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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed Guide
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide exclusive online guide to SW: The Force Unleashed. Walkthrough, including videos, plus boxx and enemy guides, bonus objective guide ..
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Check out our codes to unlock Force moves and combinations, the locations of the Crystals and how to unlock the Jedi Robe.

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Unlock Jedi Robe

When you complete the game with the Jedi ending the Jedi robe becomes unlocked.

Unlock Sith Stalker Armour

This armour which is cybernetically grafted to the wearer, covering the entire body save the arms becomes available when you complete the game with the Sith ending.

Saving with Cheats

When you have activated a cheat (excluding costume cheats) you will not be able to save the game. To bypass this enable the code on a level that has an auto-save point then after reaching that location intentionally die and exit to the 'Main' menu. Then select 'Continue' and you will be able to manually save the game with that code still active.

Crystal Locations

Use the following list as a reference when searching for the different crystals.
Death Star Level:
Black Crystal
Unstable Green Crystal
Katak Power Crystal

Imperial Felucia Level:
Green Crystal
Compressed Purple Crystal
Vexxtal Crystal
Unstable Blue Crystal

Raxxus Prime Level:
Gold Crystal
Firkrann Power Crystal
Compressed Red Crystal
Compressed Yellow Crystal

Imperial Raxxus Prime Level:
Compressed Green Crystal
Unstable Purple Crystal
Sigil Power Crystal

TIE Construction Yard Level:
Damage Crystal
Yellow Crystal

Unlockable Force Moves and Combinations

Enter the following key combinations to perform the corresponding Force move or combination in the game.

Unlock Aerial Ambush:
Press Square(3), then hold Circle.
Unlock Aerial Assault 1:
Press Square(3), then hold Circle and press Square.
Unlock Aerial Assault 2:
Press Square(3), then hold Circle and press Square(2).
Unlock Aerial Blast 1:
Press Square(3), hold Circle, then release and press Circle again.
Unlock Aerial Blast 2:
Press Square(3), hold Circle, then release and press Square, Circle.
Unlock Aerial Shock 1:
Press Square(3), then hold Circle and press Triangle.
Unlock Aerial Shock 2:
Press Square(3), then hold Circle and press Square, Triangle.

Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes (without the quotes) by pausing gameplay and selecting the 'Input Code' option.
Unlock Amplified Lightsaber Damage:
Enter the code 'LIGHTSABER'.
Unlock Maxium Force Powers:
Enter the code 'KATARN'.
Unlock Maximum Combos Level:
Enter the code 'COUNTDOOKU'.
Unlock Mirrored Levels:
Enter the code 'MINDTRICK'.
Unlock Maximum Force Push Ranks:
Enter the code 'EXARKUN' (this code disables saves and blocks some unlockables)
Unlock ALL Lightsabre Crystals:
Enter the code 'HURRIKANE'.
Unlock Maximum Lightsaber Throw Ranks:
Enter the code 'ADEGAN'.
Unlock ALL Talents:
Enter the code 'JOCASTA'.
Unlock ALL Force Combos:

Unlock Sith Lord Difficulty

This difficulty setting which is tougher than Sith Master difficulty becomes available when you have completed the game.

Mission Bonuses

Complete the following tasks to receive the corresponding bonuses. There are 115 Holocrons in total that can be collected.
TIE Factory
Bonus objective: Destroy 5 TIE fighters to get a Force Talent Sphere.
Force Points: Get 200,000 FP for a Force Combo Sphere.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons for a Force Power Sphere.

Raxus Prime, Act 1
Bonus objective: Destroy 10 Scavenger Skiffs for a Force Talent Sphere.
Force Points: Get 250,000 FP for a Force Combo Sphere.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons for a Force Power Sphere.

Felucia, Act 1
Bonus objective: Kill 4 Rancors for a Force Talent Sphere.
Force Points: Get 375,000 FP for a Force Combo..

General In-Game Cheats

All Lightsaber Crystals- HURRIKANE
All Talents- JOCASTA
Mirrored Levels- MINDTRICK
Maximum Combo- COUNTDOOKU
All 32 Costumes- SOHNDANN
Maximum Force Powers- KATARN
Note- Must go to the main menu, then options, then to enter code. Enjoy.

how to kill most huge enemies

I know that some enemies in this game are huge and intimidating but don't let that discourage you all you have to do is use force lightning it's really wonderfull it works on all huge enemies including the rancor the at-st and the imperial purge trooper and all the ones I'm forgetting about but any way if you can use force lightning on them I can guarntee that it will severly weaken that's only if you use all your force but it's worth it most of the time you can just jump next to them hit them with your lightsaber a couple times and you can do the special kills remember most huge enemies can't block force lightning it will paralyse them fore a couple seconds after and thats all most of you will need to kill them

Kazoan Paratus's death

The easiest way to kill Kazoan Paratus is to first shock him then use force push then last grip him and force him to the ground

Cheat Codes

All Force Powers At Maximum Power- KATRN
All Force Talents Maximized- JOCASTA
Deal Extra Damage- LIGHTSABER
Force Repel At Maximum Power- DATHOMIR
Force Push At Maximum Power- EXARKUN
Force Saber Throw At Maximum Power- ADEGAN
Mirror Levels- MINDTRICK
Unlocks Aerial Combo Move- FREEDON
Unlocks Aerial Ambush Move- VENTRESS
Unlocks Aerial Assault Move- EETHKOTH
Unlocks Aerial Blast Move- YADDLE
Unlocks All Databank Entries- OSSUS
Unlocks All Force Combos- MOLDYCROW
Unlocks All Lightsaber Crystals- HURRIKANE
Unlocks Force Combos- MARAJADE
Unlocks Lightning Bomb Move- MASSASSI
Unlocks Lightning Grenade Move- RAGNOS

4th Code

The guy here only have 3 of the 4 "random codes" that you get witht the action figure, I just happened to be lucky enough to get the 4th:
"Considerably increases the damage output of your Lightsaber"
When entered, a window comes up saying you may not be able to save, but I haven't tested that yet

Kento costume

On the imperial kashyyyk level, after the first cutscene starkiller will be standing by a tree (to his left), go behind it an there will be a Jedi holocron with the Kento costume.

Boss Levels

If you find it hard to beat some bosses, there is a simple strategy that makes it much easier.As soon as the battle starts, lighting dash towards the enemy. This will give you a chance to hack away at them, when they start to attack, just block, wait for the split second they take a break and force repluse. Get to their body as fast as possible stab them on the ground and repeat.

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