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Singler Player Modes

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl - Single Player Modes

Single player is where you fight alone to beat up the computer. More exciting then it sounds. There are multiple modes to choose from, each with their own unique rules. One thing that has been brought back in Brawl is the on-screen appearances. This is, when a stage starts, your character will use a signature move to enter the stage (re: Mario enters through a pipe). Also, in almost every mode you can select your characters color by pressing X/Y while holding your curser over them.

Classic Mode

Classic mode hasn’t really been changed any. A string of stages with varying enemies and slightly varying rules.

For those who have never played Smash Bros. before, in classic mode you select a single character, number of lives (it’s primarily and endurance/stock game type) and difficulty setting. Every stage has a different scheme with a total of 8 stages. In each stage you will be put up against varying enemies and varying rules, such as Giant melee (where your opponent is mega-sized), metal melee (your opponent is permanently metal), and team melee (you fight as two teams). It will tell you the stages rules before the match starts, so pay attention!

At the end of a match you will earn coins depending on how good you did. These coins can be used in the coin launcher.

You win by clearing all the stages. You lose by losing all your lives. You do not gain lives as you progress through the stages, so try to hang on. If you lose all your lives, you are given the choice to start back on the stage you died on with all your lives restored. The price is a substantial amount of coins and points. Choice is yours, but this isn’t the best way to get a high score worthy of showing off.

For a more in-depth look and stage listings, see the Classic mode section in the main walkthrough.

Adventure Mode (Sub-Space Emissary)

Sub-Space Emissary, the most in-depth and imaginative storyline of any Smash Bros. game. Not sure how they're going to top this.

Alright. In this mode, you play though various side-scrolling levels, defeating enemies and solving mild puzzles as you go. Every couple levels ends in a boss fight against a large enemy. It's not typical Smash Bros., it plays out more like a standard platformer.

At the map screen, there are three types of dots marking locations.
- A crown on the dot means you've cleared the level 100%
- A green flag means you've beaten the level, but didn't
  collect everything.
- A dot with a red ! over it is a level you have yet to beat.

At the start of a level, you get to choose from some pre-selected characters. If you have more then one character to chose from, then when that first character gets KOed, the next in line will take it's place, and so on till you run out of lives.

Enemies can still be KOed by knocking them off stage, but all enemies also have an HP meter. When this meter hits zero, they will also be KOed. A KOed enemy will often go flying off, hitting other enemies and damaging them as well.

Item and objects in Adventure Mode

Yes, there are still your standard Smash Bros. items. Items can be found by defeating enemies or opening item boxes.

An item box

There are also various new objects that will help you along the way.

Yellow Item Box

Yellow item boxes hold trophies and count toward your percent completion in the Sub-space Emissary. Be sure to find them all!


Springs allow you to jump up really high.


Climb ladders by pressing Up. You can also double jump off of them.


Rail Blocks

Rails are activated by hitting the red orb on them. They can destroy pretty much anything while spinning, and are the only thing that can destroy rail blocks.


Jump in a barrel to have it propel you forward. Some barrels will shoot you automatically, others you need to press the A button activate.

Mine Cart

Warning Sign

Jump in a mine cart to start moving down the rails at high speeds, ramming enemies as you go. But watch for the warning sign, as that means its time to jump out with A, X, or Y.


To activate a launcher, stand on it. The launcher will send you flying off in the direction it's facing, though unlike the mine cart, you aren't safe from harm, and any attack will send you crashing to earth. These are often used as traps, sending you fling in a direction you don't want to go.

When I first encountered the launcher, I called it “sliddy thing”, I tried to get rid of those references later when I came up with the new name, but a few eluded my notice. >.>



Elevators come in two or three different looks, but you can always tell. To ride in an elevator, step in one and press up or down.


Switches can do many things. Hit them and see what happens.


Blocks come in a couple different forms, this is the most basic. They can also be seen as wooden crates. Blocks can be broken with a basic attack.

Bomb Blocks

Bomb blocks are impenetrable to everything except the block marked with a bomb. Hit that block to start a chain reaction.

Standard Door

Yellow Doors

Save Point Door

Stand in front of a door and press up to enter. Doors can come in several varieties. Standard doors take you to a new area. Yellow doors end the level. Save Point doors are only found in the Great Maze level and lead to a save point. There are also doors with arrows on them, but they function the same as standard doors.

Event Mode

Event matches are nothing new and take on the same form as they did in Melee.

Event matches are no ordinary match. They pit you against anywhere from 1 to 50 opponents and put very special rules on the match.
These rules range anywhere from the simple stock match, to having to KO a certain number of enemies within an insane time frame using only a specific item.

Aside from the sometimes-almost-impossible difficulty, events put a fun spin on the game.

For a more in-depth look and stage listings, see the Event Mode section in the main walkthrough.


Stadium Mode

Stadium is different from the other modes, in that they aren't battles, or at least not battles like we've seen so far.

Home Run contest

The return of Sandbag! You can use any character. Your objective is to send Sandbag flying as far as you can. You only have 10 seconds, a bat, and you cant leave the starting platform.

Target Smash

Your objective is to smash all the targets. This time there are 5 stages total and you can use any character with any stage. Try to destroy all the targets as fast as possible!

Multi-Man Brawl

Here you'll face off against the fighting alloy team. The rules slightly vary, but your opponent and stage is always the same.
You can compete in six different modes:

10-Man: How fast can you KO 10 alloys?
100-Man: How fast can you KO 100 alloys?
3-Minute: Surviving, not KO's, is the name of the game.
15-Minute: Surviving for 15 minutes is harder then it sounds.
Endless: The ultimate test of endurance. How many KO's can you get?
Cruel: The enemy is far more powerful and harder to kill. How many can you take with you?

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