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14 - The Ruins

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 14: The Ruins

Enemies: Borboras, Glire, Floow, Toturret, Matal Primid, Bytan, Armight, Shaydas, Autolance, Towtow.
Boss: None.
Boxes: 9

Back to Pokemon Trainer and Lucas.
Down the elevator and into the mine cart. Free fall all the way down. Head right. Take out the Borboras and quickly make it under the wall.
There are randomly shaped raising platforms in this section, so watch out. Ignore the Mite. Right to the right and above the Jyk is a trophy. Wait for the platform to lower from the ceiling, grab it and move on.

Squirtle looks so cute when he’s falling.

Mine all mine!

Well now that that’s over with, jump to the platform with the Glire. Don’t jump too high or you’ll hit the spikes. In the next hall watch the spikes that fall from the ceiling. Get close and wait for them to fall, then wait for them to go back up. Go across as they go up. Take out the Borboras a the end, and do the same with the next set of spikes on the stairs.

That was a close one...

Make it under the wall and grab your prize, another life (1). Jump onto the moving platforms. Take out the Floow as you go around, but don’t worry about the Roturret. Get the item box (2) at the apex and continue right when the hall comes around.

Destroy the Floow before falling down. Once down, the switch you want is the far right one. Hit it and jump off quickly. Carefully fall and enter the door.

Right hand switch

The camera will now move on its own again. Get around the flames and watch for the Mite. At the second set of blocks, get ahead of the game to get your item box at the top (3). Don’t ride the mine cart! Walk along the path yourself. At the end, get on the platform. It will begin moving down.

Yellow Box #26

Avoid the crystals on your way down. It will be very hard. After the first set, you have to jump off to some side platforms and fall though those to get around. Next, some Metal Primid will attack as the platform rocks back and forth into crystals. Another Metal Primid will appear just before a door on the left. Ignore the Primid and enter the door.

This is why we dodge the crystals.


Man this level has some rushed secrets. Jump across and grab your boxes (4) (5) and exit.

You’ll fall down a ways, and at the bottom be forced to fight two giant Bytan and a Glire. Watch for the Glire in the next hall.

Story Note
Pokeball go! Ivysaur is caught in the Pokeball!

Right we go. If you’re using Pokemon Trainer, you can switch between Ivysaur and Squirtle using his Down B. On this platform, you’ll fight two Autolances and way too many Armights. Next is a wave of Armnight and Borboras. Finally, your worst nightmare, Armight and Shaydas, with random flame pillars coming from all round. And you’re done. Grab the item box (6) and continue.

Eat spore!

Hit the switch to open the gate. And again. And again, this time with a Borboras in your way. Now you have to hit two switches and move quickly though both sets of doors. If you don’t make it, drop though the platform and try again. Hit the next switch to open a gate above you. This last one is the hardest. First take out the Bytan, then hit the first switch. Run over to the next switch. Use a dash attack and keep moving past the first door, drop, and move down to the left. Grab the box behind the gate (7) and jump back up. Now to try again, only this time move right at the bottom.

Destroy the Roturret using aerial attacks. Hit the Right switch, and not ANY of the other ones. Enter the door that appears.

Yellow Box #27

Much easier then it looks. Hit the switch and work your way counterclockwise. Grab your boxes (8) (9) and leave.

Move to the end of the hall to kill the Towtow, trying to ignore the Shaydas. Enter the door.

Now you fight Charizard. It’s the same as fighting Pokemon Trainer, only with him just using Charazard. If you keep him in the air, he wont be able to attack.

Its Super Effective!

Story Note
Pokemon Trainer is now at full power. He and Lucas enter a large empty room. It wont stay that way for long....

End of Level!

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