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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide



Hunt down and destroy Shaak Ti

Bonus Objectives:
- Destroy 4 Rancors
- Attain 250000 Force Points
- Collect 15 Holocrons

Felucian Warrior, Felucian Shaman, Felucian Chieftain, Felucian Slug, Yerdua Poison Spitter, Rancor

Boss: Shaak Ti

Bringing down the Rainforest

--== Landing Site ==--

Start out with a new Force power, Repulse. It will come in handy here, as the Warriors like to swarm you. You'll also make much use of Lightning here, so don't forget about that. Warriors are most sustainable to Push and Repulse. You'll have to use Push twice to break through their shield and send them flying.

Walk down the platforms. A cutscene starts with more Warriors coming down a large tree. You'll soon be overrun by them if you don't try to take them one at a time.

Holocron 1/15, 10000 Force Points

- During (or after) your battle, veer to the right side of the area to find a Holocron on a mushroom. Work your way into the cave ahead.

--== Cave ==--

As soon as you enter, take note of where the 3 Holocrons are in the cutscene. In this area, Warriors spawn almost infinitely, there are Slugs, and Yerdua Plants. If things get to be too much, use Repulse and run to a corner to regroup.

Holocron 2/15, 10000 Force Points

- Right as you enter, drop off the ledge. The first Holocron is on the lowest platform.


- Use a mushroom to get back on the first level, and find a bridge that leads up to a higher level.

Holocron 3/15, 10000 Force Points

- From the top of the bridge, go all the way counterclockwise till you reach the Holocron. Backtrack to the bridge you past that had the Sith Holocron on it (you can see it above). Jump on it and follow it up.

Holocron 4/15, 10000 Force Points

- At the top, jump on the ledge on the right and continue clockwise till you find another short bridge. From the bridge, jump to the Holocron. Jump back to the bridge and follow it all the way up this time.

Holocron 5/15, Unstable Red Crystal

- Turn left and go counterclockwise through the Sith Holocron. Keep going till you see a platform off on the left. Jump to it, then the one above it, ect. till you reach the Holocron. Jump back down to the platform and keep going counterclockwise till you find the exit.

--== Forest Overworld ==--

Back in the daylight, you're now attacked by Shaman. These red Felucians can empower other Felucians and make them practically invincible. You must hunt down the Shaman first to get rid of the red glow around the others in order to kill them. Shaman can teleport if you get too close, so you might want to use Dashing Blast or at least Grip to catch them off guard.

Holocron 6/15, 10000 Force Points

- Regardless, head right out of the tunnel, toward the first Shaman you see. Around behind the trees behind him is a Holocron. Head  back into the center of the area.

Holocron 7/15, 10000 Force Points

- You will face at least two more Shaman in this area. Watch for the bubbles on the ground, as they explode when touched. During the fighting, look for a glowing Sarlacc tooth. Pick it up to reveal a Holocron under it.

Holocron 8/15, Compressed Gold Crystal

- Near the entrance to the next cavern, backtrack while following the wall. You'll find a passage that isn't on the map. Follow it to the back to find a Holocron.

Go back out and into the tunnel where you yellow arrow indicates.

--== Tunnel ==--

This is not a very big area, but that only helps the Warriors surround you. Use Repulse when necessary and watch your back.

Holocron 9/15, Combo Sphere

- About halfway through, when the area opens, look for a Holocron in the center, over some brush. Continue out the other side of the tunnel.

--== Hunting Grounds ==--

You apparently came at a bad time. There are some Felucians fighting on the bridge. Your focus should go on the Shaman first, then the Chieftain. While taking out the Chieftain, the Warriors should fall.

When you come to the open area, get ready. A Rancor will come out of the brush ahead. You'll also be swarmed with Warriors, which I'd use to supplement my health while fighting the Rancor.

Holocron 10/15, 10000 Force Points

- Before, during, or after the fight, there is a Holocron in the side corner of the area, right in the open.

This area doesn't have much to throw at the Rancor, at least noting big. You're probably going to have to run around jumping up and Lightning him when you get a chance. You can use your Lightsaber, but it can get painful. I would also make use of the Damage Increase Sith Holocron in the center. In the end, the QTE finishes him with Lightning anyway.

He did carve a nice path for you through the weeds. The next open area has a Shaman at the end, so you'll have to dash past the weeds to reach him before getting overrun by Warriors.

--== Tunnel 2 ==--

Holocron 11/15, 10000 Force Points

- This is exactly the same as last time. Watch your back, and wait for the Holocron at the midpoint, in the center of the open area.

--== Rancor Training Grounds ==--

Holocron 12/15, 10000 Force Points

- Right as you enter the area, jump to the platform on the right side to get the next Holocron.

Holocron 13/15, Talent Sphere

- From the last one, you can see the next on the platform past it.

Fall down. I'd probably take care of some of the Felucians first, particularly the Rancors if you can. The purple ones are larger, and have more HP. It'll take longer to weaken them, and since you're fighting more the one things can get hard. Worst comes to worse, you can usually separate one from the pack, lure it over to a platform, and shock it from the safety of the platform. If things really get too much, rush around using Repulse to take out the Felucians first, and save the Rancors for last.

Oh, and when you near the back of the area, there is a Shaman lurking about.

Holocron 14/15, Power Sphere

- On the left side of the area, opposite the other two, is a Holocron up on a ledge.

Holocron 15/15, 10000 Force Points

- The last Holocron is at the back of the area, behind the last pillar-tree thing. It's hard to miss from a distance, but when you get close you might lose track.

With all the Holocrons collected and the Rancors defeated, continue out of the area, to the boss fight.

--== Abyss ==--

--== Boss: Shaak Ti ==--

Shaak Ti relies on the terrain more then anything. The camera angle is weird, and there are explosive bubbles everywhere. Her attacks really leave much to be desired, comparatively. She even has really weak defense against Force powers, so much so that you can even pick her up with Grip and throw her! She has a particular weakness against the Saber Slam (lighting-infused strike) and Repulse, however. She also likes to dash around the field and sometimes uses Push at the end, so try to keep up.

Her main “attack” seems to be turning invincible and summoning Warriors from below. You wont really be able to hurt her till after you kill the Warriors.

That's just part 1 though. The second part starts after she jumps off the cliff.

This battle plays out almost exactly like the first part, except the area is smaller and Shaak Ti will now call on the Sarlacc to crush you with it's tentacles, and attack that's easily dodged by dashing at the right time (stand under the center one, and dash to the side when it starts coming down).

The QTE finally ends the fight.
360: X, X, X, A, A, B, Y
PS3: [], [], [], X, X, O, Triangle


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Comments for Felucia

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Mar 18th 2011 Guest
Seeking Holocron #8 - as you enter the tunnel, turn around and go back OUTSIDE and follow the wall on the RIGHT to go off the map into the alcove with the holocron.
ID #33132
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
It was a long QTE! I had fun throwing Shaak Ti in the Sarlacc.
ID #9830