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17 - The Wilds 2

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 17: The Wilds (2)

Enemies: Shellpods, Feyesh, Bucculus, Armight, Puppit, Trowlon, Scope Primid, Nagagog, Primid, Greap, Spaak, Ticken, Bytan.
Boss: None.
Boxes: 4

Story Note
The Minister reflects, looking almost sorry for what he’s done till now. Not so much as for the destruction, but more for the R.O.Bs. Pit tries to get a cheap shot in, but the Minister is still too quick.

Choose your destiny, er, party.
Use the rail to get past the blocks. Two Shellpods and some Feyesh attack next. The camera will start moving on its own again (ugh) so keep pace. Hit the next rail, avoiding the Bucculus, to continue. Jump over the gap and take out the Borboras. Try to ignore the Mites and hit the rail when it is inline with the lower blocks.

Ooo, that’s gotta hurt.

Projectiles come in handy.

Hit the next rail down quickly. Drop onto the ledge below for your first box (1) that should have been shattered by the rail.


Continue to the right. On the moving platform, a bunch of Feyesh will come from the right, followed by an Armight in the center.

You now have control of the camera again! Yay! Shellpod up ahead. This can be tricky. Ride up the first elevator, but jump out. You’ll fall onto the second. Go back left and fall off under the first elevator. Once on the ground, look for a gap where the second elevator used to be. Fall down before getting squished and enter the door.



In. Yellow Box #31

It’s that time again. Hit the MASSIVE rail to get your boxes (2) (3). Exit. You’ll need to use the bomb on the right to get out.

Right the first elevator all the way up this time. Kill the Feyesh and jump across. Watch the Puppit and Ticken. Use the next giant rail to take out a bunch of Puppit and jump across. Kill the Ticken and Shellpod to gain access to the door.

The metal platform will start moving once you’re on it. Ride it down and attack the Nagagog and Primid at the bottom. A Trowlon will try to carry you away. Get around and jump the gap, avoiding the Scope Primid. The spikes will fall from the ceiling here. Get right up on the edge of one to make it fall, then go under it while it goes back up.

Mom! I’m going to need a bandaid!

Here you’ll face off with a ton of Primid, Sword Primid, Scope Primid, and a Greap. There’s really no easy way to do this.

Jump over the gaps, avoiding the Trowlon and the spikes at the other side. Jump to the medal platform to start moving again. From that one to the next, and finally get off as the walls close in. A Nagagog and a Bytan spwaner are up top. In taking out the Bytan spawner, you’re likely to kill the nagagog as well. Continue up past the blocks.

Don’t know what’s worse, getting crushed to death or this.

A couple Spaaks will come. Go left to get another item (4). And back right. Get past the Roaders and end the level.

Yellow Box #32

Story Note
The Minister tries to fend off Link and Mario. An army of R.O.Bs come to his aid. As he turns to look, another R.O.B jumps up and detaches the subspace bomb from the Ministers platform. Without second thought, the R.O.B activate the bomb to allow the Minister to escape. The Minister seems surprised, meaning the R.O.B aren’t acting on his orders. As he flies away, a R.O.B waves goodbye, the Minister looking quite sorrowful over the incident.

Our heroes just barely manage to escape, but so does the Minister.
At this point, everyone except Samus’s and Diddy’s party has joined up. So, just what ARE they up to? And what was with that box?

End of Level!

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