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6 - The Lake

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 6: The Lake

Enemies: Goomba, Giant Goomba, Koopa, Parakoopa, Borboras, Auroros, Bucculus, Towtow, Jyk, Hammer Bro, Paratroopa.
Boss: Rayquaza, Dark Bowser
Boxes: 8

Story Note
Diddy is rushing back to help DK when he is assaulted by Rayquaza, who appears to have been awakened by Fox. Fox jumps out of the flaming Arwing wreckage to save Diddy.

Doesn’t matter who you choose, as you’ll probably end up using both Fox and Diddy for this next fight, the first real boss fight since the first level.


--== Rayquaza ==--

--== Rayquaza’s attacks ==--

1) Shoots a large ball of energy
2) Ground explodes
3) Whips his tail in the circle around him
4) Attacks from underground
5) Corkscrews in from the side
6) Drops lightning on you
7) Dives to the other side

--== How to predict ==--

1) He’ll tilt his head back and his mouth will start to glow.
2) His eyes will glare red.
3) Rears his tail back and kind of spins first.
4) Dives underground. The ground will bulge as he comes up.
5) Flies off screen. Keep your eye to the opposite side he was on.
6) Jumps up and forms a ring. Starts to spin.
7) Growls and tilts his head down.

--== How to dodge ==--

1) Foxes reflector works nice, otherwise just use your shield.
2) This one happens so fast, you better just hope to be in the air.
3) Jump, or just be out of the line of fire, which is just a small
   circle around him.
4) When the ground bulges, dodge to the side.
5) Shield.
6) Normally too much for your shield, but nothing else does anything.
7) Jump.

--== Strategy ==--

Best thing here is to get up close and personal with Fox. Nothing special. Hitting him from a distance with ranged weapons will garner less damage, but is very time consuming and drags out the later part of the fight, wherein he gets more fierce and uses attacks in sequence.

Story Note
Diddy tries to talk to Fox, but Fox brushes him off and tries to go his own way. Diddy then kidnaps (foxnaps?) Fox and forces him to come.

Choose your character again. Doesn’t matter. I like Fox.

Enter the door. Destroy the blocks. Take out the many Goomba and one Parakoopa on the ramp. Drop down and enter the door under the ramp, watching out for the Hammer Bro.

Jump up on top of the ramp again. Watch out for the Auroros and Goombas as you work your way left to the item box (1). Back to the right and fall down the second pit. On your way down, watch out for the Paratroopa. Kill the Goomba and Hammer Bro at the bottom and enter the door. 

Yellow Box #6

You’ll get a flash of light, and the room goes dark. Jump straight up and up aerial attack. The room should explode. Jump up to the platform on the left to get your next item (2), and continue up using the other platforms. Fire Fox works really well on the Hammer Bros beside the ladder.

Is dark.

Not for long.

He he.

Once at the top, to the right are a couple of Auroros and a Giant Goomba. To the left is a Bororas, Auroros, and a Giant Goomba. Take the left and enter the door.

Straight ahead is a Towtow. Charge up and take it out, along with the second one and the Auroros above it. Destroy the blocks and the third Towtow, and enter the door.

To the right are some Green Mites and a couple Bucculus. Avoid the Bucculus unless you are sure you can take them out before they retreat back underground. Go up the tunnel to get another item box (3) and with it another life. Head back down and enter the door with the arrow on it.

Sorry, Grandma called dibs on my cheeks.

Head to the right to fight and army of Goomba and a Giant Goomba. Hit the block that appears. Now head back through the arrow door. Go up to the right to find a hole in the ceiling. Go up and hit the switch. Now go to the door above the arrow door.

Who puts a vital switch inside a cave wall?

Fall down and enter the door. Take out the Towtow and enter the door that appears.

This definitely hurts you more then it hurts me.

You are now on a raft. Here you will fight waves of Goombas, Paratroopas, and some Hammer Bros. After a few feet, jump up and grab the item box (4). Take out the Hammer Bros and pass under the Jyk. Jump up and enter the door.

Yellow Box #7

Hit the rail to destroy the blocks and the item box for a life (5).
Hit the next rail to destroy the blocks, jump up and get a trophy (6).
Back through the door.

Some Bullet bills will come by. If you’re using Fox, hold down his Reflector. If not, good luck! After, two Giant Goomba will come down. Destroy them, but don’t miss the item box (7) overhead.

Right back at ya!

Yellow Box #8

Solid ground again. Take out the Koopa, and use it to destroy the Goomba. Now jump across the gap, taking out the Hammer Bro. At this point, several types of Koopa should be coming from the right. Take them down with an area attack and move on.

Drop down in the hole after the platform for an item (8). Jump in the barrel.

--== Primid Bowser ==--

Chivalry counts for nothing.

He’s the same as regular Bowser, so I wont bother with attacks. Stay fast on your feet, as that’s your main advantage over him. Keep him in the air and watch for his Bowser Bomb.

End of Level!

Story Note
With Primid Bowser defeated, you find it was only a decoy. The real Bowser tries in vain to turn Diddy and Fox into trophies, but they escape. You now know that the Primid can take the shape and characteristics of anyone.

Mario and Pit catch up to the Minister, but fail to actually catch him.

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Apr 9th 2015 Guest
@lucario15, if you are having trouble, don't do it on intense
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Mar 28th 2014 Guest
I'm haveing trouble with the dark bit, can you help me?

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Oct 20th 2013 lucario15
i keep trying but i cant beat rayquaza i'm doing it on intense. need help(LOTS OF IT.)
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