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30 - Subspace 2

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 30: Subspace (2)

Enemies: Bombed, Feyesh, Sword Primid, Bucculus, Fire Primid, Autolance, Armight, Ticken, Auroros, Gamyga.
Boss: None.
Boxes: 3

Story Note
Remember when Kirby ate that medal? Yeah.

Jump up and grab the Peach trophy. Watch the Bombed.


Take the upper most path and use Kirby's Up B move to clear the mines. Grab the Zelda trophy and jump the gap, opening the item box (1).


Watch the Feyesh and jump though the mines on the right. There's no easy way past the next set of mines. On the other side, jump to the higher ledge Some mines wait below guarding the Meta Knight trophy. You can either just jump though the mines or try to fight the Sword Primid below in hopes that one of them will fly into it.

Meta Knight

Fall down and fight the Sword Primid for the item box (2) on the right under the ledge.

Yellow Box #56

Jump up to the ledge and focus your attack on the Sword Primid spawner. Over the Scope Primid and through the door. Blow up the boxes on either side to get to the Link trophy.


Fall down and blow up the box on the far left for a Yoshi trophy.


Fall down. Watch the Bucculus in the ground and blow up the block on the right. Grab Lucario and jump back out, over the Bucculus, and blow up the next box. Fall all the way down.


Here you have to fight some Fire Primid, Spaak, and an Armight. Get your extra life and move on, keeping pace with the camera. At the end you'll have to fight some Primid and Scope Primid, and two Autolances. Kirbys Down B works well with the Autolances. Move right and grab the R.O.B trophy. Enter the door.


Head right without falling. Use the launcher thing to get across. Hit the rail and grab the Ice Climbers trophy.

Ice Climbers

Jump to the upper platform ahead and use the launcher to get across. Fall straight back down on the left and grab the box (3) then get back up by going back left and jumping onto the launcher again.

Yellow Box #57

Watch the Auroros and use the rail to kill the Ticken and free Snake. Grab him and move on.


Ignore the enemies and continue up the glowing platforms. At the top, take out the Ticken first, then use Kirby's Up B to take out the Gamyga. Grab Wario and exit.


Story Note
Bowser comes out of nowhere and attacks the Ganondorf trophy. Dedede is er, very happy to see Kirby. Link and Zelda find Ganondorf, and force him to swallow his pride and help. Wario is as clueless as ever, but in not letting anyone outdo him, he still comes along.

End of Level!

Ganondorf has joined your roster!

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