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SS Headquarters

Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide - Side Missions

SS Headquarters

This mission becomes available after Hospital. Look for a Mission Giver icon on the map of Midtown—most likely in Midtown East near the Golden Dawn Safe House—and make your way over there. Speak to the man there to get started. Set SS Headquarters as your active quest and follow the marker on your compass to the mission start point.

Objective: Look for information.
Blast the Nazis in the reception area and then look for GOLD (1/7) on a file cabinet behind the front desk. Search the same file cabinet to find INTEL (1/4). Proceed through the door in the northwest corner of the room and move down the hall until you reach the next area. Gun down the enemies here, and then enter the storage room in the southwest corner. Open the container on the shelf to find GOLD (2/7). Look for GOLD (3/7) and INTEL (2/4) through the door along the same wall.

Collect the Gold and enemy Intel behind the front desk.

When you have the Intel and Gold, return to the previous room, walk back down the hall, and head up the stairs there. At the top of the stairs, go through the door along the north wall. Kill the Nazis in here, then look for GOLD (4/7) on the desk with the two typewriters and search the file cabinet along the same wall for INTEL (3/4). With that, leave the room and step into the hallway next to the stairs. Start down the hall and turn right when you can. Go through the door along the north wall and look for GOLD (5/7) on the desk in this room and search the highlighted file cabinet to find INTEL (4/4).

After collecting the Gold and Intel, walk to the north end of the hall to complete the objective.

Objective: Access the Office and destroy the Veil Inhibitor.
Go through the door at the south end of the hall and then through the door in the southwest corner of this room. Climb up the ladder and destroy the Veil Inhibitor in the attic.

Objective: Find Prisoner Location.
Before leaving the attic, unlock the safe in the northeast corner to find GOLD (6/7). Climb back down the ladder and go through the door at the start of the hall. Toggle Veil Sight and move through the Veil Door between the two file cabinets along the north wall. Interact with the billboard along the west wall of this room to complete the objective.

Steal the prisoner location map to complete the objective.

Objective: Escape the Building.
You’ll have to grab the last Gold on your way out, since the door to the basement was previously locked. Head back down the stairs and fire at the Nazis waiting for you there. Rather than returning to the reception room, go down the hall to the office space there and enter the second door along the west wall. Upon entering this room, turn right and open the door there. Take the stairs down to the basement and look for GOLD (7/7) next to the Veil Pool behind the shelf.

With that, follow the marker on your compass to a sewer grate, climb down the ladder, and travel through the sewers back to Midtown East.

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Comments for SS Headquarters

2 comments, latest first.
Oct 17th 2012 Guest
you can do both the ss hq and the paranormal hq after the farm, but not until you go to the golden dawn safe house and get the hospital mission.
ID #197376
Jan 26th 2011 Guest
You can actually access the SS Headquarters right after the Farm
ID #26872