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Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Wolfenstein Guide - Walkthrough


Back in Midtown West, you’ll meet some resistance right out the gate. Take cover behind the door and gun down the Nazis as they pop out from cover. Watch out for thrown grenades as always, and keep up the fight until your enemies lie dead

Following the skirmish, consider visiting the Black Market in Midtown West to upgrade your weapons, particularly the MP40. At this point you can also purchase the Slowing Crystal and Shearing Crystal upgrades for the Mire Veil Power, though they are quite costly. Also, if you look around the map of Midtown West you may notice a Mission Giver marker; visit this marker to take on an optional side quest.

To start this mission, you must visit Caroline Becker in the Kreisau Circle Safe House, so make your way over there. Ensure that “Return to the Kreisau Safe House” is set as your active mission, and follow the marker on your compass. The way to the Church is through Midtown East, so after speaking to Caroline Becker, follow the marker on your compass to reach the mission start point.

Objective: Clear the Gun Nests (1/2).
Head south and drop down to the mid-level when you reach the ruined stairs. Crouch to avoid taking fire and look for GOLD (1/19) by the post office boxes along the west wall. When you have the Gold, continue to the bottom of the stairs and take to the streets. As soon as you’re through the doorway, turn right (south) and look for some stairs leading up. Take the stairs up to a balcony and collect GOLD (2/19) from the container behind the chair. You’ll be taking heavy fire from the enemy MG42s, so activate Veil Sight, quickly grab the Gold, and duck behind the sandbag near the stairs to recover if you’re wounded.

The Gun Nests are covered by a Veil shield.

When you have the Gold, head back down to street level and sprint up the pile of rubble southeast from the bottom of the steps. Climb up the first set of steps and turn right to spot GOLD (3/19) in the corner there. The first gun nest is nearby, so when you have the Gold, head north and turn right when you can. Proceed through the doorway up ahead and gun down the enemies inside the building. When the room is clear and the gunner is dead, look for INTEL (1/6) on the ground near the MG42.

Objective: Clear the Gun Nests (2/2).
After clearing the first gun nest and collecting the Intel, sprint with Veil Speed active to the northwest end of the street. Look for GOLD (4/19) in the corner at the top of the steps there. Then, climb up the ladder along the building across from the steps (east). Crouch once up the ladder to avoid taking fire from the gun nests, then toggle Veil Sight and move through the Veil Door in the wall at the north end of the walkway. Look for GOLD (5/19) at the end of the corridor beyond the Veil Door.

When you have the Gold, crouch and climb through the window at the top of the rubble next to the collectable. Look next to the door up ahead for INTEL (2/6). With that, walk along the ledge behind the ruined wall south of the Intel and look for GOLD (6/19) behind the boxes at the end. Cross back to the other side of the ledge and blast the Nazis below to clear the second gun nest.

Clear the second gun nest from above.

Objective: Breach the Door.
Once the room below is clear, drop down, collect any ammo on the floor, and then exit into the hallway. Upon entering the hallway, turn right and look on the bottom of the shelf to spot a container; open the container to find GOLD (7/19). With that, move to the end of the walkway and down the steps to meet with your allies outside. Dynamite has been placed on the wooden door at the west end of the area, so keep your distance until it goes off to avoid being caught in the blast.

Objective: Go to the Church.
When the door has been breached, proceed through and head south down the hallway to find plenty of ammo. Upon entering the second room, turn right to spot GOLD (8/19) in the corner there. Exit this room and turn right. Look between the breakable boxes and rubble across from the doorway for GOLD (9/19).

Gun down the Nazis in the ruined building and across the street, then cross the street east and enter the building with the open wall (at the south end of the street). Look behind the stairs to find several boxes of ammo and the container that holds GOLD (10/19). Then, head up the stairs and look on the desk there for INTEL (3/6). Return to street level and regroup with your allies by following the marker on your compass.

Fight your way through the streets.

Objective: Defeat the Heavy Trooper and retrieve the Particle Cannon.
When you reach your allies, a Veil Heavy Trooper will break through a nearby wall and effortlessly dissolve your allies with his Particle Cannon. Heavy Troopers are powerful enemies that you will face regularly from now on. Though quite fearsome, these enemies can be brought down without too much difficulty. Switch on Veil Sight and you’ll see that the crystals on the Heavy Troopers shoulders are his weak points. Shatter both of these crystals with gunfire, and a third crystal will rise up from the back of his armor; blast this last crystal and he’s finished.

The trick to beating a Heavy Trooper is to stay close and circle around him to avoid his deadly Particle Cannon. The Mire ability can come in handy here, though the Heavy Trooper possesses the ability to temporarily disable your Veil Powers. If done quickly enough, you can activate Mire, take aim to shatter the two crystals on his shoulders, and then destroy the crystal that appears behind his neck before he is able to disable your power.

When all three crystals have been shattered, keep your distance, as the Heavy Trooper will soon explode. If you lack Veil Energy and come up against a Heavy Trooper, just get really close to him and circle around while firing your gun without aiming in an attempt to shatter the crystals on his shoulders. Then, back away and blast the third crystal to put an end to him.

Once the Heavy Trooper has been taken care of, pick up the Particle Cannon he leaves behind and test it out on the enemies that rush through the nearby door. You’ll want to conserve the ammo of this weapon however, as the Particle Cannon will make killing the enemy near the end of this level much easier.

Defeating a Veil Heavy Trooper.

Objective: Continue to the Church.
When the Heavy Trooper has been defeated, look for GOLD (11/19) in the western corner of the building that he broke out of. With that, proceed through the door and fight your way into the warehouse across the way. Clear the enemies in the warehouse, then enter the cage at the north end and look for GOLD (12/19) on the bottom shelf. Make your way to the stairs and hop over the two cars behind it (south); GOLD (13/19) is in the corner here.

After collecting the Gold, climb up the steps and kill any enemies upstairs. When the area is clear, look for INTEL (4/6) next to the lectern in the northwest corner of the upstairs level. GOLD (14/19) is behind it.

Follow the marker on your compass and exit the warehouse via the doorway that you come to. Move through the opening in the wall, drop down to street level, and get below the awning. The area is being shelled; activate Mire and run southeast to the ruined building there while avoiding the falling bombs. Once you’ve made it through the square in one piece, look for GOLD (15/19) behind the table in the room at the northwest end of the ruined building. When you have the Gold, follow the marker on your compass down a corridor and to a room with a couple of Nazis and several boxes of ammo. Take the ammo and proceed through the doorway.

Use Mire to make it past the falling bombs in the square.

Back outside, you’ll need to enter the building at the northeast end of the road. The front doors are boarded up, but you can use Veil Sight to move through the secret Veil Door by the windows. Kill the two enemies inside and look at the other end of the lobby for the container that holds GOLD (16/19). When you have the Gold, exit the building via the Veil Door and walk south down the road across from the boarded front doors. Enter the building at the end of the road and look for INTEL (5/6) on the ground by the sandbags inside.

Climb up the stairs at the south end of the room and kill the Nazis upstairs. Walk across the planks and fire at the Nazis in the building across the street. Walk down the second set of planks, then move along the ledge and up another plank to the large opening in the side of the building. Head up the stairs to the third floor, gun down the Nazi in the building across the street, and then walk along the series of planks to reach that building. Once there, move down the hallway and enter the bedroom. Look for GOLD (17/19) behind the tub in the bathroom across from the bed.

The route to the church is complex and hazardous.

In the bedroom, crouch down and click the Right Stick to break the shoddy flooring that light can be seen flashing through. Drop through the opening in the floor and proceed down the steps at the other end of the room. Downstairs, look for INTEL (6/6) on one of the tables along the southern wall.

When you have the final Intel, enter the sewers through the opening in the wall and follow the marker on your compass to enter a tomb. Once there, go behind the bier at the south end of the room, face it, and toggle Veil Sight to reveal a secret. Fire at the highlighted panel on the bier to reveal TOME (1/1). After collecting the Tome of Power, start following the marker on your compass. Collect the ammo that you come to along the way, and then follow the man out to the graveyard. Follow your allies outside and start firing at the Nazis in the area. There’s likely to be a Scribe among them, so be careful.

Fight your way to the other end of the graveyard to reach the church. Look for GOLD (18/19) below the bench at the east end of the graveyard.

Shoot the panel on the bier in the tomb to uncover a Tome of Power.

Objective: Destroy the Machine.
Kill the Nazis in the church and then shoot the Veil Inhibitor at the base of the machine to re-enable your Veil Powers. GOLD (19/19) is between two of power terminals at the north end of the church, so collect that before doing anything more. There’s an abundance of ammo in the church, so stock up before taking to the machine.

To destroy the machine, toggle Veil Sight, look up at the spinning rings, and break each of the highlighted bands.

Objective: Kill the Despoiled.
After the cutscene, you’ll be faced with a Despoiled. The Particle Cannon can make short work of this guy, but if you lack ammo for that weapon you may have a tougher time. Do not use Mire, as the Despoiled seems to be immune to it. Instead, move behind the pillars on either side of the church and switch to your weapon of choice.

If you have the Particle Cannon, simply keep the beam trained on the Despoiled and move back and forth to dodge his projectiles as necessary. If you lack ammo for the Particle Cannon, use either the MP40 or the MP43. If you’ve upgraded one of them, use that one. Just move back and forth to dodge the Despoiled’s projectiles and continuously fire at him without aiming through the iron sight.

Killing the Despoiled with the Particle Cannon and then the MP40.

Objective: Return to Midtown.
When the Despoiled has been defeated, exit the church and head through the door directly across from the entrance. Interact with the truck when prompted to return to Midtown East.

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Comments for Church

2 comments, latest first.
Sep 19th 2012 Guest
after the dig site, you can do the farm and hospital missions, as well as the 4 optional missions before going to the church. the church should be the first mission though because when you finish it you can get both the shearing crystal and the bayonet. the shearing crystal kills nearby enemies and its range is better then you'd think. soldiers, scribes, and sniffers all go down with one jab from the bayonet, and until you have empower the bayonet is a good option for dealing with scribes
ID #187463
Sep 18th 2012 Guest
the slowing crystal helps a lot, but the shearing crystal isn't available until you complete the church mission.
ID #187243