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Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide - Walkthrough


Follow the marker on your compass to reach Downtown. If you haven’t already, purchase the Sniper Scope and other upgrades for the Kar 98, as you’ll definitely need them for the mission to come. Once Downtown, continue following the marker to reach the new Kreisau Circle Safe House. You’ll have to travel through the sewers to get there. Speak to Erik Engle to start the next mission, and then follow the marker on your compass to the mission start point. Use the truck to travel to Castle.

Objective: Storm the Outer Courtyard.
Sprint to the gatehouse at the end of the bridge. There, look for a narrow ledge along the right side of the gatehouse wall. Walk along the ledge, jump up onto the boulder, and look for GOLD (1/16) on the piece of stone behind it.

Finding the first valuable of the level.

Continue through the gatehouse and take cover along the bridge. There’s a mounted MG42 and a couple of snipers in the windows above the portcullis. Equip your Kar 98 and use it to take out the gunner and snipers. Another soldier will likely take control of the MG42 soon after the first gunner is killed, so keep it clear. With that, move up and pick off the soldiers in the gatehouse.

In the gatehouse, take cover behind the large, unbreakable crate and use your Kar 98 to take out the soldiers along the walkway and in the gatehouse across the bridge to the west. There will be some Jetpack Troopers flying above the next bridge; these guys drop a ridiculous amount of explosives, so remain in the gatehouse and shoot them down with Empower and your MP43 or an upgraded Kar 98. Before leaving the gatehouse, look for INTEL (1/6) next to the unbreakable crate in the northeast corner.

When the gatehouse at the other end of the bridge seems to be clear, start across. Be careful, however, as there may be some stragglers who can take control of the mounted MG42s there. When the gatehouse is completely clear, cross to the other end of the bridge to complete the objective.

Objective: Infiltrate the Inner Courtyard.
Move through the gatehouse to reach the next area. Look for GOLD (2/16) next to one of the large, unbreakable crates on the platform along the southwest wall of the gate. There’s a Veil Pool next to the south tower through the gate, so sprint over to it and recharge your medallion if necessary. You’ll encounter a Despoiled through the gate, so be ready with your Particle Cannon or Empower and an upgraded MP40 or MP43. When the Despoiled has been taken care of, destroy the Veil Inhibitor at the west end of the area

Nearby Veil Inhibitors will prevent you from activating Veil Powers.

Activate Veil Sight and look for a Veil Door next to the gate at the north end of the area. Through the Veil Door, look for INTEL (2/6) on top of the large, unbreakable crate through the open gate. After collecting the Intel, proceed through the door at the other end of the room to reach the inner courtyard.

Objective: Cross the Inner Courtyards.
Upon entering the inner courtyard, turn right and head east to the unbreakable crates along the wall there; look for GOLD (3/16) on the ground behind the crates. Head up the steps along the north wall. A wave of enemies will appear from around the corner, so be ready with your Particle Cannon, Tesla Gun, or Empower and an upgraded MP40 or MP43.

Up the steps, look for GOLD (4/16) on top of the haystack along the wall. When you have the Gold, follow the marker on your compass until you encounter some more enemies. At the top of the incline, kill the enemies in the shelter at the top of the steps, and look behind the sandbags in front of the tower at the west end of the walkway for GOLD (5/16). Look for GOLD (6/16) behind the two stacked unbreakable crates in the corner across from the steps.

Use your Kar 98 to pick off the soldiers on the upper walkway.

When you have the Gold, use your Kar 98 to kill the enemies on the upper walkway at the west end of the area, and then sprint to the other end of the wall. Enter the tower through the door next to the portcullis. Look for GOLD (7/16) below the wooden steps in the tower. With that, proceed through the door at the top of the steps.

Objective: Raise the Portcullis.
Activate Veil Sight and move through the Veil Door at the end of the corridor. Kill the two enemies on the walkway and those in the area below and then jump down. Take the Leichenfaust 44 and exit through the door along the south wall. Blast the portcullis with the Leichenfaust 44 and fire another shot at the Altered outside to dissolve him. Shoot the second portcullis along the north wall to complete the objective.

One hit from the Leichenfaust 44 and the Altered is as good as gone.

Objective: Ascend to the Inner Keep.
Proceed through the gate and go through the opening in the wall at the end of the corridor. Look for GOLD (8/16) behind the lift. Step on the lift and use the switch to travel up. When the lift reaches its destination, head down the steps and go through the door. Open the container in this room to find GOLD (9/16).

With that, head up the steps and go outside. Step onto the walkway and stand in the Veil Pool there to restore your Veil Energy. Stand on the highlighted panel next to the Veil Pool. The gate into the inner keep will remain open while this switch is pressed down, but will close when you step off. While standing on the pressure switch, activate Mire and sprint through the open gate.

Objective: Search the Inner Keep.
Destroy the Veil Inhibitor in the hallway and blast the Nazis there. At the end of the hall, you should be able to see another Veil Inhibitor at the other end of the dining room below. Destroy that Veil Inhibitor, and then look for yet another one at the other end of the walkway. Look for GOLD (10/16) on top of two stacked containers along the west side of the walkway.

Activate Veil Sight to reveal a secret passage through the fireplace in the castle dining room.

Head down the stairs to the dining room, kill any enemies (there’s a Scribe and maybe a Despoiled among them, so be careful) and then approach the fireplace at the north end. If you haven’t destroyed the Veil Inhibitor next to the fireplace yet, do so, then activate Veil Sight and move through the Veil Door in the fireplace. Drop down the opening in the floor at the other end of the corridor. Kill the Sniffers that charge you, and continue into the next room. There’s a ton of exotic ammo for your weapons in this room, and GOLD (11/16) and GOLD (12/16) can be found on the ground next to the table. Toggle Veil Sight and look for a highlighted panel along the south wall; break it to reveal TOME (1/2). Be sure to grab the Tesla Batteries by the Veil Pool across from the table as well.

After collecting the ammo, Gold, and Tome of Power, backtrack to the ladder and through the Veil Door to the dining room. Head up the stairs at the east end of the dining room and kill the enemy troops at the top. Look for GOLD (13/16) behind the crate and painting along the start of the walkway. Kill the Nazis at the other end and destroy the Veil Inhibitor there. Go through the door at the southeast end of the walkway and look for GOLD (14/16) on the floor there. Careful, as there is likely an enemy in this room.

Look for Gold behind the container and painting along the walkway.

When you have the Gold, proceed through the metal door at the other end of the corridor.

Objective: Disable Lower Shields.
Push through to the south end of the walkway and look for INTEL (3/6) on the desk there. Clear out the enemies in the area at the bottom of the steps and search the highlighted cabinet along the east wall for INTEL (4/6). INTEL (5/6) is attached to the wall by the locked door at the southwest end of the area. When you have the Intel, proceed through the doorway in the northwest corner.

Make your way to the shield door at the other end of the corridor. Use the switch next to the shield door to complete the objective.

Objective: Disable the Upper Shields.
You’ll encounter an Altered in the dining room, so take out the Leichenfaust 44 and blast him with it. When the way is clear, cross to the other end of the dining room and move through the door directly across from the one you just came through. Start down the corridor and be on the lookout for three stacked crates with a lantern on top. Crouch and look for GOLD (15/16) between the two crates that form the bottom of the stack.

Use the Leichenfaust 44 to kill the Altered in the castle dining room.

Continue to the other end of the corridor and you’ll come to a Veil Energy container and a table with some ammo for your weapons on it. Stock up and continue through the doorway further ahead. Switch on Veil Sight and be ready with your Tesla Gun or Leichenfaust 44, as there’s three Veil Assassins and a Scribe in the castle library. Take your time moving through this area, as facing all four enemies at once would likely spell disaster. When the Scribe and trio of Assassins have been dealt with, continue up the steps at the south end of the library.

At the top of the steps, look for INTEL (6/6) on the table along the right side. Then, make your way to the metal door at the northeast end of the upper level and then through the metal door at the other end of the room you come to. Use the switch to deactivate the shield door and complete the objective.

Objective: Intercept Hans Grosse.
Fight your way to the other end of the dining room and head up the steps to reach the walkway. Follow the marker on your compass until you reach another walkway overlooking a room. Look for two narrow beams connected to the walkway; jump over the railing and onto one of the beams, and cross over to the small office at the other end. Drop down through the opening in the roof and unlock the safe inside the office to find TOME (2/2).

Finding the second Tome of Power.

After collecting the Tome of Power, follow the marker on your compass back up to the walkway and continue through the metal door at the other end. Activate Veil Sight and move through the Veil Door in the small room. Make your way to the other end of the corridor and proceed through the door there to reach a room with a ton of ammo for all of your weapons. GOLD (16/16) is in the southwest corner of this room. Stock up and continue through the wooden door at the other end of the room. Head up the stairs to trigger a cutscene.

Objective: Defeat the Queen Geist.
When you regain control, immediately start firing at the Queen Geist’s face and chest. Don’t let up until she falls on her side. Then, direct your fire to one of the two visible Egg Sacks on her side. Continuously fire at the Egg Sack until it is destroyed. When one of her Egg Sacks has been destroyed, the Queen Geist will get back up and retreat momentarily. While she is gone, you’ll be facing several waves of her minions. She’ll either send waves of flying Geists that explode on impact, or four-legged Geists that move quickly and deal melee damage when close enough.

Use the turret to defend yourself from the approaching Geists. Take too much damage and you’ll die, so try your best to down the enemies before they can get too close. Eventually the Queen Geist will return and destroy the turret you’re using. Immediately after, activate Mire and start toward the intact turret at the other end of the area. Make sure you have your MP40 equipped to avoid being slowed by a heavier weapon. While running to the turret, avoid the glowing blots on the ground, as they mark where the Queen’s projectiles are going to land.

Target the Queen Geist’s Egg Sacks while she’s on her side.

Once you’ve made it to the turret in one piece, switch off Mire and use one of the Veil Energy containers behind the turret to recharge your medallion. Then, hop on the turret and continuously fire at the Queen Geist until she falls. When her Egg Sacks are visible, continuously fire at the one that isn’t spewing out guts to destroy it.

You must destroy all four of the Queen Geist’s Egg Sacks to move on. Repeat the above strategy two more times to move on to the next phase.

Objective: Finish the Queen Geist.
When you’re back at the start of the castle, equip your Leichenfaust 44 (which you should have plenty of ammo for from the room just before the boss fight) and start toward the door back to Downtown. When the Queen Geist appears, back away, switch on Empower, and hit her as she approaches. If she begins to get too close, turn around and sprint to the other side of the road. She’ll drop down to block your path there too. Continue firing at her with your Leichenfaust 44 to fell her. Then, approach her head, plant the Dynamite there, and get a safe distance away.

Defeating the Queen Geist.

Once the Queen is dead, follow the marker on your compass to the door back to Downtown and proceed through to complete the mission. Report back to Erik Engel in the Kreisau Circle’s Downtown safe house to complete that objective.

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Comments for Castle

13 comments, latest first.
Mar 7th 2014 Guest
I also have had the problem of "Stuck on the Turret". I destroyed 2 of the 4 "Egg Sacs" on the Queen, and then . . . . Nothing! Neither she or anything else came after me. After 15 minutes of waiting, I restarted the mission and it played normally.

As for "Return to Mid Town", you must continue to a checkpoint before quitting the game, or you will have to start the game over from the last saved checkpoint. (This has happened to me on several occasions.)
ID #361984
Oct 13th 2012 Guest
at the start of this guide someone wrote about being stuck at the same place. he's 65 and didn't know if it was the speed of his pc or his reflexes. i'm 59 and it's not reflexes. if you're on a pc that's not maxed for gaming that might be the problem. i've never played on a computer, i use a ps3
ID #195896
Oct 3rd 2012 Guest
KOk I f...... give up sooooo made I broke two joy stiks. Hole in wall an. Some one is. No talking to me..just can not beat this level.I am so adicked to beating. .that B,,,,,,its killing me.........can't skip it. .can't use cheats.....who.made this #@#%* level..up till 4 mor.. feel like a dum..ass...I don't know guys my hats off to later have to go SHOPing?????????
ID #191190
Oct 2nd 2012 Guest
Thanks ill try when feelinv beter.on 3 puffers an enlarged I have to. .try an conttrol myself. But this game an this [email protected]##-!!!...I'm onlly 50 .but worked at car plant for15 at u later. Phill from. Hamilton ont
ID #191001
Oct 1st 2012 Guest
when its the ones that run across the floor stop firing while you're turning the turret so it doesn't overheat. with the flying geists if you get a couple or more at a distance when you first see the red spots in the air it should give you a cushion for the ones later that you can't avoid. use empower on the queen and she hits the floor much further from you then turn it of. the sheild won't protect you so when they start getting too close try mire but i never did so i don't know if it helps. if you have to recharge after you're knocked off the 1st turret use the veil barrels almost in front of you going to the next. i think the next ones are behind the third turret. Mike from Mass.
ID #190722
Oct 1st 2012 Guest
I'm on the easyest lev now..I mUst. Do it. I love this game I have 52 war game. .an ths is. My fav. I kill two of them then I have no protection after that...monsters with babys that is...very madeing. ..I want so bad to continu...sorry spelling...wife is interupin#@# no cheats. [email protected]# work for me ether....ahahahahah!!!!!!..Phll.from can.ont
ID #190705
Sep 29th 2012 Guest
if you're playing on uber level you may have to wait until the game feels sorry for you or something (i did). if you're losing sleep and your wife's getting irritated move down to an easier level until you get past it. priorities must be observed.
ID #190136
Sep 18th 2012 Guest
during the castle mission there's a lot of shouting-for caroline and -we've got to save caroline- but every time something has to be done it changes to -we'll stay here, you go save caroline- just wondering, who's leader is she exactly?
ID #187257
Mar 21st 2012 Guest
I have destroyed all four queens and their young, and now I'm stuck on the turret.. Can't get off ("Y"), but nothing else is attacking me.. When I enter the Veil, I see floaters. I destroy them all, still nothing happens. Weird.

ID #124909
Oct 29th 2011 Guest
After you complete the Castle mission you should play through the tower where you end up.Once the tower is destroyed, your ally will give you both "Destroy the Towers" and "Radio Station" missions. When you have those go on until the next checkpoint. After the game has been saved you should be able to turn the game off without having to redo the Castle.
ID #83844
Oct 25th 2011 Guest
Have completed the "Castle" 5 times, even got the "Mission Accomplished", moved to truck and came to the Towers. Problem. When I restart the game next day my "Castle" mission must be done again. Is this a problem with the game or my XBox 360? I have 6 games on the xbox, should I delete a few, would love to complete game any suggestions would be most helpful. Many Thanks
ID #82842
Sep 22nd 2011 Guest
death forever
ID #75882
Jun 22nd 2011 Guest
getting done with fighting a castle battle, and what? now, you have to help some idiot who is trying to 'overload' a radio tower? simple way, take one of those fancy weapons and kill the tower. that would be easier! Just wanted to end and get back to the blasted ((*^*&(^&^#%$)safe house...
ID #51299