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21 - The Glacial Peak

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 21: The Glacial Peak

Enemies: Primid, Shellpod, Boom Primid, Bucculus, Poppant, Ticken, Floow, Metal Primid, Glice, Shayda, Towtow.
Boss: Lucario.
Boxes: 7

Story Note
The Great Fox has started combat with the Halberd. Meta Knight plans to use the mountain in front of him as a stepping stone to his ship. He passes the Ice Climber on his way up, who, being just kids, cant be part of the Ministers army. The Ice Climbers don't like the fact that they've been outdone, and races Meta Knight to the top.

Pick your character. Ice Climbers are an acquired taste, so you might want to stay clear of them unless you've used them a lot before.

A few Primid will drop down. A Shellpod is just above them, along with a Boom Primid. Keep going, dodge the Boom Primid at the top and take the ladder. A Primid, Boom Primid, and Shellpod wait on the ramp. Keep going up. Note that the camera is moving on it's own, but you can move it quicker if you want.

Something is not right here...

Partway up the ladder is a small alcove to the right. Jump in for an item box (1), and get out quickly before either the camera or the spike wall catches you.

Green box

A the top are some Primid and Boom Primid, and a Bucculus. Keep up. Jump over the spikes, landing right on top of the Boom Primid, and jmump to the right, landing before the spikes and jumping over. A Poppant is just above. Take out the Ticken first, jump up to entice the Floow and take them out as you go up. Timing the platforms while fighting can be tricky, so don't be afraid to fall.

Once at the top, time your barrel jumps carefully, but you only have one path to choose from, so it's not hard.

Even if you miss, you have wings.

At the top you're greeted by a couple Ticken. Continue up. A couple platforms more and some Floow attack. Take them out as you go. Enter the door.

The platform will start moving up. Avoid the ice crystals while fending off the Sword Primid and Floow.

Again, this is why we avoid sharp things.

At the top, the camera will start moving on its own. Jump to the right platform and wait for long sheets of ice to come out the other side. Use them as stairs. The next set you have to wait to recede before continuing up. Wait for the sheet to come out of the right before grabbing the item box (2). Use the next sheet on the right to jump up to the next platform. Use the next sheets as stairs again. This time, quickly jump over the wall on the right. Wait for the ice to go by under you and grab the item box (3). Very quickly jump out before the other ice blocks you in.

Yellow Box #41

Now you have the ice AND camera chasing you. Stay in the upper left keep going up until you get over the ice.

”Ice Climber” does not mean I literally climb sheets of ice.

Fight off the Metal Primid and enter the door before the camera passes. Hop in the barrel and veer right. Destroy the blocks and enter the door.

Secret, Yellow Box #42

Wheee~ secret! Take out the Boom Primid and Primid. Grab the two boxes (4) (5) (the switch turns the lights on). Exit.

Use the barrel again and this time veer left. Grab onto the ladder and climb up. You have to avoid the Glice while climbing up. Don't worry, there's nothing in this area worth collecting. Two Jyk guard the platform at the top. Use the ladder they guard to go up. Jump up to the next platform. You're forced to fight five Shaydas; after, some Glice appear. They'll pass by harmlessly if you're on an upper platform.

Jump up to the next area. Here you'll actually have to fight the Shayda. Watch the Glice on the platform, and the cross breeze that blows you into them. A Spaak will appear, followed by another Shayda. Enter the door on the right.

Secret, Yellow Box #43

Time for another secret! Grab the box (6) above you. Now use the metal box and jump off to the right, straight into the water to get under the stalactite. Grab the ladder on the other side and climb up. Grab an item on the left, then take the next ladder to your next box (7). Blow up the blocks on the left to drop down. Exit.

Continue up and to the next platform. Mind the Towtow and Spaak on your way up. Enter the door at the top.

Story Note
Lucaio is waiting at the top.

Pick your character and fight.

KANNONBALL! Lucario could so be Don Kanoji.

Story Note
The winner turns the looser back to normal.

Lucario has the special ability to see peoples “auras” or basically see into their hearts. So he can discern between friend and foe and peoples intentions. He probably knew from the start what Meta Knight was going to do, and acted accordingly.

Through fighting, they now know that they are friends. The Halberd appears and has captured the Great Fox, but it appears to the misjudged the wait and needed lift, slamming straight into the side of the mountain. This allows Lucario and Meta Knight to board. Poor Ice Climbers...

End of Level!

Lucario is now unlocked!

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Comments for 21 - The Glacial Peak

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Dec 31st 2012 Guest
Lucario is teh awesomeness.
ID #233274
Nov 23rd 2012 Guest
I feel so stupid 'cause i didn't realize the door to the right while i already beat this game like 10 times!!!!!!!!
ID #211689