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4 - The Jungle

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 4: The Jungle

Enemies: Goomba, Koopa, Parakoopa, Jyk.
Boss: Giant Goomba
Boxes: 9

Story Note
Bowser’s minions steal DK’s bananas (idiots). Diddy Kong appears and saves DK from some bullet Bills.

Choose a character. I like DK, personally.

One Goomba, followed by another with an item box (1) over it. Grab the item and drop down. Aim for the Koopa and be sure to slap it AWAY from you, hopefully taking out a couple Goombas with it. Parakoopa hovers above the next platform. Two more platforms with Koopas on them, and some Goombas on the ground. Up the hill are a couple of Parakoops. Across the gap and jump in the barrel.

Another day in Nintendo’s world

Item box (2) at the top with a couple of Goombas. Use the second cannon to propel yourself straight down through the blocks. Here is another box (3), and a button. Hit the button to get back out.

Yellow Box #2

A few Goombas in the tunnel. Jump in the barrel at the end. Carefully aim your shots to get back on the ground. You should take out the Goombas before you even stop spinning. Enter the door.

These rail things will become vital later on. Hit them to propel them forward, wreaking havoc in their wake. Use these to take out the Goombas. Use the loop-de-loop one to take out the Parakoopas, then the one in the center to break an item box (4).

Foolish fools!

You’ll see an item box under ground, but you cant reach it yet. Instead, use the next rail thing to kill the Goomba and Koopa on the platform ahead. Jump up to the top and activate the rail on the left. This will open your item box (5) drop down and claim your prize.

Get up here and hit the rail

Smash the next rail to get a trophy, then the rail under the platform to destroy the two Koopas overhead. Climb up. Climb up the next set of ladders and hit the rail thing to destroy the blocks. Enter the door.


Another secret. Take out the two Goombas and Koopa to get to your two boxes (6) (7). Exit. Drop back down to the right. Hit the corkscrew one to press a button. Jump on the platform that appears. You’ll be attacked by several Goomba and a Koopa. Use the rail thing to take them out or DK’s Down B. Jump off and use the rail to destroy the blocks.

Many Hammer Bros and Goombas will appear. Keep taking them out while avoiding the Bullet Bill. The rail is kind of inconsequential here. Your reward is another life. Continue to the right and in the cannon. Enter the door.

The platform raises as Hammer Bros, Goomba, and Bullet Bill appear out of nowhere. Take out the Goomba first, as they pose more of a threat then the over-shooting Hammer Bros. The Bullet Bill will never come while you’re fighting, so don’t really worry about them. A few feet up and a ledge will appear to the right with a trophy on it. Jump off and grab it real quick. When you see the moving door, jump up and enter as fast as you can. The platform will keep moving right up out of bounds.

Trophy time

Another launcher thing that does nothing. Watch out for the Jyk on your way down, and keep to the left (dodge the first set of Jyk by staying on the right, then double-jump to the left after they go by). You’ll land on a platform with a door. Enter.

Secret, Yellow Box #3

Grab your prizes, boxes (8) and (9). Exit and fall back down.
A couple Giant Goomba appear, along with several Goomba. Take them all out (like you need a strategy) to finish the level.

End of Level!

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Comments for 4 - The Jungle

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Jan 11th 2012 Bellah
[spoiler][/spoiler]icant seem to pass the ferris wheel secret
ID #104798
Dec 22nd 2011 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] is there a hidden door here in the jungle?

ID #97629