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5 - The Plain

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 5: The Plain

Enemies: Borboras, Primid, Boom Primid, Spaak, Glunder, Feyesh.
Boss: None.
Boxes: 3

Story Note
The Kongs finally get their bananas, but find them bitter-sweet. Bowser is waiting with a trophy-fing ray. DK winds up and sends Diddy flying out of they way, saving him but sacrificing himself. So now we know that Bowser is one of the Ministers henchmen.

Choose between Mario or Pit. Choose Pit. Not just because I like him, but for an item box.

Move right. Your first Borboras. Take it out. More to the right is a Pirmid and another Borboras. Drop down the ledge to be attacked by three Primid and two Boom Primid. Just to the right is a Borboras guarded by a Feyesh. Down the ledge and three Feyesh attack as a Boom Primid drops behind you. As you get close to the wall, three Ticken appear. Beat them with rapid swings.

Break through the top row of blocks first. Just above the highest block in the second to last column is a box (1). Drop down and kill the Borboras on the other side.

Yellow Box #4

A Ticken comes shooting out of the tunnel, you've been warned. In the tunnel, a wall will appear behind you and chase after you. Keep moving in front of it, avoiding the Poppant and Jyk. Just at the end is an item box (2) if you miss it, you can use a projectile attack to break it, and the next wall will carry it to you.

AHAH! That's not right or possible!

Drop down behind the Boom Primid and Borboras. Break the blocks (again, nothing in them) and take out the Primid and Boom Primid under them. At one point, you'll find a Boom Primid. Just before that there is a hole in the ceiling that Primid fall out of. Use Pit to jump up the shaft. You should just be able to make it. Beware the Feyesh at the top.

Secret, Yellow Box #5

Secret room. Take out the blocks above you and work right to the heart, being carful not to let it fall. Drop down and grab your box (3). Exit. Drop down to be greeted by your Primid friends. Run right and take out the Borboras to enter the door.

The platform will begin moving. On it you'll have to fight a slew of Primid, Boom Primid, and Spaaks. After the first wave comes the Fire Primid. Don't get right in front of them or they'll burn you. Attack quickly from above. Next is a random mix of Boom Primid, Primid, Fire Primid, Glunders, and Borboras.

You guys again?

Have a taste of your own medicine!

Just as you reach land comes another random mix. This time with Spaaks added in. Take them out and walk into the light.

End of Level!

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