trooper.
ID #536883
Mar 25th 2014 Professor Lion
Killing Assassins: The Flammenwerfer works VERY WELL, even if you can't see your enemy. Even if he is "In Your Face." If he is this close though, you may kill him just as he kills you. Best Bet: Flame him as he is coming at you. One or two blasts is usually enough.
ID #368150
Sep 18th 2012 Guest
if you have the big bore upgrade for the mp43, that with empower will kill a heavy trooper fairly quickly.
ID #187229