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Wolfenstein Guide and Walkthrough

Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Before Halo and before Call of Duty there was Wolfenstein. Wolfenstein 3D, first released in May of 1992, is widely recognized as one of the granddaddies of the FPS genre that is so popular today. Though the Wolfenstein series isn’t often regarded as the FPS juggernaut it once was among the Halos and Call of Dutys of today, that doesn’t make the release of a current-gen iteration any less exciting.

Having not seen a proper sequel since 2001, Raven Software, id Software and others have brought us a new game in the series, simply titled Wolfenstein. As with most of the previous games, players take on the role of agent William "B.J." Blazkowicz, an all-American, Nazi-killing machine. The Axis has acquired some dark technology, and B.J. must help the rebel factions in Isenstadt prevent the Nazis from unlocking the power of the mysterious occult force known as Black Sun.

Need help stomping Nazis? Look no further than our complete guide to Wolfenstein. In it you’ll find detailed walkthroughs for every mission and side mission with every valuable, enemy Intel, and Tome of Power pointed out along the way. You’ll also find treasure maps for the Midtown West, Midtown East, and Downtown areas of Isenstadt, as well as information on multiplayer and a complete listing of Xbox 360 achievements and PlayStation 3 trophies.

This guide was written based on the NORMAL difficulty level. If you are playing the game on a higher difficulty level, the strategies and directions contained within will still apply, but the enemies you face will have more health and will deal more damage. Furthermore, this guide was written based on the Xbox 360 version of the game, but effort has been made to include PlayStation 3 controls where applicable. If you’re playing the PC version and are using a keyboard and mouse, refer to the Controls section of the options menu or the instruction booklet that came with your packaged game for a listing of the controls.

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Comments for Introduction

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Oct 13th 2015 Guest
How do you kill the main man in the machine in a energy ball
ID #616309
Jul 23rd 2015 Guest
ID #588118
Jul 15th 2015 Guest
How do i beat the women in the hagger at the airfield
ID #584699
Jun 13th 2015 Guest
can't get to the antenna
ID #569769
Mar 4th 2015 Guest
to beat the London Monitor shoot the missile pods on each arm with laser weapon, then you need to sprint and get underneath the Monitor and shoot the engine this may take several shoots. Good luck.
ID #524187
Feb 21st 2015 Jonboy 2450
Wolfenstine 3d best first person shooter out ok its a few years old but you must admit very good for the money
ID #519173
Feb 19th 2015 Guest
Thank you
ID #518291
Feb 6th 2015 Guest
I cant figure were to cut debris at .beginning of chapter 6.
ID #512463
Sep 7th 2014 Guest
Cant get to plane in wolfstien new order i run jump slide off and die
ID #445669
Aug 13th 2014 dennis66
in wolfenstein the new order i can't get the chain to break after getting the welder, i have done all the bits before diving into the water then when i dive into the water and get the welder i swim along and listen to the gargled speech, i go along and up the ladder and jump across to the other platform then aim the gun up to the chain and only a small flame thing appears at the end of the gun. the only weapons i have are a gun thing and a knife.
ID #435902
Jul 27th 2014 Guest
Once u Av shot the robot in the eye,wat do i do next.

ID #425887
Jun 20th 2014 Guest
To get past the giant walker after the Moon Base mission: As soon as the huge robot begins to charge his laser and shoot you, you must use the laser gun and shoot him directly in the eye. Afterwards, when he is shooting missiles at the ground towards you, you use the automatic A-10 laser weapon to destroy the missile pod launchers. You're welcome
ID #403207
Jun 8th 2014 Guest
RE/BIG KILLING MACHINE- I'm at the level where just got back from moon base, went thru the lobby full of nazis to escape thru a hole in the wall, down some planks that u have to shoot the chains off and jump into a ledge, open a door, kill some more nazis and eventually get to the bottom of a court yard where u face a very large machine...the dude talking says to "shoot it in the eye"...have done that for over 2 hours with the laser gun and nothing!!
How do u kill this thing?
also cant even find this level on the "walkthru's"!! I have been playing for over 3 days now (3-4 hours a day) and by looking at the levels on the list in this looks as if i'm not even half way thru!! anyone know??? Tks!!!
ID #395952
May 24th 2014 Guest
i`m stuck with lower the elevation platform on part 13 and also it says charge the magnetic coils well iv tryed until im blue in the face so if you can help i would be grateful.
ID #387914
Nov 20th 2013 Guest
How do you get to the air field complex
ID #320592