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19 - The Research Facility 2

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 19: The Research Facility (2)

Enemies: ROB Sentry, ROB Launcher, ROB Blaster, Big Primid, Sword Primid, Glice, Buckot, Cymul, Autolance.
Boss: Ridley.
Boxes: 6

Right into the level again. This time it's dark.

It's dark.

Just to the right are some ROBs and a Glice. Be carful. You can hit the switch to turn the lights back on for a minute, but I can see just fine without it.

and now it's not.

Anyway, break the blocks to continue. A stairway full of ROB blasters. Watch the Glice by the next switch. Drop down through the red part of the platform. Over the gap, and if you've turned the lights on, there will be a red wall blocking your path. Wait for the lights to go out for it to clear.

DON'T HIT THE NEXT SWITCH! It locks the doors and forces you into combat with a couple of Big Primid.


Jump onto the blue block and hit the switch. Go to the next blue block and wait for the lights to go off. Jump to the orange platform.

The second orange platform as land under it. There's a switch to the right if you need, but there's a couple of Sword Primid, a Glice, and a Roader guarding it. After that, hit the light switch and take the ladder down. If you get down in time, there should be a door on the left. Enter.

Secret, Yellow Box #36

Secret time already? Five more minutes.... grab your boxes (1) (2) and go. Enter the other door.

Watch for the Buckot, two ROB Sentries and ROB Blasters. Enter the next door.

Story Note
Samus finds her suit, which has apparently been copied by the Primid.

This is actually kind of sad, as the suit the Primid are wearing is actually the Gravity Suit from Metroid Prime, which looks stupid and is a PAIN to get.

Choose a character and fight. It's just like fighting two Samus's, only they like to use close-combat instead of relying on their weapons. Don't let them surround you, try to keep them on one side. If they do try to fire something, your pistol fires faster and can cancel it out.

Story Note
See a ton of ROBs get obliterated by Samus's suit.

Pick a character.
Blast your way through a sizable hoard of ROBs until you get to a stack of boxes completely blocking your path. Use a down attack to clear them. The bottom left column holds trophy. Don't blast too fast or you'll drop it into the gap.


Use the button on the platform to stop it from moving, providing safe passage for a short time. Do the same for the next one. Beware the ROB Launcher on the other side. This time, don't bother with stopping the platforms. Just jump across them. Take out the ROB Launcher and Blasters. Enter the door.

Hit the button to call down platform. Hop on and enjoy the ride. Jump off at the first ledge to the right.

Your stop.

Watch the Cymul. Jump to the next platform and climb the ladder. Hit the button and ride the platform right above you. Jump off on the first platform you come to. You have to fight a Cymul, ROB Blaster, ROB Launcher, ROB Sentry, and Autolance on this small platform, all at once. You cant really focus on anything, just slash away and collect your life.

Alright. Hit the button to make a platform appear. Hop on and keep an eye on the left. Jump off when you see the Cymul and a small ledge. Blow up the blocks and enter the door.

Your third stop.

Secret, Yellow Box #37

Secrets. Use the buttons to stop the platforms and get across to your two boxes (3) (4). Exit and climb the ladder back up.

Hit the button again and ride the platform. Listen carefully. Jump to the platform on the right, then the one below that, then the one to the left of that up high, then to the left of that. Finally jump to the door.






Use the blue teleporter. Fight off the Primid and Roturret, then use the right teleporter. Take out the ROB and use the three sets of springs to get to the highest ledge and the the teleporter therein.
Ride the platform across, jumping over one teleporter, to get to the last one. Hit the button and go back. This time, use the teleporter you jumped over. Watch the Glice and grab the box (5). Use the teleporter. Whee! Back where we started. Enter the door.

Yellow Box #38

Grab your item (6) and continue through.

Story Note
Samus gets caught totally dumbfounded. Pikachu saves her from Ridley. The fight is on now.

Pick a character. Samus is the classic for this fight, but Pikachu has some cheap moves.

I'm in ur base, killin' ur Riley.

--== Ridley ==--

--== Ridley's attacks ==--

1) Drags his claw across the stage
2) Flies up and comes in from behind
3) Drags his tail a few feet
4) Roars, creating a wind
5) Slams down onto the stage
6) Flies across the stage

--== How to predict ==--

1) Rears back a bit
2) Roars, lands on the stage, crouches, flies off
3) Growls a bit rears back, and bobs up, swinging his tail around.
4) Flaps forward a bit, inhales
5) Lands on the stage and stands up straight, jumps up
6) Flies off screen sideways

--== How to dodge ==--

1) Be in the air.
2) Jump up at the last second and aerial dodge.
3) Shield or be out of range.
4) Doesn't do any damage. Besides, unless you are right next to him,
   you cant dodge it.
5) Dodge to the side.
6) Jump up after he leaves. He'll lock onto you in the air, and by the
   time he passes you'll be on the ground.

--== Strategy ==--

Pikachu is the easiest, since he is the lightest and can easily dodge all of his attacks. Also, his B Down (Thunder) move works every time. Just get underneath him. If you're using Samus, either get at a distance and use rockets and power shots, or get under him and use screw attacks. The problem with Samus is she's not as agile, and the way you have to attack makes her vulnerable to start with.

Story Note
You see Ridley go off in a ball of flames, but not necessarily die.
Samus and Pikachu make it out just in time to see a couple R.O.B pull a Subspace bomb out of another facility.

Of course, I never would have guessed that the bad guy would have his main manufacturing facility on the ominous, secluded floating island in the sky. Never. >_>

End of Level!

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Comments for 19 - The Research Facility 2

11 comments, latest first.
Jul 19th 2013 Guest
How do u use the blue portal

ID #298516
Jun 30th 2013 Guest
When you wish to teleport, stand on it and press "up". Hope it helps Smile
ID #293911
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
how do you use the teleportation pads? i can't seem to teleport.

ID #209954
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
OMG you helped me and my friend so much thank you
ID #157577
Mar 31st 2012 Guest
I haven't used this yet, but I'm planning to. The platforms are really bugging me, so yeah...
ID #127975
Dec 20th 2011 Guest
This level was extremely hard. It took me many tries to get past the platforms. Unfortunately, I was not using this walkthrough. I should have found this information sooner.
ID #96826
Oct 12th 2011 Guest
OMG Thanks! so helpful! I would have never have been able to do that without your help!
P.s. XD I love the way you wrote it out, the "Whee! Back where we started." Made ma smile Smile
ID #79855
Sep 23rd 2011 Guest
help! you know the door be4 ridley right? it won`t open!!!!
ID #76156
Jul 18th 2011 Guest
hahaha and i love the humor too!
ID #59004
Jul 18th 2011 Guest
[color=red][/color] thx! i was stuck like really badly, until i came across this. you explained it clearly, and in detail, unlike 20 other websites i was on before this! thanks so much! I owe u one.
ID #59003
Apr 30th 2011 Guest
Thx, i could never get through without this.
ID #40747