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26 - The Subspace Bomb Factory

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 26: The Subspace Bomb Factory

Enemies: Glunder, Shayda, ROB Sentry, ROB Blaster, ROB Launcher, Borboras, Roturret, Bombed, Big Primid, Sword Primid, Nagagog.
Boss: None.
Boxes: 7

Story Note
The base appears to be aware of Samus’s presence. Just a hunch.

First floor: Head right and take out the two ROB Sentries. Ride the elevator down one level.

B1: On the right is an item box (1) guarded by two ROB Sentries and a ROB Blaster. The left nothing. Down one more level.

B2: Left is a trap with a bunch of Glunder and a Shayda. Down again.

B3: Left is an item box (2) and a door. Inside, you are forced to fight two ROB Launchers and a bunch of Sword Primid. Your prize is items (3) (4). Exit. Right is a trap with a Borboras and a Jyk. Down again.

Yellow Box #50

B4: Left is a trap with a Borboras and a Roturret. Right is a Bombed and an elevator. If you go past the elevator, there’s a trap with two Big Primid. Ride the new elevator up.

B3: don’t take this one just yet, as it will exit the area. Ride up.

B2: Right is a trap with a Roturret and a Jyk. Left is a set of boxes around a switch that activates a secret door. Enter. You have to fight an Armtank for a trophy, then climb the ladder and exit.

B1: Right is an item box (5) with a Borboras and Jyk guarding it.

First floor: Right is a trap with some Nagagog. Left has some ROB sentries and Blaster guarding a door. Enter. Grab the box on the left (6) and wall jump up the right to the next box (7).

Yellow Box #51

Exit and ride the elevator back to B3.

B3: Enter the door to exit the area. Beware the two ROB Launchers and walk into the light. A ton of ROB Sentries and Blaster will attack you. Finish them off to exit the level.


Story Note
Samus and Pikachu barge in on the Minister, ready for a fight. However, the Minister looks remorseful, ready to call it quits and give up for the sake of his ROB followers.

End of Level!

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