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Tie Fighter Factory

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide

Tie Fighter Factory

Tie Fighter Factory

- Find and eliminate General Kota

Bonus Objectives:
- Destroy 5 Tie Fighters
- Attain 90000 Force Points
- Collect 15 Holocrons

Militia Saboteur, Militia Trooper, Militia Elite,
Imperial Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer, AT-CT

Boss: Rahm Kota

Deadly, but not Silent

--== Hanger Bay ==--

You'll start the level with the Force Grip tutorial. Follow their instructions to complete the training.

Back aboard the Rogue Shadow, you get the details of your target: an old Jedi Master who escaped order 66.

Upon landing at the Factory, you have a brief hallway where you can get accustomed to your current Force powers. You'll notice right off that the Apprentice is vastly different from Vader. When you're ready, head down the long hall and use Push to burst through the door at the end (you'll have to use it a couple times since you cant charge it up).

This is the Hanger Bay. There are Militia Men and Stormtroopers everywhere. Stormtroopers even continuously spawn in the center via a lift. They aren't infinite, but there are a lot of them.

Watch for the E-WEB turrets near the door. They pack a punch, but getting behind them should be a problem.

This is also the best place to get your bonus objective. The Ties on the racks above are easily moved by a Force Grip. Grab on and you can just drop it or toss it at your opponents! The ultimate Tie Bomber!


It shouldn't take long to get 5.

Holocron 1/15, 10000 Force Points

- Once you clear out the remaining enemies, look for the crashed shuttle in the middle of the room. Jump up on it to reach the walkway opposite the side you came in. There should be your first Holocron right in front of you!

Holocron 2/15, Yellow Crystal

- The next one is actually nearby. It's on the catwalk over the center of the room. You have to get up on the tail wing of shuttle, and use that to get to the catwalk.

With both of those gone, the only thing left to do is open the door. Grab it with Grip and move it the direction of the arrow to open the two doors.

--== Final Assembly Area ==--

Down the hallway, and they slam the door in your face. Burst through with Push and be ready to fight the six Militia on the other side.

Holocron 3/25, 10000 Force Points

- As you approach the next locked door, there is a Holocron in a locked door on the right hand side.

Break down the next door and continue. As soon as you get through, pick up an explosive barrel and throw it down the hall. Just as you do, several Militia men will come around the corner and run into it.  At the end of the hall, look for a group of Stormtroopers on the left side, while the path continues right.

Use your new charged Force Push (well, that's what I bought anyway) to break down the door. You're now getting inside the factory.

This area is great for dropping or pushing people off the edge and getting the Long Way Down bonus. You don't have time to admire that too much, as there is a Militia group coming at you. They're a long way off, so pick up a barrel or two and throw it at them. You should be able to detonate them all before they get remotely close.

Also on just this walkway here, you can grab the side rail things and bend them out, causing a Tie Fighter to crash into them.


Fun stuff. It only seems to work sometimes though :/

Well continue down the walkway and across the gap to the center. Take out the wave of Militia and Stormtroopers, then enter the door on the left, near where the Stormtroopers were.

Inside the small room you'll face Stormtroopers to the left and ahead, and a few Militia on the right that come up the lift.

Holocron 4/15, Talent Sphere

- Take them out and continue through the room and out the other side. There is a Holocron behind some boxes. Go back into the control room and step on the lift the Militia men took up.

Right off the lift you're attacked by a couple E-WEB turrets. Unfortunately they chose explosives as a barricade.

Holocron 5/15, Combo Sphere

- Break through the right hand door and look for some more boxes on the left. Therein lies another Holocron. Back in the lower control room and break down the other door.

Another walkway and more people to throw off. At the end, you may remember an AT-ST being here in the demo, and there was, but now there's just some Stormtroopers. Throw them off and continue across the gap on the left, toward the Militia.

Holocron 6/15, 10000 Force Points

- Along this walkway, Militia spawn from three doors in the wall. You'll usually see them coming. But, in the second doorway, there is another Holocron.

--== Control Bridge ==--

At the end, enter the door on the right. Now you're in a REAL control room of some kind. Watch the two Militia Troopers right inside the doorway on either side. They like to ambush you. During your fight in this room, Stormtroopers come in behind you and start randomly firing. This is all made much easier by the Sith Holocron in the center of the computers.

As soon as you enter the next hall, a cutscene starts marking the appearance of the Militia Elite. They use Rotary Cannons, and can eat your health away pretty fast. Luckily they chose a poor spot to attack. Pick up an explosive barrel and throw it to knock them down, then finish up with your Lightsaber. As you approach the corner, though, a door opens with another Elite. Pick him up and throw him behind you. He should hit the window and suck any remaining forces out into space.

Entering the next large room, you can hear Ackbar saying “It's a Trap!” (figuratively speaking). The alarm sounds, and you get rushed by many Militia Men of all types. However, they do make it easy for you by putting up a laser shield that wont really hurt you, but kills them in one touch. Utilize Push and Grip to it's fullest!

Shield Module

- Once they are all down, look for the above module to pull out of the wall. This lowers the shield. Took me forever to find the first time I played the game! 

The next room looks to be a little side security room. You can see the camera images on the wall. I like to throw the Militia here into the windows and watching everything get sucked out. Moving on.

This area is like before, but no force field. There is however a Sith Holocron in the corner that may help. The main way is blocked, so you'll have to take another corridor. Stormtroops wait at the end, so get that Push charged up as you come around the corner.

To get across the gap, you must pull the red thing out of the wall with Grip, jump on it, then grip the folding thing ahead and pull it down. Use that to get out. Drop down the vent shaft to the other side of the wreckage.

--== Wing Assembly ==--

Breaking through the next door takes a lot of effort, and rightly so, there is an AT-CT on the other side. CTs are probably the least deadly of the AT series. The only thing they can do is pick up boxes and throw them at you. For now, it is distracted by the Militia around it, as are the Militia it. Try to keep it that way for now. Chuck boxes at it for as long as you can, and get it's health down really low. You usually cant do it all with boxes, at which point jump over to it and slash it's head in mid-air.

Once it's health is low, you can start a Quick Time Event.
360: X, A, B
PS3: [], X, O

After he comes crashing down, kill off the remaining Militia Elite. Use the Tie Fighter wing assembly lift to reach the upper level. Jump off at the first scaffolding and destroy the E-WEB turrets and Militia up here (the scaffolding itself is very destructible, so be careful), then jump back down.

Holocron 7/15, 10000 Force Points

Holocron 8/15, 10000 Force Points

- Ride the lift back up, but this time choose the far right side (perspective from the entrance). Ride it up past the first set of scaffolding to the second set. There are TWO Holocrons up here! One on the scaffolding and one on top of the control window. Jump down one level onto the lower scaffolding and enter the control window.

Around the corner are more enemies that insist on using explosives for cover. This is also the first Officer you see, not that it matters. Down the hall and around the corner and you're in another wing assembly.

DO NOT use Force Powers in this area. There is a very delicate set of Holocrons to get, and the wrong power in the wrong place will mess it up. This time, the area is flooded with Imperials and Militia that can put their differences aside to gang up on you. Isn't that nice? Work your way around the room, securing the path in front of you before moving on.


Holocron 9/15, 10000 Force Points
Holocron 10/15, Rubat Crystal

- The Holocrons in this room are up on the broken wing assembly lift. You have to use Grip to grab one of the fallen wings and carefully lift it straight up and slide it back into place (above). This will allow you to use it as a step to get up higher and reach the Holocron at the top, followed by the Holocron on the scaffolding.

Well with that done, drop down and enter the blinking doorway. This hall is PACKED with low level enemies. You can go bowling here if you want. The important thing is to clear them all, and wait for the Militia Elite to come down the lift, then seal their lift and ride it up.

--== Cockpit Assembly ==--

Amazingly there are no enemies in this short hall. At the end, however, is the Cockpit assembly, and it is crawling with enemies of ALL types you've seen so far. Watch for the ones on the side platforms; they like to camp E-WEBs up there. The Tie Cockpits can be taken off their rails and thrown for a massive explosion, you can also grab and rotate the lasers, but that rarely does anything.

Holocron 11/15, 10000 Force Points

- Along the way in, in this first area there is a Holocron in a hidden dead-end passage along the left wall, by the second laser assembly.

Anyway, continue to the end of the section to be blocked by a laser field again and be ambushed by a Militia Elite, Troopers, and Saboteur. They do show you where to go next, however: up the ramp where they came from.

Holocron 12/15, 10000 Force Points

Holocron 13/15, 10000 Force Points

- The generator is behind the orange field, cant miss it. But first you'll have to fight through the Militia guards. There are also two Holocrons here, one inside the Generators on the left, careful getting to it. The other is in the hall where the Militia spawned on the right side.

With that done, pull out the generator and continue into the next section of the assembly. It's exactly like before.

Holocron 14/15, 10000 Force Points

Holocron 15/15, 10000 Force Points

- The last two Holocrons are in this area as well. The first is hidden just like #11 only on the right side of the room near the final laser assembly. The other is at the end of the room, to the right of the doorway, by the place where the Cockpits are coming from.

Through the door at the end. Prepare for the boss fight (I wouldn't spend too many Force Spheres, you'll need them for Lightning, and would use Talent Spheres on Fortitude or Force Focus) and enter the lift!

--== Boss: Rahm Kota ==--

Kota isn't very resistant to the Force, for the most part. He will block Grip completely, and can block Push sometimes, but rarely, especially if you mix it in with combos.

His attacks consist of basic Lightsaber swings mostly, but a couple can be pretty tough, like when he flies up and drops down in the center of the room, creating a shockwave that's hard to even jump over. The other is when he picks up a lot of debris around the area and floats it around him. He'll throw it at you in chucks, and the only way to dodge is either good dash timing or hiding behind something.

He is vulnerable after every special attack he does, so don't waist that time. Keep him off balance with Force Push, and watch for when he forms a Force bubble around himself, and use Push to pop it.

Near the end of the fight, the station will start the feel the burn of reentry, and the floor will become damaging to walk on. You must seek higher ground at that point.

The ending QTE is:
360: X, X, A, B
PS3: [], [], X, O


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Comments for Tie Fighter Factory

3 comments, latest first.
Oct 28th 2012 Guest
I got every sphere but missed every force point holocron. Think i will have to go back before i face kota. Also i have completed the game before and recommend using lightsaber and lightning combos. Most bosses resist force lightning but if you add it in a lightsaber combo then it can inflict a lot of damage. There is a glitch to get unlimited force powers but i discovered it entirely by accident so i cant help you. And last but not least kota doesnt completely resist grip if but he can get out of grip guite quickly so its best to throw him away.
ID #201994
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
i went near the place with the atct. i charged force push and blasted open the doors, then waited for a few seconds went in, and it was already dead!? wtf!
ID #69151
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
Rahm Kota was easy, but i hate when the shock baton dudes surrounded me.
ID #9832