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Kashyyyk Prologue

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide

Kashyyyk Prologue 


Kashyyyk Prologue


Find the Jedi Master and eliminate him

Wookiee Berserker, Wookiee Infantry, Stormtroopers

Boss: Rogue Jedi


The Wookiee Menace

During this one level, you gain control of the Dark Lord of the Sith: Darth Vader. His abilities are far better then the base-level Apprentice you'll be using in a minute, so don't get used to this.

His combos are also a bit different. He cant Dash, cant double-jump, and cant use Lightning, but the Y (Triangle) button is replaced with Force Choke, which is highly effective at close range. He also have both Repel and Saber Throw, abilities you wont have for a while.

Well, lets get started. There is nothing to collect, so everything is very straight-forward. Walking down the path, watch for Stormtroopers to kill to get your Achievement. Further, there are plenty of rocks and barricades around with which to throw at your opponents.

Not far in you'll come to a gate. You have to break this down by charging your Force Push.


And the walls came tumbling down


Right on the other side is an excellent place to get the Dayshift Manager achievement, as so long as you don't go too far, Stormtroopers spawn endlessly here. Just walk in circles and wait.

As the path starts to narrow, watch out for Wookiee Berserkers jumping out of the trees. They have a long jump and can seem to come out of nowhere.

You'll eventually come to a bridge area. The bridge can be torn appear and all but destroyed by Force Push, so try it out! At the end of the bridge, turn and make your way up the ramp. Wookiees will spawn on the high platforms on the left and right and jump down.

At the top is an elevator that takes you to a higher level. It is guarded by two Berserkers.


Tell me, how do you work this elevator?


Walking on it will trigger it to raise up. Be prepared at the top, as the bridge is crawling with Wookiees, but not right off, so don't charge up anything yet.

Past the bridge, walk along the tree. The first bridge gets taken out by a Tie Fighter, so you'll have to work around at the second bridge.

Assuming the Wookiees don't jump off the bridges into the pit between, this is a great place to get the Frenzy achievements. Just continually charge and release Force Push as you go to kill countless Wookiees on the two bridges.

Finally off the bridges and the area opens up, you find the Rogue Jedi.


--== Boss: Rogue Jedi ==--


Force Choke does nothing against him. Push and Repulse however seem to be his weaknesses. You can easily toss him across the area, walk over to him, and get some good stabs in before he gets back up.

He likes to counter with Saber Throw and a Sephiroth-type attack where he brings down a Tie Fighter on top of you. The trick is to stay near him for the most part, as the fighter never lands on him.

Once his health bottoms out, be ready for the Quick-Time Event.
360: X, B, B, B
PS3: [], O, O, O


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Comments for Kashyyyk Prologue

4 comments, latest first.
Nov 11th 2013 crackcorn
Please help I have bought the force unleashed for wii I can not pass level one. Please help I need!
ID #318953
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
I wish i could play it again and keep killing the rouge jedi! the Berserkers were a pain in the butt. It was awesome with Vader!!!!
ID #9833
Jul 26th 2010 Guest
i wish this level was selectable after you beat it
does anyone else walk trough this whole stage instead of running just because your Vader?
ID #6068
Sep 18th 2015 Guest
ID #609485